Recon: Krawl Space


"Who are you two?" Rookie asked.

"I am Takeo." Takeo said. "And that's Nikolai. Who are you?"

"Jack Shepard." Rookie said. "And this is Beth."

Beth started to wake up. "Huh? Jack?"

"Its ok." Rookie said. He then noticed something on the other side of the room. It was a rod with symbols on it. The same symbols Krull had. "What's that?"

Takeo looked at the rod. "That? We don't know. All we know is that it's what keeping those creatures outside."

Rookie walked up to the rod. "Could this be the Relic Krull was talking about?"

"Jack, what are you talking about?" Beth asked.

"Beth, is this the artifact that they found down here?" Rookie picked up the rod and showed it to Beth.

Beth recognized it from the pictures that scientists took. "Yeah. That's it."

The Rookie cheered. "We can end this!" he said.

"What?" Nikolai asked.

"All the creatures outside, they're being caused by this! If I can get this to Krull, he can end all of this!" Rookie said.

"Jack," Beth said. "Are you sure."

"It's the only chance we have." Jack said.

All of the sudden, Rookies radio rang. Rookie answered it. "Who is this?"

"Hello, Jack." Rallen said from the other end of the radio. "It's me."

"You bastard." Rookie said. "You'll pay for what you did."

Rallen laughed. "Look, Rookie. I have an offer for you."

"Ok." Rookie said. "Let's hear it."

"I understand that Krull sent you to recover his Relic." Rallen said. "But if you give it to me, I'll promise you, and Beth, a free ride off world."

Rookie thought. "What should I do? End this nightmare, or get Beth out of here?"

"Jack." Beth asked. "What's wrong?"

Rookie looked at Beth. "Ok. Here's what we have to do. We need to take this Relic and bring it to Rallen."

Beth looked at Rookie as if he lost it. "Wait. You mean bring this Relic to Rallen. The same Rallen who killed your team. Then tried to kill us?"

"We don't have any other options." Rookie. "Even if we found a way to stop this, how would we go home? Rallen is offering us a ship to get off world."

"Can we trust him?" Beth asked.

"We have too." Rookie said. "It's the only way."

Beth thought. "It's either give Rallen this Relic and get out of this nightmare, or stay here and die." she looked at Rookie. "Ok. Ive had enough of this planet. Let's get out of here."

"Alright." Rookie said. "Takeo. Nikolai. You guys wanna come?"

"Let us go." Takeo said. "I've been here too long!" he lifted his katana and walked toward Rookie. "I will fight along you, Jack-San"

"Just call me Jack." Rookie said. He then looked at Nikolai. "You coming too?"

"Well," Nikolai said. "I AM running out of Vodka. Do you have Vodka where you are from?"

"Tons of it." Rookie said.

Nikolai immediately got up. "The red army will be happy to serve you!" He said enthusiastically. "Let's go!"

"Ok. Let's go." Rookie said as he lead his everyone to the extraction point.

A few hours later, they were halfway to the place Rallen told Rookie to go. So far, they didn't see any resistance from Krawlers or the creature Rallen summoned earlier.

"So how did you two end up here?" Rookie finally decided to ask Nikolai and Takeo.

"There used to be 4 of us." Takeo stated. "The other two was a German and an American. Hundreds of years ago, there was a zombie outbreak on earth. The German claimed that he could help us. We traveled hundreds of years into the future. He betrayed us. The American sacrificed himself to save us."

"I do miss Dempsey." Nikolai said. "But we'd be dead if he didn't stay behind."

"Damn." Rookie said. "It's a good thing your with us. You'll be able to get out of this hellhole."

"That is good." Takeo said.

Beth looked down a cliff. "Jack. Were here."

Rookie looked down the cliff and saw several ships, not UNSC though. They were all white ships that had parts of yellow on them.

"Ok." Rookie said. "Let's get outta here."

