WARNINGS: This part is NC-17, and it says so in the chapter label. I didn't change the overall warning of the story, since it is just this part, but if you think I should then I will. It contains SLASH, so if the idea of two males together turns you off, then don't read this. It isn't rocket science. Okay, on with the *very last* part of Somewhere Between.


*6 months later*

Elladan sighed happily as he lay still, listening to the distant crackle of the fire in the study. The sound was complimented nicely by Elrohir's harp as he strummed it idly, picking out ancient melodies as they came to him. Legolas's hands came around him, settling easily around his waist from where he lay behind him. Legolas was humming in tune with the music, but too quietly for anyone else to hear.

Peace, Elladan thought. This was what peace was truly like.

The harp slowed and stopped, followed by a rustle of cloth. Elladan opened his eyes—he did not notice that he had closed them—to see Elrohir stretching, silhouetted by the firelight.

"I am off to bed," Elrohir announced. "Good night, brother, Legolas," he said, nodding to the mass of limbs on the couch.

"Thank you for your songs, Elrohir," Legolas said.

"Good night, sweet brother," Elladan said as Elrohir stepped over to kiss his cheek.

The opening door sent a cold draft of air into the room and Elladan shivered. Legolas held him closer. "Cold?" he asked.

Elladan shook his head. "No," he said.

Elladan turned in Legolas's arms so they faced each other. He pressed his lips against the Prince's soft mouth. He could feel the thing lips curl into a soft smile and herd Legolas's hum of approval.

"Legolas," Elladan said, pulling back so that he could look into the blue eyes. "I want something from you."

"Anything, my lord," Legolas answered. "I am yours to command in all things."

"I want you to make love to me tonight."

Legolas's expression turned from amused to wary. "Must I repeat myself?" Elladan asked coyly. "I will say it as many times as you need me to, until you understand that I ask this from you and it is my choice and my timing."

Legolas's eyes turned dark, the blue showing in a thin line around the black. He looked around the chamber and stood, nearly tipping Elladan off the couch. He held out his hand to help the darker Elf up.

"Not here," Legolas said, taking the hand and pulling Elladan with him through the house.

Elladan did not know what to expect from Legolas's sudden determination, but he was content to trust him. Legolas led him to the stables and quickly fetched Mornel from inside. The black horse pawed the ground, happy to see Elladan, even in the middle of the night. The cool air showed in white plumes from his nostrils, highlighting the crisp breeze. Elladan mounted the bare back silently and Legolas swung up behind him after speaking quietly into the horse's ear. Mornel took off in an easy canter, out into the forests of the valley.

Elladan did not know what Legolas planned, but the cold air was awaking fires in him that he had kept burning low for many months. He leaned his head back against Legolas's strong shoulder, letting the Prince guide the horse to wherever his goal was. His lips parted as he dragged in deep breaths of pine scented air, and his eyes closed to better savor the scents and sounds of the forest.

Eventually Mornel slowed from a command from Legolas. Elladan opened his eyes to find them in a glade surrounded on all sides by towering oak and elm trees. Legolas leapt lightly to the ground, holding his arms out to catch Elladan as he also lowered himself.

"Keep watch, Mornel," he said. Mornel tossed his head and trotted off to taste the thick, verdant grass, his ears swiveling for signs of danger.

"Why did you take us out here?" Elladan asked, though there was no fear in his voice.

Legolas smiled. "I am of Silvan blood," he reasoned. "What better way to enjoy a union of love than under the trees and sky and upon the green grass?"

Elladan laughed, a sound of pure joy. "I have heard that Silvan Elves are fey creatures."

Legolas sat on the grass and beckoned him. "Come here, and I will show you exactly how fey I can be," he said.

Elladan stretched out on the ground beside him, reaching out to pull the blond to his chest. Legolas bent to kiss him soundly, easing the loose tunic over his head at the same time.

"We have brought no weapons," Elladan realized ruefully.

"Peace, love. We are still well within the borders of Imladris, and the protection of you father. We have no need of weapons here."

"How is it that you know this place better than I, who was born and raised here?"

Legolas shrugged, using the movement to divest himself of his own tunic. "It is of no matter."

Elladan sighed, though the sound was swallowed in another kiss. He tasted Legolas like a starving man at a feast, quickly at first then slowing to savor the sensations. Legolas let him control the movements so long as Elladan was willing to do so. After several long moments, Elladan's fervor calmed and Legolas moved from his mouth. Elladan whimpered at the loss of contact, but stopped as lips ghosted down his neck to lap at the soft spot between his throat and his collarbone. Meanwhile, hands rubbed at his ribs, following his breaths as Legolas's mouth moved farther down.

A sharp gasp cut the air as Legolas fastened his mouth around Elladan's nipple. He sucked hard, dragging tiny gasps and moans from Elladan as he pulled away and blew on the nub to watch it harden in the cold air.

"Ai!" Elladan cried in mock pain as it was repeated on his other nipple. "Why do you torment me so?"

"Ah," Legolas replied. "'Tis a sweet death, is it not?"

"Too sweet. Will you not share it with me?"

"In time, my lord," Legolas said as he unfastened the lacings to Elladan's leggings. The silky material was soon cast aside and Elladan moaned as the cold air came in contact with his oversensitive skin. The cold was quickly replaced by heat. Wet, sucking, maddening heat as Legolas took Elladan's hardness into his mouth.

Legolas listened to Elladan's inarticulate cries, pleased but careful not to restrain him in any way. Instead, his hands traced lightly over the muscles of his legs, wringing soft whimpers from the beautiful mouth. Elladan could feel his passion rising quickly—too quickly—after his long self-enforced celibacy. He had not even touched himself since that last tragic night when Elrohir had almost drowned six months ago. It made the past months bitter, but this night a thousands times sweeter for the comparison.

