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So this year, i'm finally doing it. that's right. me, mrs. procrastinator, is going to be entering NaNoWirMo. For those who don't know, it's an online challenge. Since November is national-write-a-novel-month (what ever happened to national read a novel month?...) the makers of NaNoWirMo have created a challenge.

Write a 50,000 word novel in thirty days.




Long story short, i have been working non-stop on an outline for my entry and preparing for the begining of what could be the most chaotic month ever. Wish me luck!

Disclaimer: i don't own the stuff i don't make up, ok? ok. imma go get a cookie.

Chapter two

Fire had fully expected to see a monster baby. There had been no doubt in her mind, even though everything in her hadn't wanted to believe it.

What she hadn't prepared herself for, was the sheer innocence and beauty that made up this female monster baby.

Its small head was covered in blue fuzz, already revealing hundreds of shades even in its first stages. Her skin was pale and thinly spread, like finely made paper.

Faint blue and purple veins were clearly visible, sliding up her arms from her little fingers and down to her toes.

She looked chubby, even though it was obvious that she was skinny for a baby. Sickly, too. But this baby wasn't about to show it. Once again Fire felt the child touch her mind, and this time Fire responded.

The baby opened her eyes to stare at Fire. They looked neither surprised, nor scared.

However, they glowed with curiosity.

Curiosity and beauty. Beauty beyond words.

One moment they a deep blue, and then as the candle light flickered, the color in her eyes flickered with it, turning to deep grey then washing into light greens.

They were the kind of eyes that made you want to turn away, but when you tried you would find yourself paralyzed. Only able to stare, and keep staring. Something Fire intended to do plenty of.

Ocean child. She cooed gently, lulling the babies eyes shut again as she prodded its mind, immersing it in calmness and warmth.

Brigan cleared his throat and Fire had to remind herself to breathe, tearing her eyes away from the baby to look at him.

She couldn't hide the feelings of cheer bliss from her face, and Brigan's own expression softened slightly as he watched her.

Fire knew better than to love this child. That it would be best to try and be detached, and to look upon it as a problem in need of solving instead of a helpless baby in need of a guardian.

But she couldn't do it. She just couldn't.

All at once she understood why Cansrel had let her live.

"Fire," Brigan said, tearing Fire away from her thoughts.

"A moment ago you said I didn't have to do something, what did you mean?" The moment Fire asked him, she realized she wasn't sure she wanted to know. However it was too late, because Brigans response, as usual, was close to instantaneous.

"The guard who brought it here…. They believed that the child's only chance at life would be for you to raise it." With one look at Fire's expression his tense demeanor finally collapsed, and he strode toward her, gently taking hold of her arms in a reassuring manor. "Please, love, don't look so sad. Nothing is set in stone, just tell me if you want it gone, and I will take it away. Please, don't cry."

Fire's tears ran freely now, and she felt Brigan wipe them away with his thumb.

"It's ok Fire. Here, I'll take it away, and then everything can go back to normal." He made a reach for the baby, but Fire stepped back, shaking her head.

"no, no it's not that," He gave her a confused look and she rushed to continue her sentence, "I mean, it's just that I'm… A little shocked. We….. Should think before we do anything rash, right?" She really didn't care about the last part. She just wanted to keep holding this baby.

He frowned, but nodded. Scratching the stubble on his chin he stared at the baby, his brow wrinkled but his eyes soft.

"the others don't know yet. Perhaps it would be best to awaken them and see what they think."

Fire nodded quickly, her hold on the baby tightening. Yes, they would consult the others. Together they would find out what's best for the baby, Fire was sure of it.

It's surprising just how quickly five people (not counting the baby), separated by momentous hallways and corridors, can all end up in the same room, washed, dressed, and fully awake (excluding a few slow blinkers and the occasional delay in a response) all within a few moments.

Of course, this is to be expected when there is motivation, and motivation comes in many forms. For example, it can be found in the discovery of a monster child.

