Harold And Kumar go to Ponyville

(This PROVES that you can mix ponies with anything.)

In Ponyville

Pinkie Pie was hoping into Twilight Sparkles library. "Hi twilight! How are you!"

The purple unicorn looked up From her book and saw Pinkie. "Hi pinkie, I was just about to try out a new spell."

"Oooooh!" Pinkie said. "Can I watch?"

"Sure." Twilight said as her horn lit up, covering the entire room in a flash of light.

New Jersey, Harold and Kumars apartment

"Kumar, what the fuck!" Harold said as he saw Kumar watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic while smoking a joint.

"What dude?" Kumar said.

"Why are you watching a show for little girls?"

"Dude this show is awesome! Even without the pot." Kumar said while laughing at the tv.

"Dont you think that's a little creepy?"

"Well.." Kumar was interrupted when the tv started to spark.

"Kumar.." Harold said. "What did o

You do to the tv?"

"I didn't do anyth-"

The whole room then was covered with a bright white light.

Ponyville, Twilights library

"Whoa..." Twilight said as she recovered from the spell she casted. "What the?"

She looked down to see two other ponys, (One pegasus and one unicorn) unconscious.

"Oh wow!" Pinkie shouted in excitement! "New friends!"

The unicorn then woke up. It's coat was yellow and his mane was black. "Whoa." he said. "Wh-where the hell am I?" he then looked at the mirror and screamed. "AHHHHH! WHAT THE FUCK! WHAT THE FUCK!"

"Calm down!" Twilight said.

"Damn, Harold!" The Pegasus said as he woke up. "Can you be any louder?" The Pegasus' Coat was brown and with a Black mane also.

The yellow unicorn known as Harold looked at the Pegasus. "Kumar? WHAT IS GOING ON?"

"Holy shit dude!" Kumar said. "Your a unicorn! Are we just high or is this actually happening!"

"I think both!" Harold said.

"HEY!" Twilight yelled. "Look, we don't know how we got you here! Who are you two."

The unicorn stood up. "I'm Harold," He looked at the Pegasus, "And this.. Is Kumar."

"Sup." Kumar said.

"Hi!" Pinkie Pie jumped to Kumar to shake his hoof. "!"

"Whoa! Calm down!" Kumar said to Pinkie. "How did we end up here?"

"Well," Twilight said. "It could have been the spell I just tried..."

"Oh! I know what your talking about!" Pinkie said. "There was a giant flash of light! Does anyone want some cake?"

"I kinda do." Kumar said.

"SHUT UP!" Harold said to Kumar. "So, uhh, Twilight, can you send us back?"

"No, sorry, there doesn't seem to be a reverse spell." Twilight said.

"Fuck!" Harold said.

"Dude calm down." Kumar said. "We can chill here."

Harold sighed. "Uhh... Yeah I guess."

Instantly, Twilights door opened and in came Fluttershy, crying her eyes out running from whatever was around here. "Twilight, I really need your help! I mean, if your not busy.."

"Fluttershy, whats wrong?" Twilight said with concern.

"Well, I was at my cottage," Fluttershy started. "Feeding my animals, but then, there was this stalion that seemed nice so we talked for a bit... But then.."

"What happened?" Twilight said.

Fluttershy turned to where here cutie mark was. Over her cutie mark, there was big black letters that read NPH. "He branded me.."