They then arrived at the base. They all looked as several guards had there guns aimed at them. Rallen came out to have them stand down.

"Enough." He told them. Rallen then turned to Rookie. "You got it?"

"Yep." Rookie went through his knapsack and pulled out the Relic. He then handed it to Rallen. "Here you go."

Rallen snatched it and stared at it. "Yes.."

"Ok, Rallen." Rookie said. "Now where's my ship."

"Oh yeah." Rallen turned to the guards. "Kill them." he then walked out of the soon to be firefight.

"What?" Rookie said. "But you said-"

"I lied." Rallen said. "I just needed the Relic and I gave you a reason to bring it to me."

"You bastard." Rookie said. "When this is all over, I WILL kill you."

"We'll see about that." Rallen said.

"Get to cover!" Rookie said as he grabbed Beth's hand and pulled her to cover. Nikolai and Takeo joined them.

"Jack-San" Takeo said. "What now?"

"I'm thinking." Rookie said as he fired his assault rifle at one of the guards. He then looked to see the shipyard wasn't far from them. "I got it. Everyone to that ship."

They all ran for the ship. Takeo and Nikolai held back the guards as Beth and Rookie tried to figure out the controls.

"This one?" Rookie asked as he pointed at a lever.

"It's worth a try." Beth said as she pulled it.

Suddenly, the ship lifted up. The ramp of the ship closed up and Nikolai and Takeo ran up to Beth and Rookie.

"How's it going?" Takeo asked.

"Well, were up." Rookie said. "That's good... I guess."

Then, they felt as if a missile hit them. "What was that?" Rookie asked.

"Oh no." Beth said as she looked into a radar. "More of those bastards are airborne and after us."

"Shit!" Rookie exclaimed. "No. We've been this far. They can't just stop us now. Full speed try to lose them."

Beth drove the ship higher and faster. But it wasn't enough. Because of the first hit they got, they were losing fuel. Fast. The ship began to lose altitude. Beth looked at Rookie. They hugged for one last time.

"Well." Takeo said. "This is how we end... Well be seeing Dempsey soon."

"This sucks!" Nikolai exclaimed. "I thought I'd die from drinking too much Vodka. A true Russian way to die."

"Beth.." Rookie said. "I'm sorry I wasn't here. I'm sorry I couldn't help you before it was too late."

"It's ok..." Beth said softly as a tear rode down her cheek. She then went to take off Rookies helmet.

"Here." Rookie put his hands on his helmet. "Let me." he pulled off the helmet and dropped it on the floor. He looked deep into Beth's eyes. "I loved you. I've always loved you."

"Same here." Beth said.

They kissed. Until the ship crashed.


Rookie woke up. His whole body was in pain. "Ugh.." he then looked around. "Beth?" he began to panic. "Beth?" she was no where to be seen. The , he saw someone walk over to him. He turned to see Rallen with an energy sword. Behind him, Guards were taking away the unconscious bodies of Beth, Takeo and Nikolai. He then looked at Rallen again.

"You have given me quite a rough day." Rallen said. "No matter. I've been waiting for this."

Rallen raised his sword. Rookie closed his eyes and accepted his fate. As Rallen was about to swing his sword, he was stopped by the order from a German voice. "Rallen!"

Rallen looked back. "Richtofen..."

Richtofen walked past Rallen and looked at Rookie. "My my." He said. "You could make a great asset to my experiments on Ziba. Or better yet, I'm sure Church can think of something to do to you." Richtofen got up and turned to two guards. "you two! Grab this one." he pointed at Rookie.

The guards went to pick Rookie up. They carried him past Rallen and Richtofen, who were having a conversation.

"Are you sure giving him to Church to experiment on is a good idea?" Rallen asked. "He's UNSC."

Richtofen laughed. "Oh please! That fool still thinks were trying to help Earth. Which is why when we begin our attack, you and your partner will head to Ziba, take his data, and blow up the base, with him and his freelancers in it.