Welcome Home, Dean Winchester

Chapter Two

"Sam, did you jack my car again?"

Hiding his grin, Sam Winchester glanced beside him to see the distrustful glare his older brother was giving the square box sitting on the dash of the newly put back together 1967 Chevy Impala.

Since leaving the field in Illinois, Sam had driven them back toward South Dakota. He'd glanced over soon after the drive had started to see that his brother had fallen to sleep which hadn't surprised him since he'd assumed Dean would still be tired and weak after this latest ordeal and since he also knew that returning here wasn't going to be easy on Dean so he'd let him sleep.

It had also given Sam the chance to prepare himself for what was to come and to also wait out the inevitable snarling when his brother did wake up to see the few small adjustments he'd made.

"It's just a GPS device, Dean," he replied, not missing the eye roll or sneer that was shot his way. "It's not like it's an I-Pod or a CD player…though…"

"My cassettes better be in this car somewhere, little brother," Dean growled, absently running his fingers through his short hair while glancing around to see where they were and recognizing some of the passing scenery while feeling his fingers tighten into a fist.

Rolling his own eyes, Sam reached over to flip open the glove box. "Two words, mullet rock."

"Two words back then, Geek boy…house rules," Dean shot back, picking through the cassettes to make certain they were all there when he finally looked out the window. "Why come back here?" he asked much more quietly than normal.

Sam had known this discussion would come up though he'd been hoping he could put it off until they were closer to the old salvage yard that had always been more home than anyplace else. Though for Dean it would also hold other memories since he'd lost both wife and son in this house.

"It'll be okay," he assured him, guessing that's why he was getting more on edge. "It's still secure and until we can decide where to go after this, Bobby's place just makes sense."

Dean understood the basic reasoning for going there. He was just trying to figure out a way to handle the emotions that he knew would hit him.

Bobby had left him and Morgan the house after he passed away and even before that this house had been home to all three of them at one time or another. It held good memories but then it also held memories that Dean knew he wasn't ready to face yet too.

His son had been born in this house but he'd also handed him over to Chuck and his wife here too. The worst memory though would be the last one he'd had in this house. After what he'd believed had happened between Morgan and Lucifer, Dean had brought her back here. It had been in their bedroom upstairs that he'd last held his wife before she died in his arms.

It was this memory that he knew would hit him the moment he stepped inside but he understood that Sam wouldn't be considering that and that he was just trying to go back to the only real solid home he remembered.

"Sammy, this might not be…" he hesitated when they crossed under the old Singer Salvage sign to begin the drive up a dirt driveway that wasn't any better now than it had been the last time he'd been here. "Sam, I…don't think I can be here. You…"

"I know, Dean," Sam had slowed but when he looked over this time his eyes showed that he understood his brother's pain. "I know she died here and I know why you're scared to be here now but…trust me. It'll be okay."

Staring hard at the approaching house, the first thing Dean noticed was that it seemed to be in better shape than it had been which considering Bobby's house had never been in good shape said a lot. Then he noticed the newly installed picket fence with a latch gate and he had to smirk.

"Never considered Bobby's place as the picket fence and gate type," he imagined the grizzled old hunter wouldn't either then something else caught his eye and he swallowed hard. "Who fixed this place?" he asked tightly.

Noticing what had drawn his brother's gaze, Sam coughed. "Cas did most of it…I added a few things," he remarked, hearing the sound of fingers clenching on the door arm and reached over to lay a hand on Dean's trembling shoulder. "Dean…please, I wouldn't do this to hurt you."

Parking, Sam turned off the Impala then held out the keys much like he would do before when it had been his turn to drive and he'd hand the keys back over. "Your keys."

"Huh," Dean blew out a breath before taking them. "Back there, I had to drive and it was so weird," he murmured, moving his eyes up to see the curiosity unspoken. "It was weird because those kids back in that reality were so like us and also so not like us. I just hope they don't have to go through the crap we did."

Sam stepped from the car first then just waited patiently, not seeing the need to rush his brother even though his hands were now sweating from the nerves that had come on suddenly. "You know that you didn't mean to hurt them," he spoke quietly, figuring that his brother was still blaming himself for that as well. "Zachariah knew how to use you, what to promise you…did you try to kill?"

"He thinks I did," Dean had slowly gotten out of his side of the car to just stand and watch the house before settling on the yard and the various tiny little toys and other things that seemed so out of place now then he shrugged. "That Sam reminded me so much of you that it hurt but when it came down to it, he tried to keep his end of that promise…I…just missed,"

"Bullshit," was the instant comeback because Sam knew the truth in that instant. "You've never missed a shot in your life so if you missed one then it was because you meant to. You didn't want to hurt him."

"I think it would've been too much like hurting you," Dean sighed, moving up until he was standing beside his brother and still hating the fact that his younger brother was taller then he was. "So, we're here. Now what?"

Gazing between the house and Dean, Sam considered his next move when a sound from inside drew his attention. "Dean, there's another reason we needed to come back here," he began, feeling the body beside him go rigid as if expecting a trick or an attack. "I promised I'd go bring you home."

