Author's Note: So here it is—my first GX story that has absolutely nothing to do with a crossover. Mainly this will be a romance story between Jesse and my OC, Katrina Redbird. It's been a while since I've done anything like this. In fact, the last time I wrote a story between a canon character and one of OCs, I ended up writing myself into an enormous plot-hole, and discontinuing the story. Hopefully, I'll be able to continue this one.

Disclaimer: Again, if I owned GX or any other anime, I wouldn't be writing fanfiction now would I?

~Fairyride~Chapter One~

Monday morning I awoke up feeling somewhat rested. It isn't often that I sleep that well, not even weekends. It's most likely because my son Katori has kept me up all night long. That and I've suffered from an incisive high blood pressure issue. To simply put it, I'm totally and completely stressed out. Of course being stressed out is unhealthy and my mother said I should probably just calm down and smell the roses. But then again, I hate roses, so I never really followed through with that tag line.

As usual, I woke up and I did what I did every day. For me, my days are planned out and activities are measured in components. Why? Because it helps me keep a steady schedule. Components do not represent hours, because hours are much just too overwhelming for me to handle. I'm already stressed out enough as it is, so instead, components represent half an hour.

Brushing teeth takes one component, getting ready for the day is one component, eating breakfast; two components, feeding, changing, and dressing Katori; two more components. My schedule pretty much goes on like that, and some activities may last longer than the others. But all in all, my days are full and busy, simply no time for anything else. I am a single parent, and I still live at home. But, that's only because I have yet to find a place of my own, a decent job, and my parents worry.

After I got pregnant during the fall season last year, my parents had come to the conclusion that they would do the decision making from now on. I did not want to be a single mother at nineteen; I've always wanted to be a music teacher. Why? Let's just say that I don't five years of piano lessons to go to waste.

So yes, I sat up in bed that morning and rubbed my tired eyes, allowing them adjust to the blinding light that flooded through my bedroom window. As usual, the damn sun, was trying to blinding me as I'm just getting up. I tried moving slowly from bed seeing as my head was already throbbing in pain. Stupid migraine… The last thing I need was a headache for the day. I remembered that my father had some painkillers, so maybe I should go steal some of them so that I can have a good day today.

Trying to look past a simple migraine, I thought to myself; maybe there's more for me in the future...maybe, just maybe, something good will happen for once. I had a good night's maybe this was God saying "Guess what, Katrina? Today, you're going to have a great day".

To tell the truth, I have no idea.

However, if it did, I'd be very pleased and walk through the streets of the city with a jump in my step, a goofy smile on my face, Katori in my arms, and of course the migraine I woke up with this morning. Aside from the migraine, that would just be lovely, now wouldn't it?

Sighing, I finally got out of bed with my eyes still closed. I wanted to return to my cozy bed sheets and fall asleep once more, but that's mess with my daily routine, and that's against my personal policy. Plus, we're out of ramen and chocolate syrup, and that's the only thing that keeps me going. Ramen and chocolate syrup...weird combination right? But hey; don't knock it to you try it.

From here, I got up, my room completely and utterly in shambles. The walls have been their same maroon color since I was fifteen, and the floor was hard and woodened. My furniture was single a wardrobe, an end table, a vanity, and a twin sized bed. All of this was the same red colored wood. Of course I had a closet for hanging things up, and finally I had a tall lamp with a burned out bulb. With a restless infant on my hands, I don't even have to change a light bulb.

Walking from my room, I ended up stepping into the hallway. The hallway had pictures of my family, my mom, dad, Katori and I, hanging all over the walls in. There's also a small table with a single cut sunflower flower vase on it.

I walked into the bathroom, just as tired as the moment I awoke. I had remembered the layout of my own home, for I've been doing the same thing every day for the past sixteen years on my own. When I arrived, the cool tile met my feet causing me to shiver slightly. I looked into the mirror to see my light silver colored hair, and my caramel-colored skin. And, I saw the same, boring topaz eyes that I saw single every day. I had tried dozen new hair styles, but none of them seemed to have fit. Perhaps I should consider contacts or a new wardrobe?

I parted my hair, and styled it into two lazily flowing pig tails. After styling my hair, I went on to washing my face, splashing it with warm first, and then cold water. I instantly awoke from my morning daze. Next, I moved on to brushing my teeth, making sure to cover each and every section of my mouth with the cleansing foam of the toothpaste. Last, I gurgled some mint flavored mouthwash, spat it out, and went back to my room to get ready for whatever the day had in store for me.

