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Summary: The arrival of Sheldon's brother George forces him to realise that maybe he's not as immune to the female sex as he had thought. Could Mrs Cooper's dreams finally be coming true? Shenny pairing (of course).

This mini-sode has been stewing in my head for weeks and I finally jotted it down in a couple of my lunch breaks.

Amy doesn't feature, not because I don't like her character (because I do, she's very funny), but because I felt her presence would mess with my Shenny pairing. I also didn't mention Priya – because she's annoying. This is set somewhere in the middle of the 4thseries, but long before the strange decision to put Penny and Raj in a bed together.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy. Please review. I enjoy constructive criticism.

The Threat of Change

'Leonard', announced Sheldon suddenly from his position at his laptop, 'as per our roommate agreement I am herby giving you 24 hour notice of an overnight visitor'.

'Right…' Leonard replied looking up from the robot toy he, Howard and Raj were working on, 'and who exactly is it that's going to be staying?'

'My elder brother George requires the use of our couch tomorrow night. My mother insists, despite my offering to pay for him to stay in a hotel; that I 'put him up'', he said using air quotes.

'Why don't you want to see your brother Sheldon?' Raj felt compelled to ask, despite the groans the question prompted from Leonard and Howard.

'Because, I have no interest in reliving the constant teasing and attempts at male bonding I received when I was a child. Thank the lord for boarding school'.

Not wanting to prompt Sheldon into talking anymore they quickly went back to their work and Sheldon resumed whatever he was doing on his laptop.

Leonard forgot all about the impending visit until the following evening when he got home late from work.


'Hi Penny' he chimed hopefully as he entered his building.

'Hi' she replied distractedly as she sorted through her mail.

They had begun walked up the stairs side by side when, after reaching a particular letter in the pile of mail, she let out a growl of frustration.

'Sheldon!' she hissed.

Her distracted stumble up the stairs abruptly came to a stop and after a moment's pause, where she opened the letter in her hands; she then proceeded to storm up the remaining steps to Leonards and Sheldon's apartment.

Not bothering to knock she flung open the door, causing it to bash against it's hinges.

'Sheldon' she repeated, her voice shrill, causing him to turn around abruptly. Only when he turned, both Penny and Leonard realised that it wasn't Sheldon.

'Oh' came the small response from Penny, 'I thought..'

'I was Sheldon' finished the man in a deep Texan drawl, who was obviously Sheldon's older brother George.

'Hi darlin', you must be Penny' he said with a lazy smile.

Struggling to pick her jaw up from the ground Penny nodded and stumbled over to him, shaking his outstretched hand.

Penny couldn't help but stare. He looked so similar to Sheldon. They were the same height and had the same hair and eye colour. But he was slightly more built than Sheldon, and his hair, a little longer, was ruffled upon his head.

He was standing casually in the living room wearing scuffed jeans and a plain black t-shirt, exposing arms that looked used to heavy labour.

'Hi, I'm Leonard, Sheldon's room-mate', a meek voice from behind her piped up.

'Or course you are' George smiled shaking Leonard's hand as well, the latter who flinched at the strong grip his fingers were exposed too.

'So what did Shel do this time?' he grinned, 'Mamma told me all about the time he strung your panties up a flag pole!'

'It wasn't a flag pole!' said Penny, with a touch of indignation. It was strange to realise that her and Sheldon's prank war had been a source of family gossip.

'Good call on phoning home though. You don't mess with Cooper woman' he said with a wince as if he was mentally relieving a past mistake.

As he spoke he unconsciously had rubbed his hand through his hair causing it to stick up in multiple directions. Penny had to forcibly stop her eyes from straying up at it; that and stopping herself from drinking in the sight of Sheldon's innocent blue eyes in a body that held itself with such confidence. So unlike Sheldon.

'How long are you in town for?' asked Leonard, attempting to draw the focus onto him. He didn't like the way Penny was staring at George.

'Just for tonight. I was at a wedding today. Missy's in Pasadena as well, but she's still all caught up in her Maid of Honour stuff' he drawled.

'I warned her that the responsibility of head bridesmaid duties would be extensive' Sheldon couldn't help but express as he entered the room carrying his supply of extra bedding.

'Aww Shel, but you know that's what she lives for. Just think what she'll be like if you ever get married' he teased, causing Sheldon to blush with indignation.

'Sheldon's getting married?' piped up Howard's incredulous voice from behind them. He was stood in the doorway flanked by Raj and Bernadette.

'No I am not' Sheldon uttered through gritted teeth, his face spasaming.

'How are you doing darling?' asked George, turning on the charm for Bernadette.

She could only giggle and blush in reply as he introduced himself.

