It's my first fanfic so be gentle, I would love some advice and even criticism if you have any.

Paine, Murdoc and Lilith are characters created by Pizet (deviantart), I only picked them because I really liked them (also, this way, I don't have to describe them, you can just check her deviant art profile and see them yourselves).

*BLAM* the door slammed as Raven left the house with an angry expression and flew far away. Garfield just stayed on the couch, looking at the floor. "Damm it, Raven…" he thought to himself. Almost immediately later, Murdoc came back from school. He was carrying his backpack and was listening music. When he closed the door and saw his father depressed on the couch, he took off his headphones, put his backpack on the ground and sat next to him.

"I just saw Mom. What happened?" he said.

"Nothing, nothing… she just went for a walk…" said Garfield with a really fake smile.

"Mom and Dad had an argument." said Paine as she entered the living room and headed towards the kitchen.

Garfield's expression changed to a "oops they caught me". Murdoc looked at his Dad to see if it was true… it was.

"But Mom and you never fight, what happened?" Murdoc asked.

Garfield didn't know what to say. "Well… I-… you see…"

"Yeah Dad, tell us what happened." Said Paine sarcastically and with a grin on her face. She sat next to him.

"Well…" he still didn't know what to say, but thank God someone interrupted him.

"Daddy?" said Lilith, who had just entered the living room with her pajamas on. "I heard yelling"

"Oh, I'm sorry Lilith, but everything is fine now, go and finish your nap, come on." He told her as they walked to her room.

When he came back to the living room, both Murdoc and Paine were waiting for him.

"Well?" asked Paine.

He sat on the couch and sighed. He closed his eyes and eventually said: "Your mom and I… we sort of had a fight"

"Duh, but why? What did she do?" asked Murdoc.

"What do you mean "she"? It was probably Dad's fault. He must have gone too far with one of his stupid jokes" replied Paine.

Garfield didn't know what to say.

"It probably wasn't that bad, it was probably Mom that always gets too serious about everything. She's always ordering and telling us what to do all the time. She has no sense of humor."

"Hey, don't talk about your mother like that" said Garfield. "Besides, you guys are lucky, she used to be a lot worse" he couldn't believe he had just said that, there was a pause for a few seconds.

"Dad… if you and Mom were so different, how did you even hook up? Let alone married!" asked Murdoc.

Garfield saw this as an opportunity to shift the conversation to another direction; hopefully they would forget about the argument and not ask him any more about it. "Well, your Mom and I had always had our ups and downs… mostly downs, but I think things changed after our first kiss."

This really caught the kids' attention. "Why? What happened?" Paine asked with a monotone voice, like she really wasn't interested, but in truth she was interested. She was clearly Raven's daughter.

"Okay, I'll tell you if you don't say a word to your mother" they both nodded. "Okay, after our trip to Tokyo things had really calmed down in Jump city. Two moths had passed and the city had only suffered a few robberies that the police handled with no problem. So, I was starting to get bored…"

"Aaaawww dude! I'm soooooo bored" said Beast Boy. "We haven't had a decent villain here in months, but Robin still doesn't let us go on vacation"

"Beast Boy, it's been less than two months since we came back from Tokyo, and you already want to leave again?" asked Raven.

"I gotta agree with the green dude on this one" said Cyborg. "We're obviously not needed right now in Jump City and while we die of boredom, Robin and Starfire are in their room constantly doing…"

"HOMEWORK!" said Garfield very quickly. "They were always in their room doing… homework, Robin had started going to school, yeah… that's right"

Garfield didn't want to tell his children that Robin and Starfire were having sex already at that age; however it didn't fool neither of them. "In fact, ever since Robin had started studying he had become a less strict leader. So much so that we actually convinced him to let the three of us go to visit Titans East for a week or two, and if anything happened he would contact us."

"Aaaahh yeaaahh, were going to visit Titans East" said Cyborg while driven the T-car.

"This is gonna be sweet, I can't wait to see Aqualad and Mas y Menos." said Beast Boy, who finally seemed happy, unlike Raven. "What about you, Raven? Aren't you excited?"

"Yay, I'm head over heels" said sarcastically Raven.

"Wow, that's weird, Raven doesn't like doing stuff, what's next? She doesn't like having fun either?" said Beast Boy, also very sarcastically.

"Excuse me?" said angrily Raven. She hated anytime that Beast Boy would say that, he didn't understand that she wanted to let her feelings out (laugh, cry, scream…) but she could lose control of her powers and not only would that make her useless as a superhero, it could make her dangerous. However, Raven wouldn't change much even if she could let her feelings out, she was used to being sarcastic and not really open to others, but in occasions, like this one (vacation, free time…) she would like to open up a little more.

"Why are you coming if you obviously don't want to?" asked Beast Boy.

"Okay: 1) I like Titans East; they're my friends as well. 2) I wasn't going to stay there with Robin and Starfire constantly doing… homework. And 3) I'll do whatever I want, Beast Boy" Raven responded with an angry voice.

"Oh no you don't" said Cyborg as he slammed on the brakes. "You are not acting like this when we get there, we are guests and we are gonna act as good ones too. We are gonna be polite" he said while looking at Beast Boy. "And we're going to have fun" he looked at Raven. "If anybody has a problem with that they can leave the T-car right now" Neither said anything. "Good."

There was a small pause and then Beast Boy whispered to Raven: "He just wants to impress Bumblebee." Raven thought that was funny, but she kept it to herself.

"I HEARD THAT!" screamed Cyborg. "Bumblebee and me are just friends, got it?"

"A few months later they started going out. As you already know, they've been married for 20 years now" said Garfield.

