The Hollow Anbu

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Okay, before I start you need to know

-Naruto, Naruko, and Natsumi are triplets with Naruto being the oldest followed by Naruko

Bijuu/Summons/inner Hollow speech – "hello King"

Bijuu/Summons/Inner Hollow thoughts- 'What an idiot'

Jutsu/shinigami/Hollow technique –"Getsuga Tensho!," "Rasengan!," "Cero!"

Prologue: October 10th

It was an incredibly loud in the konoha hospital you could hear doctors and nurses talking and doors slammed open but above all of this one could hear the sound of one Kushina Uzumaki, who was currently screaming at the top of her lungs. "Damn you Minato! I'm going to rip your balls out through your **!" She yelled at her husband, Minato Namikaze, the Yondaime Hokage who was currently flinching in the corner flinching in the corner, as the nurse was trying to tell Kushina to calm down.

"Calm down? Calm down? I'm giving birth to triplets and you want me to calm down?" She yelled. "Kushina please try to relax," Minato said "it will be over soon." "I can see a head Kushina-san one more push and the first baby will be out" the nurse said. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" Kushina screamed as the baby came out. The nurse cut the umbilical cord and handed the child to Kushina "it's a boy, what will you name him? "Kushina held him gently "Naruto," she said "Naruto Namikaze." She then cried out in pain as the next child came "congratulations it's a girl" the nurse said "Naruko." Kushina said as she held her daughter she didn't even scream when the third child came. "Natsumi" she said as she held her other daughter next to her other children. "Minato come see our children" she said. Minato came over but just as he was about to pick them up a chunin burst through the door.

"Yondaime-sama the Kyubii is attacking!" the man yelled. "what!" Minato yelled. "Stay here with Kushina, and give her a sedative" he ordered as he used Hiraishin to flash to the battlefield.


When Minato arrived at the battlefield it was total chaos. There were uprooted trees and fires and dead bodies everywhere, and in the middle of it all, was the Kyubii. Its red-orange coat glistening under the moon and its fangs and claws died red. Minato did some hand signs "Summoning jutsu" a puff of smoke appeared and out of it stepped an enormous red toad with tanto at its side. "What do you want now Jiraiya?" the toad asked "sorry Gamabunta, but I'm not Jiraiya."

"Oh, Minato, what can I do for y…" He cut himself off as he saw Kyubii "OH yeah you need help" "Gee, thanks for pointing out the obvious 'Bunta, anyway lets kick his **."Very well." Gamabunta then jumped high in the air "Water Bullets" he shouted as he fired his attack. The bullets hit the Kyubii and soaked his fur which only made him more agitated. "Rahhhhhhhhh! I'll tear you apart for that you disgusting toad."

"'Bunta, I need you to hold him off the only way to beat him is to use Shiki Fuin" Minato said. "Minato are you sure?" "Yes it's the only way" "Very well then I'll hold him off while you prepare the seal." "Right" Minato said as he flashed back to the hospital.

"Sorry Kushina-chan" he said as he took two of his children from her sleeping form, before flashing back to the battlefield.

Little did he know that he took his daughters and that Naruto got left behind.


As Minato arrived at the battlefield again he saw the retired Sandaime Hogake Hiruzen Sarutobi helping the wounded get to safety. "Minato," he said "shouldn't you be trying to stop the beast?" he asked.

"I am," Minato replied as he held up his children "I'm going to use the Shiki Fuin to seal him in my children." "Minato you can't be serious", "Oh but I am Sarutobi, and the Shiki Fuin is the only way to stop him." "Then let me do the sealing Minato," Sarutobi said "No Sarutobi, I'm Hokage now, and as such it's my duty to protect the citizens of Konoha with my life if need be" Minato said as he turned to go do the sealing. As he turned away he felt something hit his head before he fell to the ground nut was caught before he could. "I'm sorry Minato," Sarutobi said as he took the girls, "But you're too young to die yet."

Sarutobi then approached the Kyubii. "What's this? You're only sending one man? and not only that but an old man? Ha! Come here old man I'll make your death quick."

"I don't think so Kyubii!" Sarutobi said as he did the required hand seals "Shiki Fuin!" He shouted as the ghostly image of the Shinigami appeared behind him "Who has summoned me?" "I have Shinigami-sama. I would like to sacrifice my soul in order to seal the Kyubii into these children" "Are you sure you want to do this?" "Yes I am sure." "Very well then." The Shinigami said as he reached forward and ripped Sarutobi's soul out of his body before looking at the Kyubii and grabbing his soul. "What? No! I will not be defeated I am the mightiest of all Bijuu, the King of hell a true." "Pain in the **, yes we get it already." The Shinigami said before sealing Kyubii soul into Naruko and Natsumi and disappearing. All the shinobi just stared at the spot where the Kyubii had been for a minute or so before leaving to collect the dead.


The first thing that Minato saw when he opened his eyes was the face of his student Kakashi. "Minato-Sensei are you okay?" "Yes I'm fine, what happened?" "Sarutobi-sama sealed the Kyubii into your daughters." "Damn you Sarutobi!I was supposed to be the one to doo the sealing." "Minato-Sensei?" Kakashi asked "I'm Fine Kakashi just take me to my daughters."

"Very well Sensei." Kakashi said as he led him to his daughters. "Naruko, Natsumi, you are both destined for greatness, I can feel it." He said as he carried them back to Konoha.


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