'So what's the plan for tonight?' George said expectantly to Sheldon who had settled at his laptop.

'It's 'Anything Can Happen Thursday', tonight we are playing Klingon scrabble'.

'Great' came the less than enthusiastic reply, 'what are you girls doing?'

'Well me and Penny are going dancing. Would you like to come with us?' Bernadette's sweet voice trailing off into something of a small giggle as the smile on George's face brightened at the prospect of a bar.

'Well then ladies I'm ready to go when you are' his southern charm bleeding through.

Howard looked distinctly uneasy as Bernadette and Penny walked over to the latter's apartment to get ready. He got jealous at the best of times, hell he'd been jealous of Bernadette's interaction with Leonard. Stand him beside Sheldon's older brother and he stood no chance. Decision made.

'Hey guys, you fancy going dancing with the women-folk instead of scrabble?'

Only Leonard looked interested, his thoughts going the similar direction to Howard's, but this time in relation to Penny. It was bad enough when they broke up but if she decided to go home with Sheldon's brother he felt it would be the ultimate humiliation.

Only after some pleading and bargaining did Raj agree to go.

Sheldon, however, remained naturally resolute.

'Just because you're staying in my apartment George does not mean I have to entertain you. Go out if you wish, I will not stop you, but neither will I accompany you'.

'Sheldon..', came Penny's voice from the doorway. George went slightly slack-jawed at the sight of her dressed up, an expression that perturbed Sheldon slightly for a reason unbeknownst to him.

'You enjoyed yourself last time' she continued, pointedly ignoring the ogling from Howard. She would leave it to Bernadette to smack him for that later.

'Last time' stuttered George, 'you've been out to a bar? Oh, Mama's gonna love this!'

'When was this?' asked a confused Howard.

'While you where all off attempting to rescue Leonard's poor excuse for a research project I went out with Penny, Bernadette and Amy' Sheldon stated.

'Hold on, hold on!' interrupted George, 'you, Sheldon Cooper, went out to a bar with three woman!'

'They are my friends' replied Sheldon quite innocently, not quite considering the implications of his brother's statement.

George could only snort with laughter and clap his unappreciative brother on the back.

'Come on Sheldon, come with us. It'll be fun' Penny coaxed and then when he flat out refused once more she tried a different tact. 'Sheldon come out with us or I'll tell your brother why I came storming in here looking for you earlier with a letter in my hand'.

Sheldon blanched, 'but then he'll tell mom'.


'Oooh, you play dirty' grinned George, liking the fact that his brother was being pushed around by a girl and a very beautiful one at that.

'Fine, if I must. But I promise you I won't enjoy myself'.

'Good' smiled Penny, glad she had got her way. She kinda felt bad when they left Sheldon behind sometimes (though of course she would probably regret persuading him).

'Well go change then' she ushered.

'What's wrong with what I'm wearing?' he enquired looking down at his favourite Green Lantern t-shirt.

'Sweetie, do you really want me to answer that?'

'Hey Shelly' George said with a gleeful look, 'I know full well you have some decent clothes in your closet'.

'George..' came the strained reply.

'How do you know?' Penny asked curiously.

'Mom always tries them out on me first before she sends them' he replied with a cheeky grin and with that marched a protesting Sheldon into his bedroom.

'How weird is it seeing Sheldon being pushed around!' said Howard, summing up everyone's thoughts.

They heard a few yells and complaints before the two brothers stepped back into the living room. Even the boys stared at Sheldon – so the girls had no hope.

'Sheldon you look hot!' squealed Bernadette and he did.

He was dressed in dark denim jeans with a sharp blue collared shirt with the arms rolled up to his elbows. Penny couldn't help but smirk at the sight of his Green Lantern tee peeking out from the few open buttons at the top. The only thing that spoiled the effect was the unsure way he held himself.

Penny observed that whenever Sheldon was out of his usual costume of superhero tee's and chinos he reverted to uncertainty. Gone was the confident scientist.

'Told ya' George couldn't help but pipe up – his sibling propensity to always be right stirring.

'I look like an idiot' Sheldon whined, looking over myself, 'these jeans are far too tight'.

'From the looks on Penny's and Bernadette's faces I'd say they were just right!'

Looking up and meeting Penny's wandering gaze he blushed violently.

'Come on everyone, lets hit the road', Penny organised, snapping her eyes away from the two brothers (who now looked even more alike).


The bar they were going to was only a short walk away and as soon as they arrived Penny, Bernadette and George went laughing to the dance floor.

The rest could only eye their surroundings unsurely. Before Bernadette, Howard would have immediately begun his campaign on the women in the vicinity. But now he felt the pangs of jealously as he watched Sheldon's brother dancing easily next to her.