Confused, Dean glanced next to him. "Promised who?" he demanded, mind still in the frame to always expect a trap but upon glancing up at the sound of the screen door opening and closing he once again found himself struggling to even breath. "…Sammy?"

"Second chances, Dean," Sam murmured, letting his hand rest on his brother's shoulder for support as he looked up toward the house. "He's bitching about the GPS."

"Didn't I tell you that he would? You're lucky he didn't toss it and you out the window, Sammy."

Rolling his eyes with a pure Sammy smile, the younger Winchester gave a squeeze to Dean's arm before stepping away. "You always take his side," he complained good naturedly, opening the gate while silently hoping this worked. "Dean?"

Fighting to breathe and trying to squash the urge to run, Dean Winchester forced himself to look again and felt the electric charge that would always come after he'd been away for a long time and he locked eyes with the brilliant blue ones of…

"Morgan," he whispered, pressing both hands against the cool sides of the Impala just to maintain some contact or else he knew he probably would have dropped to his knees.

"Hi, Dean," Morgan Harrison-Winchester's soft still carried the accent of her birth but it was stronger when she was either hurt or frightened and it was plain that not being sure how Dean was going to handle this had her frightened as she stepped fully onto the porch.

Looking to meet Sam's worried gaze told Dean that this was real but this reunion was so much harder than he had even considered.

Not moving right away, he allowed himself to look and saw so much. Dressed in jeans and a pale sweater against the chill, Morgan's eyes stayed on his while nervously twirling a strand of long auburn hair around her finger like she would when uneasy.

Morgan, the last time he'd seen her in this house, had worn her hair shorter and had too many shadows in her eyes again. Now as he looked, he noticed the change. Her hair was back to being worn long and while her eyes were wary, he didn't see the shadows or pain any longer.

An awkward silence had formed in the yard until finally he cleared his throat. "Hey, babe," he murmured, taking a slow step until he passed the gate then the moment Morgan moved to leave the porch, Dean took the next few steps quickly then he was grabbing her up in his arms to hold her tightly.

"God," Dean breathed in the scent of strawberries and roses as he buried his face against soft hair that brought him back to other times. "You're real," he whispered, hearing the door again and knowing that Sam had quietly slipped inside in order to give them some privacy. "I'm still getting used to Sammy but… Morg, I…"

"Ssshh, it's okay, luv," she assured him, hearing the huskiness in his voice and feeling how much he was shaking as her fingers stroked through his hair then wrapped her arms around his neck to cling as her own emotions finally began to spill out. "I know it's hard but it's real. I'm real and…"

Emotions and reactions were never things Dean had been good with so his next reaction was pure Dean Winchester. Gently setting her on her feet, he let his fingers stroke through her long hair before kissing her fully and with every once of passion that he'd felt since the last night he'd held her. "I love you," he whispered against her ear after breaking the kiss to just hold her. "I have so missed you. I wish I…"

"You did what you could, Dean," Morgan told him softly, content to just stay held in his arms after so long of wanting this because even before the end had come Dean had been so distant that they had lost a lot of the closeness they'd once shared. "I knew that and I knew you'd make it right…though I also told Sam that the GPS in the Impala would get him killed."

"He jacked my car again, Angel," Dean complained, feeling his remaining tension leave his body the moment he heard the soft giggle that was buried against his chest. "Don't take his side, Morg."

Relieved that Dean could be this calm after all that he'd been put through both in their reality and in that other place. "I wouldn't let him put in a CD player, Dean," she told him, seeing his eyes widen at the very idea and she smiled softly. "I know it's confusing. I…was so lost when I realized what had happened and so scared that you wouldn't come back to us but the other night…I felt you again and I…"

Reaching down to lightly brush away the tears on her face, Dean noticed the wedding band on her hand and smiled while bringing her hand up so he could press a kiss into it. "Mrs. Winchester," he murmured, knowing it would make her laugh because no matter how long they'd been married it still made her laugh to be called that. "Sammy says it's second chances, babe. I wasn't sure I believed that because without you a part of my life still felt empty," he told her, feeling her shiver as the wind blew. "Now, now maybe I can start to believe that we can have a second chance."

"Come inside, luv," Morgan began to reach for his hand only to find herself scooped up into his arms and she laughed. "Dean, put me down. You're still…"

"Remember the first time I carried you over a threshold, Angel?" Dean asked, voice deep with emotions he'd only share with the woman who had shared his heart since they'd been kids. "You giggled for twenty minutes because you said it was silly. Still feel that way?"

Swallowing as his eyes held hers and she could tell what he was thinking, Morgan shook her head then laid it on his shoulder. "No, but you can get the rest out of your head until they're both down for the night," she countered, hearing his muttered response until he seemed to pause then a noise from the kitchen distracted them both. "Sam! Get out of the cookies!"

"I'm distracting myself from what's going to be a very disgusting time soon," Sam called back, clearly chewing something. "Besides, I'm doing the expected doting thing and…" he came out with a handful of cookies and a bottle of milk.