It took them a few more hours to get there, but once they were there, they were all waiting for them: Mas y Menos and Aqualad. "Mas, Menos, Aqualad, how's it going dudes?" asked Beast Boy. Bumblebee "Cyborg, how was traffic?" she asked. "With the T-Car? Piece of cake." And Speedy.

It was already dark out but they had prepared a barbecue on top of the tower with lights, tables, a fryer... They had dinner and started telling stories. Beast Boy and Raven were with Mas y Menos, Speedy and Aqualad as Beast Boy explained the story of how he "single handedly" defeated the Brotherhood of Evil. Mas did not like that because he was part of the team that had helped him. "Increible, señor Beast Boy" said Menos, the only one who actually believed him. Cyborg was with Bumblebee catching up. He explained their trip to Tokyo and how things had calmed down in Jump City.

After a while they all went down to the living room and watched a horror movie. Beast Boy and Mas y Menos kept screaming like girls every time something happened. When the movie ended:

"Well I think it's time to go to bed guys." said BumbleBee. "Cyborg, your room is the same one you had when you were part of the team, the one next to Speedy's. Raven or Beast Boy, one of the two will have to sleep on the couch."

"I'll sleep on the couch" said Beast Boy.

"You don't have to Beast Boy, I can sleep on the couch if you don't want to." said Raven surprised that Beast Boy was being so nice.

"Nah, don't worry, I'm used to sleeping on a couch, you go ahead."

And they all did. It took most of them a few minutes to fall asleep as they were still scared because of the movie.

The next morning, Raven was the first to wake up; she always was the first one to wake up. By meditating she "recharged" more energy than others and needed less time to sleep, but for her this was perfect: there was still at least an hour 'til everybody woke up, she could meditate with nobody bothering her as she saw the sunrise. And so she went to the roof, where there were still the tables and chairs from yesterday, and started to meditate. An hour and half later:

"I knew I would find you here" said Beast Boy who had just arrived at the roof.

"Hey, what's up?" asked Raven

"Well, it's breakfast time and I was wondering if you would join us."

"I'm meditating, Beast Boy. I'll go down later."

"You know… They have sort of a ritual here." Said Beast Boy, Raven opened her eyes with curiosity. "They all have breakfast, lunch and dinner, together at the same time. I don't know about you but, if I were them and you didn't show up I would think you were a lousy guest" Cyborg's sentence while heading here started to echo in Raven's mind we're going to be good and polite guests.

"Find… I'll go." said Raven. So both Beast and Raven headed towards the living room. Once they got there, Raven was surprised to see only Aqualad and Cyborg having breakfast, he had tricked her. "Dammit Beast Boy…"

However, a few minutes later, BumbleBee, Speedy and Mas y Menos would also show up and join them for breakfast. They had a fun time playing a guessing game where each team had to figure out who gave the final blow to which enemy "The first time we fought Dr. Light." "Easy, Raven" "Correct". Despite her team losing, Raven was actually having fun, not that she would admit it, but she was starting to relax more and more and, as time passed, she wanted to do more stuff.

"Okay gang, volleyball time!" said BumbleBee.

"What's volleyball time?" asked Raven

"Cyborg told us that occasionally you guys play volleyball on the roof, so we tried it and…"said Speedy before he was interrupted.

"Nos encanta, nos lo pasamos tan bien, es muy divertido señora Raven" said both Mas y Menos, even though Raven had no clue what they said.

"What they mean is that we really enjoy it and we play almost every morning now." Said Aqualad

Did Cyborg also tell you that I never play? She thought to herself.

"Well, you're not gonna like it so much after we've BEATEN you!" Said Cyborg

They all went to the roof and even though she didn't want to play, they all insisted so much that she basically had no choice.

"Come on Raven, if you don't play we'll only be seven and one team will have an advantage." Said Beast Boy.

"Fine… I'll play, as long as I'm not on the same team as Beast Boy." Said Raven. Beast Boy was "kinda" happy.

The teams were: 1) Beast Boy, Cyborg, Mas and Speedy. 2) BumbleBee, Raven, Menos and Aqualad. Aqualad and BumbleBee were the two best players, by far. Cyborg and Speedy were pretty good and Mas y Menos and Beast Boy were decent, Raven did what she could.

At first, they were all being really competitive. They were giving their all and the match was really even. However, as the time passed they started taking it less and less serious: Beast Boy would transform in to different animals so he could reach the ball, BumbleBee would fly if she needed too. Raven was having a LOT of fun while playing but, again, she would never say it (in fact, she kept saying "are we done?" so it would seem she was bored).

One of the plays went really softly towards Beast Boy. "I got it, I got it" he said, but he hit it so bad that the ball accidentally hit his own forehead and made him fall on his butt. Everybody laughed and Beast Boy felt humiliated. And I mean EVERYBODY laughed, even Raven! In fact, everybody but Raven, stopped laughing because they couldn't believe what they were seeing: Raven laughing!

Beast Boy didn't feel so humiliated now. In fact, he loved the scene, Raven was laughing like he had never seen her and he blamed himself for it. Raven did have a really special smile…

However, everybody, even Beast Boy, stopped thinking about Raven's laughter when suddenly a black energy (Raven's powers) appeared out of nowhere and went straight through the left part of the tower, cutting the top-left part of the "T" and three rooms in the process (the black energy passed only a few inches from Beast Boy).

Beast Boy, Cyborg, Mas and Speedy were falling with part of the building and were heading towards some really sharp rocks. Raven wasn't laughing anymore.

I know it's a bit long but hopefully only the first chapter is going to be this long.