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I walked into my homeroom and sat down waiting for my teacher to start talking. I sighed and realized I'm early so I have to wait a few minutes. I went into daydreaming mode and thought. "Boy and girls may I have your attention? We have a new student and her name is Hunter Knighton." She pointed to a girl a few desks away. Hunter Knighton? Hmmm, maybe she is a Hunter of Artemis recruiting demigods! I studied her carefully. Nothing seems special…. There! She has a silver bow on her head. I looked her over once more. Lean and she looks like she'd be a good runner. That can come in use if she meets a monster or whatever. She is staring at me, maybe she thinks I'm hot, many people do. The bell rang; time to get to 1st period.

Hunter is in 3 of my classes. She took her phone out in class and I saw her texting someone named Katie. There is a girl named Katie in the Hunters, she shot an arrow at me once. Maybe, just maybe!

Lunch. Hunter was sitting alone so I invited her to sit with me. About 5 minutes into lunch we had struck up a conversation. We were asking questions about each other and asked her what she liked to do. "Do you like archery?" I asked casually so she won't get suspicious.

"Yeah, actually I took classes with a bunch of girls at my old school." Score! "It was really fun but my Mom transferred jobs so now I am here." She explained.

"So…. Do you believe in Greek Gods?" I questioned again and she raised an eyebrow.

"Uh sure." She muttered. Ha-ha she is so a hunter.

"Finally, what has Artemis been up to lately?" I smirked.

"What?" She asked incredulously.

"You know, Artemis! She leads your group of Hunters!"

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"You are a Hunter of Artemis!"

"No I'm not! What is that anyway!" I started to explain and she looked at me like I was insane. "Get away from me you freak! That's stuff isn't real!"

"But you took archery classes with a bunch of girls!"


"And you said you believed in Greek Gods! I asked and you said yes!"

"I was barely paying attention!" She started to run away. I started to follow her but stopped when she turned around and glared. I guess some stuff is merely a coincidence...

Author's Note: So how is it? A girl actually came to school today with that name and I was studying her all day except I wasn't as insane as Nico and asked her if she was a Hunter lol. (I think she is!) Tommorrow will include more investigation and maybe I will find out the truth, which will mean I will find out she's a hunter. I will try to update this everyday and it will be a series of one-shots. Hopefully longer.