Dean had felt his wife tense slightly but as he eased her back to the floor, he felt her grip his hand while snatching the bottle from Sam before reaching up to lightly slap his head.

"Watch the stove and stay out of the cookies, Sammy," Morgan ordered, catching Sam's eyes and merely nodding before looking up at Dean. "Come upstairs a minute?"

"Morgan?" shooting Sam a confused look because he could feel her uneasiness again, Dean nodded then snatched a cookie from his brother. "Babe, what's going…" he stopped when she paused outside the room they'd once shared as brief memories seemed to hit him then a soft sound made him listen harder. "Morgan, what's wrong?"

"Second chances, Dean. A chance to have what we lost," the British woman pushed open the door then walked over to the wooden crib that stood by the window to hold out the bottle then looked back to the door. "I know you and Sam will still hunt because that's what you do but…coming back, luv…you're more than just Sam's brother or my husband. You're also a father."

Stunned, Dean wasn't even aware of when he walked to the crib. He was only aware of looking down to see a chubby little baby, about six months old, with soft tawny hair and blue-green eyes trying to manage his bottle while also watching the world around him.

"Whatever brought us back also gave us our son," Morgan slowly let her eyes go between child and husband. "He's real too, Dean," she murmured, lightly stroking a finger over the baby's head and smiled as he seemed to start chatting in whatever language babies do. "I woke up in our bed with him in my arms and I just wanted you. I just wanted to hear your voice and have you hold…"

"Angel," Dean moved to pulled her against his chest the moment he heard the first tear in her voice, wrapping her in his arms he glanced down into the crib to see his son watching him with eyes that reminded him of how Sam would stare at him as a baby. "I'm here now and I promise that I'm not leaving you or Sam or…little Sam again," he murmured, putting a hand down and laughed when a chubby finger latched onto his. "I didn't want to give him up, Morg, but I knew that I couldn't raise him without you."

Morgan had known that and she knew that it would still take Dean time to readjust to all this so she carefully lifted the baby up to sit on the bed with him as he gurgled and laughed at things only he could see. "Cas said he sees Bobby so if your son's first word is 'idjit' it's not our fault," she remarked, feeling the bed move as Dean sat behind her to gently slide an arm around her to bring both her and little Samuel John Robert Winchester back into his arms. "Dean?"

"I'll be here, Angel," he promised, feeling how tired she was and just wanting the time alone with his wife and son while hoping Sam didn't burn the kitchen down. "Just close your eyes for awhile and rest. I'll still be here and it's all good now. I won't ruin this…though if your pesky little brother-in-law doesn't get that thing out of my car Sam's legs might be broke soon."

Yawning and straining to stay awake, Morgan soon felt his gentle touch rubbing her back and she fell to sleep with her head on Dean's chest. "Don' let him roll."

"I have him, hon," Dean met the eyes of his son then laid him in the crook of his other arm to watch as little Sam seemed to grasp for the golden amulet that he just noticed he had again. "Uh-huh, you eat that and your Momma will be lecturing me for months," he slipped the amulet inside his shirt then let the child hold his finger again with a shaky smile. "He looks like you did at that age."

Sam had paused inside the door when he noticed his sleeping sister-in-law but smirked at his brother's words. "Could be worse," he replied with a smile. "He could look like his Dad."

"Shut up, Sammy," Dean growled then laughed, nodding his head for his brother to come in. "Fill me in on what's going on in the world today."

"I thought you'd want to be alone with Morg," Sam countered but did come in to sit lightly on the other side of the bed to reach for his happily gurgling nephew who was waving his arms and legs at his Uncle. "You alright with all this, Dean?" he asked after a moment while he made certain the tiny boy was safe in his arms.

Sitting back with one leg up while he let his fingers stroke gently over Morgan's hair, Dean closed his eyes for a moment before opening them to gaze at his concerned brother. "I have my family, Sammy," he began quietly. "I have you back, I have the woman I've loved for as long as I can remember and…I have my son so yeah. For the first time in a long time…I'm alright. But Sammy?"

"I know, I know. Get the GPS out of the Impala by the morning," Sam laughed, carefully laying the baby in his mother's arms to begin to move only to feel gentle fingers grasp his wrist.

"Sammy…stay," Morgan murmured sleepily, tucking her son closer while tugging on Sam's wrist until he sat back down. "Dean?"

Quietly soothing his wife by letting his fingers make familiar signs against her shoulder, Dean pressed a kiss to her hair before eyeing his brother. "Guess we're home, little brother."

"Welcome home, Dean," Sam smiled, then silently wondered if he should mention Castiel's addition to the car. 'Nah, better not,' he decided with a yawn.

Several hours later, as the sun set outside only the quiet shadows walked the hallways and only little Sam noticed the one in the doorway to his parents room as he played with a soft toy while in the security of his mother's arms as she slept, he watched this shadow come closer to gaze at the bed and the reunited family.

"Stay safe, ya idjits."

The End

Author Note: Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.