Sheldon, having already professed his boredom, was leaning against the wall behind the group fiddling with his i-phone.

'What have you got there cutie?' a mildly drunk brunette all but shouted as she approached Sheldon.

Apparently ignoring the fear blazoned across his face she draped her body half around his in an attempt to see what he was doing.

'Who's Penny? Your girlfriend?'

Unfortunately for Sheldon he couldn't reply, the presence of a germ addled stranger in his personal space had rendered him a ticking, twitching mute.


'Who's texting you Penny?' asked George as he was forced to create some space between their dancing so she could retrieve her phone from her bag.


'What's he got to say?

'Save me…' she read in confusion, looking round. When they spotted him across the room both George and Penny couldn't contain their laughter at the sight Sheldon made.

He looked as if he was trying to turn himself into part of the wall, he was pressed so far against it – trying to escape the unwanted attention.

'Maybe you should go and stake your claim!' George suggested.

'I don't have a claim. Last time Sheldon asked me to rescue from a girl I actually thought she was gonna kill me' Penny replied shuddering at the memory of the obsessive red-headed grad student.

'He's asked you before?' asked George with a marked level of interest. It was so unlike Sheldon to actually ask for help.

Despite her grumbles Penny dutifully made her way over to where Sheldon was cornered and rescued him, all the while George looked on thoughtfully.


Later that evening George approached his younger brother, were he was sipping what George suspected was just plain cola (so dull).

'That harpy didn't molest you, did she bro?' the accompanying slap on the back causing Sheldon to gag slightly on his mouthful of drink.

'I am intact'

'Sheldon….' George began, his brothers eye's narrowing at the tone that was usually accompanied with request, 'About Penny, just say the word and I'll back off.

George paused, waiting for the reaction. But of course he had momentarily forgotten how hopelessly innocent Sheldon was.

'Back off from what?'

Sighing while rubbing his hands through his hair (said action causing more than a few interested glances from around him), George tried a different approach.

'I'm saying that I would very much like this night to end in Penny's bed rather than your couch, but if you have, how would you say it… a prior claim on Penny then I'll back off'.

'And what makes you think I 'have a claim'? Spluttered Sheldon, causing George to have to hide a smirk – both Penny and Sheldon where denying a claim on each other.


'I am always serious!'

'Lord I know that Sheldon! But you allow this girl to do things that I've never seen you allow with anyone. Not even Missy. You asked her to protect you! You wouldn't even let mom protect you from Mr Heedy's Rottweiler – you tried to make a ray gun instead. Sheldon you like this girl'.

'It was a Canine Deflector and I do not like her. While I'll admit she certainly has an attractive figure and symmetrical facial features, I am above the primitive urges that seem to drive you'

'Denial isn't a river in Egypt, Sheldon'

'I've never understood that phrase. I know it isn't, so why are you telling me'

'Fine then' sighed George giving up, 'I'm gonna go find Penny'.

He was a couple of metres away when he turned at his name being called.

'George, please don't sleep with Penny' Sheldon uttered in a strained voice.


'It'll make her unhappy when you leave in the morning'.

'Okay' George drawled, and as he walked away a smile grew across his face. Sheldon liked her and didn't even realise it. He couldn't wait to tell mom and Missy.


'Here you go Sheldon' smiled Penny as she sat down next to him and passed him a drink.

After taking a suspicious sniff from his drink Sheldon informed Penny that 'It didn't smell like a virgin'.

His word's caused Penny to snort unattractively.

'Live a little Sheldon. One drink won't hurt you!'

At the challenge in her voice he felt his ire rise and he forced himself to take a sip. As if to prove to her he was brave enough.

'It's not entirely unpleasant' he allowed.

They were sitting in a booth away from the dance floor, Sheldon having retreated there after his brother had called him out.

'Sheldon' she asked in a confused tone looking out to where George and Bernadette were talking, 'why has your brother stopped dancing with me? It was fine earlier but now he won't come near me'.

Looking round at him in the darkened booth she noticed he was squirming uncomfortably.

'What did you do?' she demanded, her eyes narrowing and Sheldon was immediately reminded of the time his sister told him off for attempting to match her up with a suitable mate. His arms twitched to protect his groin.

'I think his phrasing was 'if you ask me too, I'll back off'' Sheldon explained, not necessarily seeing that he didn't have to be honest if he didn't want to.

'You told George to back off from me' Penny expressed in disbelief, 'So help me Sheldon! You have no say in who I go out with. You're as bad as Leonard!'

'I demand you rescind that statement' was his heated reply, 'I am in no way similar to Leonard'.

