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Tri Hoodwinked!

Chapter One

The cloaked figure passed through the gates of the London Bridge Asylum with not so much as a glance from the guards as he blended into the thick shadows cast by the low lights. He paid no attention to the prisoners trapped behind the thick plastic walls as he glided down the halls, even those who were able to see pass the enchantment.

Deep in the west wing, reserved for the criminally insane, he found the one he was looking for. Not only was the sleeping tan bunny locked behind the impregnable walls, but strapped to a cart and kept in near-darkness, which made it easy for the cloaked figure to merge with the darkness and slide into the cell unnoticed.

"Stuck like a swine," the figure finally spoke, startling Boingo awake. His ears were pert as he scanned the small cell, unable to see anything but his inner prey-instincts were telling him something was there.

"Who's there?" he called out, fear barely tingeing his voice. His answer was a light, almost feminine giggle.

"You may call me whatever you wish, but many of my... associates call me Nemo. Or Giggles. I prefer the former, of course."

"Of course," the rabbit drawled as he continued to search the shadows but still unable to see anything. The androgynous voice bounced off the walls, so even with his large ears he couldn't pinpoint the source. "So, Giggles, what are you doing here? Did the warden finally agree to let me have a roomie?"

"Oh, not quite. I'm sure they wished I was safely locked away here, but I'm actually here of my own free will."

Boingo snorted, "Well then, you must be truly insane then. No sane person would come here of their own free will."

Another set of giggles echoed around the room. "There is such a fine line between them, but I prefer to be considered a genius rather than a madman. Just I consider you, Boingo, a genius. You're little plot was quite devious. Such a shame those HEA agents had to interfere…"

That made his eyes narrowed. That was a very touchy subject for him. "What do you want?"

Sensing that it was time to get down to business, Giggles' attitude changed as well. "A 'you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours' deal. I can get you out of here and help you get your revenge on the HEA if…"

Silence permeated the cell as Boingo waited for Giggles to continue, but minutes passed with nothing.

"If what?" he asked, both hopeful but wary. He would do nearly anything to get out of the insane asylum. Nearly being the key word.

Giggles smiled as he stepped out of the shadows.

Princess Rapunzel To Be Married!

It seems like an April's fool joke, in fact if it was near April no one would

believe the news. Princess Rapunzel has been known for being headstrong

and refusing any suitor that has tried to woo her. After all, her nickname

is Princess Stubborn. But the Royal Family confirms that the Princess is

indeed engaged, and set the wedding date five months from now. For

once, this is no joke, or wild rumor!

Just who exactly is the lucky man? How did he capture Rapuzel's fickle


No one knows. That's right; despite this being the biggest event of the

year no one knows who the man is, what is name is, or what he looks like

. Even our informants in the castle staff are clueless, but they hint that

Rapunzel may not be so happy about the marriage. No one has seen the

long haired princess since the announcement, and her chamber doors are

locked even to her ladies in waiting. Is this an arrange marriage? Have the

King and Queen decided to pair up their lost daughter despite her being

last in line for the throne?

Stay tuned to OK! Fairytale for more news! As soon as we know more,

we'll post it on our website! Fww . OKFM . fable

"You read that?" Wolf jumped and quickly tried to hide the gossip magazine in the drawer in his desk, but Red turned out to be quicker as she snatched the magazine out of his large paws and took a seat on the empty desk. He tried to grab at the magazine, but Red stuck her leg out, her sneaker planted on his chest to keep him away as she read a random page aloud. "The well known pop singer Mitzy Kat has reportedly been seeing a mysterious… wait a second, is that Japeth?" Red's surprise offered Wolf a chance to finally take his magazine back. Still, there was a wide smile on Red's lips…

Wait a second, was that lipstick? He frowned ever so slightly as he studied Red's face. There was indeed either lipstick or perhaps lip gloss, along with a very small amount of blush on her cheeks and eyeliner that made her large blue eyes stand out even more. It was a small amount of makeup that probably wouldn't be noticed unless one was looking for it, or in Wolf's case, knew Red well enough to know the kun-fu master didn't own any make-up.

Or, at least she hadn't.

"Wolf, you're staring again," Red snapped her fingers, bringing him out of his thoughts. He was thankful he had fur covering his face that hid the blush he could feel. It wasn't his fault, Red had unfortunately grown into a rather beautiful young woman. More and more he found himself simply watching her.

Thankfully, Red hadn't realized she was the reason he would lapse off into 'staring fits.' If she had, he was sure every bone in his body would be broken, like many of the others that had been caught appreciating her curves.

"Sorry, Red." He returned his magazine to its hiding place before leaning back in his chair, "So what are you up to? If I remember right, Flippers and Granny were lecturing you for some overdue paperwork…" he trailed off as a guilty look crossed her face. Bingo, she was evading paperwork, again. His journalism experience made paperwork a breeze… well, that and Twitchy never noticed if he had a few papers added to his stack.

Red acted as if she wasn't shirking her work, and changed the subject. "I think the more important question is what are you doing. The big, bad, agent Wolf reading OK! Fairytale magazine? I think that's worth a gossip column itself!"

Wolf huffed slightly and crossed his arms. "It's called research. I still dabble in journalism between cases, it's important to keep up the news."

"You were an investigative journalist, and you blog,"Red pointed out with a devious smile. "Mostly about where you can get the best leg of lamb of whatever town we're sent to."

Several of the Bo Peep's lambs froze, their black eyes trained on the pair. Even after working alongside their natural predator for years and assurances from both their shepherdess and Nicky Flippers, they were wary of him. Like Wolf would actually kill one of them; Bo's slap stung, and the only defense against her staff was running far, far, away.

The easy mood of the what was referred as the sheep's pen (since most of the workers were sheep, and Agent Bull, who was actually a Bull, became offended at the term 'Bull pen') was broken as the alarm sounded, red lights flashing across the room. While the sheep all huddled together, Wolf and Red were quick to rush into the adjacent command center.

The room was in chaos as the more brazen sheep were busy with their computers while Bo and Fred- the man in the odd blue renaissance costume- both translated the cries of the sheep and tried to keep them focused.

"What's going on?" Red and Wolf echoed each other as they found Nikki Flippers at one of the computers, the frog's attention focused on the screen and a dark look on his face.

"London Bridges Asylum," he finally answered after a moment. "They've had a serious breach of security. All inmates have been released out of their cells."

Red and Wolf looked at each other, the same thought crossing their mind. "What about Boingo?"

Flippers paused before looking up at the two agents. "He's disappeared, along with Hansel, Gretel, and dozens of others." His frown deepened as he watched the two stiffen, shocked easily giving way to anger and determination. Even after years at the HEA, Wolf and Red, and even Twitchy to a certain degree, were worried about the rabbit escaping. And for good reason, Boingo had proved that even when he was stuck in the Asylum didn't stop him from being a major player in the criminal world. "I want the three of you to go and see what you can find."

"Twitchy's not back from his coffee run," Wolf pointed out, torn between waiting for his longtime partner and starting the hunt for the escapees.

"I'll send him as soon as he returns," Flippers assured him, deciding to forgo the lecture about Twitchy and coffee. "Time is of the essence."