Inevitable End – Behind the Scenes

I would not be telling you the truth if I told you that the moment I finished Elantris I got the inspiration to write a fanfic. In truth, I got it while reading the very first chapter. When I started reading about the great city I thought, "Wow, this would make an awesome location for a short story!" However, I figured it would be best to wait until I read the next 600 pages and finished the book (good thinking, eh?). This short story didn't turn out completely how I wanted, but then again, nothing I write ever does.

The idea of an Elantrian staying alive—or at least more so than the Hoed—by playing dead also came to me while reading the first chapter. I thought, "Considering what Elantrians can come to be able to endure, staying still 24/7 for eternity really wouldn't be as difficult as one might think." In the end I changed it so that Edoen only played Hoed during the day, and moved around at night.

The name Edoen—at the end of the novel Elantris there is a dictionary for the most-known Aons. Since all names (at least those from Arelon and Toed) seem to be partially based on Aons, I wanted to do the same with my unfortunate Elantrian character. I wanted to use an Aon that Sanderson already created, but also one without any in-book people named after it. After some careful consideration I picked Edo. It means "protection" or "safety".

Last of all, numerous times in the book I wondered why Raoden and the Elantrians in New Elantris never threw rocks Shaor's attacking men. Think of how effective it would be to throw a stone at an Elantrian's face. The least it would do would be to annoy the heck out of them for eternity, and the most it would do would be to send the unfortunate creature into the living hell of the Hoed. In other words, they would be extremely effective. Thus, I decided to implement this weapon into my story—and it very nearly sent Edoen to the Hoed. Perhaps there just aren't any stones in Elantris, but there was no mention whether or not there were.

So did Edoen escape? We may never know. Last time I heard from him, he was about to be attacked by a savage gang led by a Dula. Either way, I'm sure he's alive now, since Elantris has been restored. That is, unless that malicious Dula burned him.