'What on earth possessed you to do something like this?' Penny all but shouted at him. Sheldon had shrunk further into the high sided booth at this point and Penny was borderline looming over him.

'You would be sad' he said in a small voice causing Penny's fuming to halt abruptly.

'I what?'

'Ignoring that poor excuse for a grammatically correct sentence' he explained, becoming more of his self again and standing his ground, 'if you spend the night with my older brother you will be sad in the morning when he goes home to Texas'.


Penny sat in shocked silence for maybe a good 5 minutes. During which Sheldon grew more and more uncomfortable.

'People have to make their own mistakes Sheldon' she said finally, 'You can't always protect them. But thank you'.

As Sheldon acknowledged the rare thanks, Penny leaned forward to kiss his cheek. A moment before her lips would have met his skin he abruptly turned, not realising she was there.

Her lips caught his.

Shock forced them apart after a moment of hesitation.

'Sorry Sheldon' Penny stuttered, suddenly extremely conscious of how germaphobic he was, 'I was going for your cheek'.

Sheldon didn't speak. He sat frozen in the same position, his eyes slightly unfocussed. A look that he often had when he was staring at one of his white boards, contemplating some new equation.

'Sheldon?' Penny said, waving her hand in front of his face.

'I've broken him again' she whispered to herself, fumbling with her purse, attempting to retrieve her phone.

Sheldon's cool hand on hers, staying her movement, caused her to start.

Then his hand left hers and reached up to pull her chin around so she was looking up at him.

She shuddered slightly at the dark look in his eyes.

'Oh my god' she thought wildly as she saw Sheldon's gaze was now trained on her lips, 'he's going to kiss me!'

As weirded out as she was, she quickly considered that as far as she knew his only kiss had been forced upon him by Leonard's frankly terrifying mother. Sheldon had never had a proper kiss. If he was really gonna be brave enough to do this then she was gonna give him the experience of his life!

Penny waited patiently, which was not always in her nature, as Sheldon continued to stare unblinking at her lips.

He inched closer and Penny began to feel her something more than weirdness erupt inside of her. Penny realised abruptly that she was getting turned on by what she supposed was Sheldon-like foreplay.

Their lips were a hairs-breadth apart and Penny had to restrain herself from closing the gap between them. This was for Sheldon's benefit she told herself, ignoring the lustful urge to jump him.

'But Raj!' came a loud whine from behind her.

The noise broke them apart so quickly that Sheldon shot along the seat and hit his head on the back wall.

Raj slid onto the seat opposite Penny and Sheldon, followed by Howard.

'But why not?' Howard argued with a slightly drunk Raj, oblivious to what they had interrupted, 'It'll only be for tonight'.

'That's what you said last time dude. Penny, please tell Howard I won't be the Robin to his Batman'

'Stop fighting and go back to the dance floor' she ordered like a mother berating her children.

'What's wrong with you Sheldon?' asked Raj, finally noticing the red faced man in the corner, who was nursing a bump on the back of his head.

'I believe I may have concussion'

'You didn't hit your head that hard' snapped Penny, not really angry with him, but with the fact they were interrupted.

Raj and Howard shared a quick glance.

'I think we may have walked into one of their infamous arguments' Howard whispered to Raj hurriedly and as quickly as they'd sat down they were gone, sharing the thought that no sane person would willingly get in between Sheldon and Penny when they argued.

'I have a bump forming' Sheldon complained.

Sighing Penny grabbed the front of his shirt to pull him closer to her, then pushed his head down so she could examine the alleged injury.

'It looks fine Sheldon' she mono-toned, rubbing the spot with her thumb, before releasing him.

When his face snapped up they were suddenly, once again, centimetres apart. It didn't take Sheldon long to build the courage this time.

His lips touched hers softy. So softly that Penny felt her heart give a quick, queer little beat. Sheldon too was experiencing what he considered worrying symptoms. His breathing was most irregular and the strange desire to move his lips on Penny's was overtaking him.

So he did.

Gently the tempo of the kiss increased. Penny coaxing Sheldon along, all the while grasping the seat – her nails digging into the fake leather in an effort not to grab and scare him.

In the end it was Sheldon who initiated further contact. It was like this was an experiment to him, he constantly changed the conditions. He kissed softly, then hard, then slow and then fast; trying out different ways to kiss her.

When his hand came up to cup her neck goose-bumps broke out down her arms. They caused Sheldon to break the kiss and stare down at her left arm which he was running his hand up and down – feeling the little bumps his touch had caused.

When he looked back up at her through his long lashes Penny grinned foolishly at him, which Sheldon returned to Penny's surprise. It was so rare that she saw a true genuine smile from him.