Elladan tried to push Legolas away, but Legolas would have none of it. He swallowed Elladan to the root as Elladan cried out, emptying his passions down Legolas's throat. He lay back weakly, gathering his wits as Legolas moved back up his body to lie beside him. Legolas stoked his chest lightly until he gradually came back to himself. Elladan looked at Legolas with a wicked grin, then moved to turn onto his stomach.

"No," Legolas said, stopping his movements.

Elladan frowned and sat up. "Do you not wish to take me as I asked you?" he asked quietly.

Legolas shook his head. "Not that way," he said. He pushed Elladan back down to the grass. "I wish to see your face."

Elladan's eyes smoldered as he allowed himself to be positioned. Legolas assured himself that Elladan was comfortable on the soft grass, then bent his lover's legs against his chest. He cast aside his own legging hurriedly, but not before drawing out a stoppered vial. Elladan licked his lips, but remained still and quiet with none of the tensing that Legolas expected from the young half-Elf. Legolas uncorked the vial and a sweet aroma filled the air around them. He leaned up to kiss Elladan again, missing the taste of him already. Elladan was surprised at the gentleness of the kiss which was lacking in the rough battle of mouths that had started the tryst. He gasped as he felt a smooth, wet finger slide down his backside and circle lazily around his opening. Legolas was insistent in his movements, his tongue mimicking his fingers as he swirled it around Elladan's mouth. Finally, Elladan could no longer breathe and kiss at the same time and he collapsed back, allowing Legolas to concentrate all his efforts on the tight opening waiting for him.

Legolas easily slid one slick finger inside Elladan, watching his face carefully for any signs of pain or distress. Elladan's eyes were closed, but the soft mews of noise were pleading rather than painful as Legolas moved his finger in and out of his lover's body. He added another finger, scissoring them to loosen and stretch the tight muscle. Elladan stiffened and cried out as he found the tiny spot inside that always set off fireworks brighter than any of Mithradir's behind Elladan's eyes.

"Please, Legolas! I need you now…" Elladan groaned.

Legolas responded quickly, spurred on by the husky tone of Elladan's voice. He repositioned Elladan's legs and quickly coated himself with the remainder of the oil. Elladan's eyes squeezed shut as he felt Legolas's insistent hardness pressing against him. He breathed slowly, trying to relax himself, but fire exploded through his body as Legolas forced just the head inside him. Elladan bit his lip hard, but he could not stop the whimper that escaped him.

Legolas stopped at Elladan's distress. Elladan was nearly hyperventilating in his state, and it was causing his muscles to tighten and tense. Legolas rubbed his arms soothingly.

"Hush, Elladan," he whispered. "Open your eyes. Shh, just open your eyes," he pleaded.

Elladan did as he was asked, albeit slowly. His eyes focused on the stars above him, and he was swept away by the beauty of the sky. He saw Legolas still poised above him, and it seemed as though his blond hair was framed in a halo of stars. A peace settled over him as he reveled in the cool night's gaze. He was in no danger; the stars protected him as surely as Legolas would.

Legolas felt Elladan relax as the pain receded. The grey eyes focused on his once more, sparkling with life and wonder. Legolas smiled and began to move forward once more. Elladan's head tipped back and his mouth fell open in pure pleasure as his body was fully breeched.

"My sweet Prince," Elladan moaned. "Do you hear what the trees say of us?"

Legolas smiled and laughed. "They say we bless them with our union, and that the stars are glad it is a clear night with no clouds to obstruct their view!"

Elladan laughed, but the sound turned into a cry of pleasure as Legolas's hand ghosted between his legs, matching the rhythm of their rocking bodies. It took but a touch to bring him to completion again, and he spilled his seed between their bodies. Legolas tumbled after him into ecstasy as the clenching of Elladan's internal spasms pushed him over the edge. He collapsed against the darker Elf as they panted together on the grass. Legolas moved after only a moment, though, bending his head to clean the sticky fluid from his lover's stomach. Elladan purred at the sensation, turning his cheek to lie on the cool, damp grass. It was a strange contrast to the hot mouth that continued to suck on his skin even after the evidence of their ardor was licked away.

"We are both too easily spent," Elladan said when his voice was recovered.

"Nay," Legolas said, lying beside him again. "We are out of practice. That is easily remedied, though I do think our next encounter would be better set in front of a fire." Legolas smirked at the remark.

"How did you know that I needed to be here?" Elladan asked seriously.

Legolas traced the smooth contours of his face, gazing knowingly into his eyes. "You are a child of the stars, more so than even most Elves can claim. And you are like me in that stone walls give you not the comfort that living wood can. It is a simple matter of the heart, though rather deep for the head at times."

Elladan lay still for a long time relishing the afterglow, but the breeze was cold and soon chilled his bare flesh. Legolas climbed lightly to his feet, pulling Elladan up with him. "Are you ready to return to your father's house?"

Elladan nodded. "Yes, though I do not look forward to the ride back!" he said as he felt the slight twinge of the effects of their love making.

Legolas smiled, but dressed quickly. He called for Mornel and the black horse trotted into view from behind the trees where he had blended easily into the shadows. Legolas leapt onto his back and held out a hand to help Elladan up. Elladan allowed himself to be pulled up, but was surprised when Legolas took him into his arms instead of setting him behind him.

"I do not wish for you to be so sore when we return that you would not want to repeat our actions," Legolas said, grinning wickedly.

Elladan smiled and buried his head into Legolas's shoulder. "Do not fear it, but you will be the one to explain to my father why I am unable to sit at the table for breakfast!"

Legolas gasped. "Not for all the riches of Middle Earth!" he said.

Mornel whinnied as though laughing and set off back to the house, carrying the two lovers to their bed and the coming dawn.