Halloween, Halloween, Halloween! I love Halloween because it is a day where I can let the Hades side out o me and care the crap out of people. I have great memories of this day; do you want to hear some? Oh well, I am going to tell you anyway.

Memory 1: I was walking down the street and saw some girl dressed like a Hunter. Thinking it may actually be a hunter I shadow traveled to the closest tree in front of her. I climber up and waited. When she walked in front of it I jumped down two inches away from her and screamed in her face. She freaked out and ran away! I screamed after her, "That'll teach you to walk on my lawn!" She will never walk on peoples lawns again. No, she actually didn't walk on my lawn because I don't have one but you get the idea.

Memory 2: I saw some kid dressed up that looked like me! Of course I was flattered but he may be a stalker. What am I saying of course he's a stalker! How else would he know what I look like?

Memory 3: I gave an old lady a heart-attack. I didn't mean to! I just kind of shadow traveled. How the Hades did I know she would be there?

Memory 4: I made little kids give me candy. I had to watch them for an hour but the candy made up for it!

Memory 5: Eh I'm bored of the past let's go to the present!

I am getting ready for Halloween. I am not leaving for Halloween this year so I will be in Camp Half Blood. I'm going as a hellhound looking beast! I have a Scooby Doo costume painted black. Finally 6 o' clock let's leave this cabin. I have my pillowcase ready to be filled with candy too! I knocked on Percy's door. "Trick or treat!" I said the well known verse.

"Nico, what in sane heck are you doing?" He asked staring at me incredulously.

"Trick or treating duh, what else?"

"Uh, bye Nico!" Percy closed the door. He probably forgot to buy candy. Ha-ha slacker but seriously who forgets to buy candy? I continued on to the Zeus cabin. I knocked and Thalia answered. Oh if you didn't know the Hunters are visiting and Thalia likes to escape to the Zeus cabin because its empty. If she likes to be alone why did she join the Hunters? She opened the door. "Trick or treat!" I sang.

"Huh?" She asked dumbfounded.

"Give me candy!" I demanded.

"Go away…." She slammed the door. Why do people hate Halloween?

I continued on to other cabins all getting the same response. I decided to go to the big house. Chiron was outside playin pinochle, as usual, wiuth Dionysus. "Chiron," I started, "Why is no one trick or treating?"

"Trick or what?" He asked looking at me as I sprung another head.

"Trick or treating, you know where you go around dressed up getting candy? Its Halloween, October 31!" I exclaimed.

"Nico, there is no such thing as Halloween or at least we don't do it. I remember some kids doing that before so its probably a mortal thing. Sorry if we disappointed you, there is candy inside if you wish to have some." He look at me if I was some pathetic thing Kronus crapped out. Frick my life!

"Fine." I muttered, hung my head, and walked away.

Author's Note: Sorry it was so short! I typed most of it yesterday but then since it was Halloween, and my grandfathers birthday, I couldn't really do anything. I can add a part 2 to this if you guys want, it would probably be up tomorrow. Yes, I could have typed this up Sunday but my life is just really confusing right now I'm sorry. Anyways, REVIEW PLEASE SO I CAN KNOW WHAT YOU ALL WANT!