This was so…Penny thought, struggling for the word for a moment before coming up with it, normal.Here she was, sitting in a bar, slightly tipsy, kissing a man; (Ignoring the fact that this particular man was a beautiful mind genius with a germ aversion).

'This was a much pleasanter experience to my last kiss' he mused.

'I'm glad sweetie' she replied as they separated, leaning back against the seat.

Sheldon turned and leaned back too, as he did he looked over the dance floor and gasped at what he saw.

Leaning casually against the bar, his ear to his phone, grinning like a mad-man, was George. From the look on his face he had obviously seen everything.

'Darn it' Sheldon hissed to Penny's confusion.

Sheldon pointed and Penny did something she hadn't done since she was a teenager, she blushed.


10 minutes earlier George had been talking with Bernadette. In his opinion she was amazing, the right side of smart. Not obsessed as Shelly was and not playing down her intelligence like so many irritating women did.

He had been standing at the bar getting them both drinks when he had glanced round across the room. He'd done a double take at what he saw.

Across the room, despite the darkness of the booth, he could clearly see Sheldon and Penny. Sheldon, his nearly 30 yr old brother, finally caught in the act of making out with a girl.

Grinning he fished his phone out of his trouser pocket and pressed the speed-dial.

'Hi Mom' he smiled after Mary Cooper picked up, 'you're never going to guess what I can see right now'

'Now I want none of your games Georgie. What's that I can hear in the back ground? Where are you?'

'I'm out with Shelly and his friends'

'Sheldon is out, with you, in a bar?' Mary Cooper questioned in astonishment.

'You think that's shocking, you ain't heard nothin yet. You were right about Shelly being sweet on his neighbour Penny'.

'How do you know?' she quickly asked her voice hushed.

'Cos, I'm watching them make out!' George laughed.

'Shelly? Kissing a girl?' Mary Cooper whispered in an amazed voice, 'Do you know how long I've prayed for this!'

'I know momma'

'George Cooper!' she barked once she had gotten over the shock, 'You give your brother some privacy'.

'Yes momma' he accepted, knowing from years of experience that it was best to do as he was told – no matter his age.

Just before he hung up his mother made him promise to visit when he got home. She wanted all the details of her Shelly's first girl.


Penny woke the next morning to the sound of knocking on her front door. Looking down at herself she was surprised to find that she had managed to change into her pj's before she had collapsed into bed.

Stumbling to the door, groaning slightly at the ache in her head, she tip-toed up to look through the spy-hole.

It was George and Sheldon, the latter staring pointedly down at his shoes.

The evening had ended very abruptly after the experimental kiss. Howard had made an inappropriate comment to a barmaid that was quickly made worse by a drunken Raj. The result being, that the entire group was chucked out of the club – not the first time for Penny (or Howard).

Had Sheldon been any other man, he would have probably tried his luck and Penny probably would have relented, then woke in the morning feeling ashamed and un-satisfied.

Sheldon, however, was not 'any other man'.

Penny, Sheldon, George and Leonard had slowly made their way up to the 4th floor of their apartment building. The latter had made it about half way up before launching into a sprint, hurriedly shouting that he was going to puke.

When they reached the doors to their apartments George grinned, slapped Sheldon on the back (ignoring his flinch) and then strode into the apartment after Leonard, closing the door behind him.

Penny and Sheldon where left alone on the landing. The uncomfortable silence grew and grew, until Penny couldn't take it anymore.

'Well goodnight Sheldon' she chimed in a falsely cheery tone. Quickly digging through her purse she produced her key and slid it into the lock.

As she turned the handle a shadow fell across the door.

'What?...' she stuttered, the sound dying in her throat as she turned and saw the look in Sheldon's eyes.

Sheldon didn't speak, but his long fingers reached up and brushed lightly against her jaw line. Then curiously down her neck, causing her to shudder. When his hand reached round to grasp the back of her neck, his lips finally descended onto hers.

This kiss wasn't like the one in the bar. This was confident; slow and sensual. Penny moaned softly at his touch and releasing the door knob she still held tightly, she reached up to place her hand on his lean chest. The movement caused him to jump away abruptly – as if he had just realised what he was doing.

'Penny' he uttered in a small voice, 'I don't know what's going on. I'm not in control of myself'.

He sounded terrified of himself.

'Oh, sweetie' Penny managed, 'It's okay. It's probably just the drink. Why don't you go to bed and we'll talk about it tomorrow?'

Nodding in a slightly unhinged way, he bid her good night and quickly ran back into his apartment.

'Wow' thought Penny, the evening had certainly been unexpected. Who knew Sheldon could kiss like that, her stomach flipping at the thought.