Fire gazed around her, looking contently into the eyes of her friends and family. There was Clara, sitting next to Nash (who Fire could tell was anxious, judging by the way his hair flopped to one side, then stood straight up in the back, like he was leaning against a wall), and then next to Nash was Brigan, and then herself. Even Brocker, who had simply been visiting, was in attendance. His chair situated comfortably between Clara and Fire.

Clara, who kept rubbing her eyes, yelped when Nash kicked her from under the small table that they had all managed to fit around.

"What was that for?" she cried.

Nash grinned, "You were falling asleep, sister."

"You can be such a child sometimes," Clara shot back.

"Everyone, please, it's early in the morning and we're all a bit tired. But we need to try out best and stay focused on the task at hand." Brocker, reasonable as always, leaned forward in his chair and gave each of them a passing glance.

"Brocker is right." Clara sighed, "however, if you don't mind me asking…. What exactly is the task at hand?"

Brocker blinked, "well, I'm not sure. Fire?"

Three pairs of expectant eyes turned and focused on Fire. She shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

"Earlier a certain…. Surprise, was brought to our rooms." She started out cautiously, dreading their reactions.

"What kind of surprise?" Clara asked, tilting her head. Her shoulders slouched, as they had been doing lately. Which, Fire supposed, is to be expected while taking care of a rowdy toddler.

I wonder if my shoulders will ever slouch from motherly-stress like that. Fire thought. The baby, carefully disguised as a bundled up cloak, shifted in her arms.

She looked at Brigan, and he nodded. Carefully, she raised the baby up and set it on the table.

Nash raised an eyebrow, "a blanket. You woke me up at this hour so you could show me a crummy, tattered looking blanket?"

Fire ignored him, and slowly pushed back the flap covering the babies face.

There was a collective gasp, and they all stared.

"It's a….a…" Clara stumbled over her own words, eyes wide.

"it's a monster child." Brocker said firmly, crossing his arms. "A very, very young monster child."

"where do you suppose it came from?" Nash said, and then suddenly he frowned, and looked up at Fire slowly, "You don't suppose….."

She glared back at him with a fierceness that made him flinch.

No it's not mine. If it was you would have seen me walking around with a giant bulge under my dress. Even monster women get large in their pregnancy.

He held up his hands in response, and resumed staring at the baby.

"The current problem," Brigan said after a moment, clearing his throat "is not where it came from, but what we will do with it. We can worry about its roots later."

Brocker nodded, "Brigandale is right. It will take an experienced and trustworthy person to raise this child. I would do it, but I'm afraid I've gotten a bit too old to be going about raising monster babies."

He smiled quietly and for a split second Fire could have sworn he winked at her, but she later blamed it on the light.

Clara was the one who suggested it. "Maybe… Fire should do it then." She had said, "She is the best for the job after all. Seeing as you're both….." She trailed off, for the baby, which had been previously silent, cooed quietly.

The emotional response was enormous. Each of them leaned closer, cooing back or just watching it's pudgy little arms swing back and forth.

Unable to help herself, Fire reached forward and pulled the baby back into the crevice of her arm, tickling it under the chin and practically overflowing with bliss when the baby would giggle at her.

"They do seem perfect for each other." Nash said absentmindedly.

"So it's settled then. Fire will raise the baby." Brocker nodded in approval, leaning back into his chair.

Brigan got out of his chair to kneel on the stone floor next to Fire, who was still engrossed in the baby. Gently, he reached up and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

"What will you name her?" he whispered quietly, and Fire bit her lip. A baby needed a name, but what kind of name was suitable for a monster baby? Something elegant? Fancy? Plain or extraordinary?

She frowned, mulling over all the different possibilities for a name. Then a tiny pin-prick of an idea burrowed its way into her thoughts.

"Well… My own mother named me Fire because of my hair, and that has suited me just fine. So perhaps….." she gently lifted the baby's head to look at its hair. In between the blues and greys were thin strands of green so fine, that they seemed to float amongst the other hairs.

"Kelsy." She said firmly. "like kelp, but Kelsy."

"beautiful." Brigan said, kissing her forehead.

The baby, warm and safe-feeling with its little body pressed against Fire, smiled.

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