Sheldon meanwhile was also mentally running through the events of the evening. He had entered the apartment to the find George lounging on the sofa, a wicked grin plastered on his face.

'So…Shelly' he drawled, 'Good night?'

'Goodnight to you too' scowled Sheldon, marching past and shutting himself in his room. It was many hours later, however, (after singing Soft Kitty to himself numerous times) that he finally fell asleep.

The next morning George had insisted on saying goodbye to Penny, despite Sheldon's argument that she wasn't to be disturbed before 11am.

'Hi George' Penny smiled as she opened the door, 'are you leaving now?'

Normally Sheldon would have retorted that of course he was leaving now, as that what had been agreed upon. But today he held his tongue, and could only embarrassedly look down at his shoes as he remembered how out of control he had been the night before.

'Yeh, just wanted to say goodbye' he drawled with a smile.

'It was nice to meet you' Penny replied, reaching up to give him a hug. As she did so she met Sheldon's eyes over his brother's shoulder. They looked just as frightened as they had the night before. Penny couldn't help but think that maybe she really had broken him, just not in a way she expected.

'I'm sure I'll be seeing you' George couldn't help but smirk, noting the awkward glances Penny and Sheldon where giving each other.

Penny watched as the brothers turned and walked down the stairs.

What am I doing? She berated herself, Sheldon wasn't the kind of person who you could casually kiss and then forget about.

Walking back into her apartment and flopping down on her bed, she stared up at the ceiling lost in thought.

Turns out Sheldon did have a deal. But obviously one that he had yet to discover properly. She felt as if she had awakened something in him and possibly terrified him at the same time.

Groaning and flinging a pillow up over her face Penny attempted to forget how awesome the kiss against her front door had been. It wasn't fair, why was the best kiss she'd had in years from the world's (possible universe's) most frustrating man.

'Penny are you well?' came an enquiry from somewhere across the room. Peeking out from underneath her pillow she saw Sheldon standing awkwardly near her open door.

'Yes Sheldon, I'm fine' she sighed, sitting up and moving into the main living space on the hunt for coffee.

When she had made herself a cup and sat down on the couch, Sheldon appeared to have finally worked up the courage to say what he come to say.

'I would like to discuss the occurrences of last night' he said, beginning confidently and then trailing off slightly at the end; the second behaviour in 24 hours which was most unlike him.

'I have given the matter a great deal of thought and I have come to the conclusion that I should like to court you'.

Penny choked on her coffee at the word 'court'. Sheldon wanted to 'court' her! What was this, the 1800's? She was on the verge of laughing out loud when she looked up at him. He was sitting uncomfortably in 'his spot' in her apartment, wringing his hands together. His face was also beet red and he was twitching slightly. It had taken him a lot to admit this, she thought; her beautiful mind scientist wasn't actually above his base urges like he had claimed.

Then there was also the main question, did she want to be with Sheldon? Yes, there had been something between them last night, but that was a one off.

Most of the time he drove her mental, constantly berating her and putting her down. But then, he had never lied to her.

He was honest, to the point of pure bluntness. He had also taken care of her. He had rescued her when she had dislocated her shoulder and when she was struggling financially he had lent her money, no questions asked and with no pressure to pay him back immediately.

She couldn't say any of her past boyfriends had done that, even Leonard.

Leonard. That was another thing entirely. IF she got into a relationship with Sheldon, Leonard would probably flip. Scrap that, he would definitely flip.

Penny paused in her thoughts, looking up at Sheldon. Abruptly, she realised she had just been staring into space thinking. How long since he asked me she thought worriedly. Though from the expression on his face, a while.

Suddenly, and without consciously making a decision Penny gave him an answer.


'Oh' came his breathy response.


'I have to admit that I was expecting you to react in a similar manner as when Howard attempted to kiss you'.

'Oh sweetie' Penny laughed, 'but I've already kissed you. I didn't punch you then, why would I now?'

Sheldon could only blush in response, and Penny positively beamed. Who knew making Sheldon blush could be so much fun? She quickly filed it away mentally as one of her favourite things to do.

'I will go and write up a contract' Sheldon uttered when he had recovered and standing up made his way out of the apartment without even saying goodbye.

'This is gonna be interesting' Penny spoke out loud with a chuckle.


This was a stupid mistakePenny thought to herself as she turned to look at Sheldon across his empty apartment in shock.

Barely 10am on a Saturday morning and already the insults where coming thick and fast. Penny was more than happy she hadn't given Sheldon the signed contract back yet. There were a few changes she wanted to make, firstly about the insults he seemed to farm out to her without even realising it.

'So help me Sheldon' she fumed marching over to him 'if you make one more comment about my Nebraska background I'll….'

'You'll what?' he asked confusedly, not understanding the open-ended threat.

'I'll….I'll..' Penny paused, trying to come up with something that would suitably terrify him.

'I'll kiss you again!' she said evilly, thinking about his sober reaction to the germs kissing would transfer,

However his response to her threat was not what she expected. She had thought he would recoil at the mere thought, despite their new agreement. What she hadn't anticipated was his gaze dropping down to her lips.

'Oh' she thought, before Sheldon had moved forward of his own violation. Grasping her hip and the back of her neck with each hand respectfully, his lips grazed hers. Pulling back after a moment Penny would swear she could hear his brain turning.

'You know Penny. That's not really much of a threat' he said, ending the sentence with a smirk that made Penny's legs wobble momentarily. First his blushes and now his smirk, Penny's list of enjoyable Sheldon responses was growing.

His kiss had momentarily distracted her from the fact she was angry with him, but looking up into his somewhat innocent face she let it go. For now at least.

'Sheldon' Penny said slowly, 'Do you realise what you just did?'

'Not to worry Penny. I have taken the precaution of prescribing myself a course of antibiotics that will prevent me from becoming ill until I become accustomed to your bacteria' he lectured, moving back to where he had been preparing a hot drink.

'But sweetie' she questioned further, moving around the island to stand next to him, 'I thought you didn't like to touch people'.

'It's not the touching that bothers me' he sighed exasperated, as if annoyed that she didn't understand, 'it's the potential kaleidoscope of bacteria that I could contract from touching someone'.

'But not me?' she pressed further.

'As I said Penny, I am on a preventative course of medication. You should really learn to listen more' he sighed again.

'So you won't mind if I do this?'

'Do what?' he asked, barely able to get the words out before she had launched herself at him. Wrapping her body around him like a vine she kissed him with all she had. After he had gotten over the initial shock, he tentatively responded. His hands creeping up to her hip and neck like before, Penny could swear she felt him whisper the words 'my spot' against her lips.

As the kiss began to escalate, Penny soon realised that Sheldon definitely had a deal. She was certain of this since it was currently pressed against her stomach.

It was only after her neck began to ache that she began to appreciate just how tall he was. He was always so hunched over that she hadn't noticed. Since it was Sheldon she was kissing, and Sheldon noticed everything, she let out a small shriek as his hands reached down and lifted her up onto the counter. Wow, she thought, he was a lot stronger than he looked.

She had only meant to kiss him a briefly, and now they were making out here in the middle of the kitchen. This position allowed more of their bodies to press against each other, and for Penny to wrap her legs around his waist. The action caused a low groan to release itself from Sheldon's throat. The noise made Penny shiver and add it to the list of Sheldon reactions.

When Sheldon's curious mouth made its way from her lips and down the side of Penny's neck it was her turn to moan; the sound made Sheldon buck involuntarily against her.

It was in Sheldon's nature to be analytical and Penny was pretty certain that he was cataloguing her responses along with his own. Every time she made a favourable noise he would linger on the spot, before moving on.

The situation was soon reaching the point of no return and it would have if the phone hadn't suddenly rung out loudly shattering the rough breathing that was the apartments only sound.

They broke away from each other, their lips red and swollen. Penny glanced at Sheldon's somewhat shell-shocked expression before planting a quick peck on his lips and slipping off the counter.

Since Sheldon was in no position to answer the phone she picked it up out of the cradle and greeted the caller brightly.

'Hello? Penny speaking.'

'Hello Penny, it's Mrs Cooper'.

'Oh, Hello Mrs Cooper' she replied a little less confidently as she thought about what she had just been doing to Mrs Coopers son. Glancing over to Sheldon, she saw that he too had a somewhat panicked expression on his face, as if his religious mother had known exactly what he had just been doing to a girl he wasn't married too.

'Is my Shelly there?' she asked, pleased to find Penny answering Sheldon's phone. She had originally intended to call to give Sheldon a little push in the girl's direction, but maybe, she now considered, she didn't have too.

Passing the phone over to a somewhat recovered Sheldon, Penny went back to the kitchen to get some coffee. That had been her original purpose when she had entered the apartment earlier.

Penny couldn't help but smile to herself as she listened to the one-sided conversation.

'Yes mom, I had a pleasant time out with George'

'Yes, my work is progressing at a pleasing rate'

'No mom, I'm not a rocket scientist'

'Penny is perfectly healthy'

'Yes, Penny and I are…..MOM!'

His shout piqued Penny's interest.

'Yes, we are being safe' he growled through gritted teeth, causing Penny to laugh out loud.




'Goodbye Mom. I love you too' he finished, slamming the phone down in irritation.

'I'm going to kill George' he snarled, looking over at Penny. As he did his brain stuttered in a way that he felt couldn't be healthy and he briefly considered phoning the hospital for a MRI.

She was doubled over laughing, her face flushed, her lips still slightly swollen and her hair mussed. What had made him stutter was the fact that he was responsible for her state of dishevelment. It was his lips that had been pressed hard enough against hers to make them red. His hands that had threaded through her hair, rumpling it. Despite all the germs that he could have contracted, the sense of satisfaction that it was through his ministrations that Penny looked as she did, out-weighed all of the risks.

'You okay sweetie?' she questioned from over the rim of her coffee cup.

'George has already informed my mother of our upgraded relationship status'


'I believe her phrase was 'my prayers have been answered' Sheldon continued, causing Penny to chuckle, 'I feel I should warn you that if past observations of Missy and George's romantic partners are anything to go by, she will be planning our wedding and grandchildren by the end of the week'.

Penny laughed and then realising that Sheldon wasn't joking, swallowed audibly.

Her mind immediately filled her with a vision of tall blonde haired geniuses running around. What was the plural for a group of geniuses? She mused, before shaking herself out of the daze. What had frightened her was that she had been able to visualise what their children would be like – something that no other boyfriend had been able to achieve and they had only been officially together for a day.

But Sheldon was different. He had asked to 'court' her. He didn't know what a fling was, neither was he likely to rush into things and get too serious too quick, like his room-mate had done. As freaked out as she was to admit it, if she could get past the arguments and spats they had almost constantly, she could see a relationship with this crazy man lasting.

What was it that her own mother had said when she had told her last night, 'opposites attract'.

'Penny. Please protect me from my mother'

'Okay' she whispered, putting down her cup and moving round to embrace him again. Reaching up she wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him down to her. As she did, his hands moved to grip her hips in a possessive way that Penny was beginning to crave.

'I promise to protect you from your mother' she whispered, her lips ghosting over his causing him to shiver at the sensation, 'and I'll protect you from Leonard's mother, and any grad student that tries to get fresh with you'.

'Would you be prepared to put that down in our relationship contract?' Sheldon queried moments before Penny gave into temptation and allowed their lips to touch once more.

A second after they did, Sheldon's hands slipped from their spot on her hips and slipped round her back, wrapping her up in his long arms, fusing their bodies together completely.

Moments passed, or maybe minutes, or maybe hours, neither Sheldon nor Penny could be sure.

They where only broken apart by the door of the apartment opening and the abrupt halt of conversation between Leonard, Howard, Raj and Bernadette.

'Rats' whispered Penny.


'You wanna catch me up?' snapped Leonard, his voice rising to a shout.

'Penny and I have entered into a new relationship paradigm' Sheldon explained, releasing Penny from his embrace.

'You what?' he exclaimed, the others inching away from him, fearing they may be caught in his maelstrom of anger.

'Penny and I have entered into a new relationship paradigm' repeated Sheldon, before adding 'really Leonard, you should learn to listen'.

Leonard stood fuming for a moment staring at Penny before he marched across the living room and into his bedroom, slamming the door as he went.

'Well that went well as could be expected' Bernadette chimed. Penny had rung with the news last night and Bernadette had shocked Penny by not being surprised.

'What the frak?' questioned Howard, 'How did this even happen?'

'Well I have given this a good deal of thought and have come to the conclusion that' Sheldon was stopped abruptly halfway through a sentence by Penny snapping at him to stop.

'Why?' he questioned in confusion.

'Because it's private Sheldon, it should be kept between us'

'Oh. Is this non-optional social convention that applies to romantic relationships?'

'Yes sweetie'

'Oh' he replied, before turning to Howard, 'It's none of your business'.


Later that week, while Penny was making herself and Sheldon spaghetti with cut up hotdogs she asked him what he had been about to say to Howard before she had interrupted him.

'I was merely going to explain the reasons behind my decision to enter a relationship with you' he replied, while supervising her food preparation.

'And what where the reasons?' she prompted.

'My conclusion was that the strange feeling I had developed in my chest while watching you with my brother was in fact jealousy. Once I had concluded that I decided to confirm that I was attracted to you physically. Which I was' he added with a blush, much to Penny's delight, 'the only course of action from then on was to propose to you the shift in our relationship'.

Once Penny had decoded his speech (he had seen her with his brother, got jealous, realised he fancied her and then asked her out), she thought it was quite sweet, and pointedly ignored the flip of her heart when he used the word 'propose'.

'And to think we all thought you didn't like women' Penny said, smiling up at him from their cooking dinner.

'I don't' he replied resolutely, 'just you'.

The End (for now)

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