I opened my closet and pulled out a light blue shirt, and a pair of knee-length white Khaki pants. I looked as though I was just going to lounge around the house all day. However that wasn't the case; I was going to lounge around the citytoday, looking for an affordable apartment, and a job with flexible hours. That is, after I eat my bowel of frosted flakes cereal, like I do every morning. Then, I pulled on some house shoes, since my flat shoes were in the kitchen, and then began to make my way downstairs into the kitchen after straightening up my room just a bit.

I knew my parents were up, the smell of coffee waivered throughout the house. Sure enough, when I arrived down stairs, my parents were up, and Katori was sitting in his highchair with his Sippy-cup. My mother had changed him, and dressed him in a light t-shirt with a picture of a dinosaur on the front. I walked over to my son, and ruffled his hair playfully. Katori smiled, and giggled, completely forgetting about his cup of juice. Katori is currently six months old. He has caramel-colored skin like me, and dark brown hair and eyes just like his father, whoever the bastard was.

Sitting beside Katori was my father asked, or rather grunted. "So, what are you planning to do today?" He was reading the paper, already dressed in his suit for work.

"Same old," I answered, wiping Katori's face before returning to my cereal. It's not that I wanted to live my entire life with my parents. It's just Katori tends to be clingy, and I'd hate to leave him knowing that he wasn't happy for too long.

After stirring her coffee a little more, my mother sat down to join us. The one thing I noticed was that she was already wearing her makeup and jewelry. My mother is an utter beauty queen, and most likely the reason why Katori exists. Like every other girl in the world, I wanted to be just like my mother. She taught me everything she knew; what styles and brands to wear, how to apply makeup, and how to give guys the look when they walked passed. Looking back on it now, I can't believe how stupid I was, ending up a single mother even before I had the chance to finish college.

"Good morning Katrina," said she with a smile, and I flinched. I've always hate my name. It's so...feminine. I'm ashamed to be even called "Katrina".

I just smiled at her. Eating the last bits of my breakfast, I grabbed Katori, and with my tiny check list in hand the two of us headed towards my car. But not before saying goodbye to my parents. My car is a navy blue Volkswagen New Beetle. Since I quit my job, I've currently been making payments from my savings. I strapped Katori into his car seat, and sat his cup and a stuff toy making sure that I would be able to drive in peace. Sitting down behind the wheel, I noticed that the first thing on my list was to find an affordable apartment.


"I can only go as low as two hundred a month," The clerk at the front desk said. "Will you be able to keep up the payments monthly?" she asked me.

I really wasn't listening to her. At the same time, I was trying to juggle my giggling son in my arms. "Hush, Katori," I told him, but of course, he didn't listen.

"Well, anyway, we have decent sizes," The woman at the desk continued, her eyes darting from Katori to myself occasionally. "Would you like to see our cheapest?"

I nodded my head, and the woman turned the monitor of her computer around. The image displayed was that of the cheapest apartment. It didn't look had two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, and the floor was a soft white carpet for Katori to play on. The building was also across the street from a coffee shop and up the street from parents, which I liked.

"I'll take it," I said decisively.

The woman held out hand. "I.D. please," she said, and silently cursed her.

By now, I should be used to people thinking I'm young because of my height. But then again, I didn't care. Katori and I finally had a place to call our own, and that's all that mattered.

After all the formalities were through, I sat Katori down on the carpet, and dropped my bag beside him. The apartment was quite dusty, causing Katori to let a sneeze, and small smile tugged at my lips. Before Katori and I could even think about living here, the place had to be cleaned. I'd leave Katori with my parents while I cleaned and furnished the place.

Before heading home, there was but one last stop; the grocery store. But before then, I noticed that there was a sign in the window of a nearby restaurant. I was already exhausted, from scouting out apartment, but I couldn't let this one slip by. Restaurants, particularly sit-down ones, were where I had the best luck. My boss couldn't breathe down my neck and the pay was usually decent.

Katori and I entered the restaurant, and waited at the counter. A waitress who was serving a group of business men walked passed me. The sheer thing that I noticed was her short skirt, and the attention she was receiving from the men. Instantly, I felt uncomfortable. I couldn't afford to attract that sort of attention, not anymore. Or until Katori was eighteen. Deciding that I should just leave, I exited the diner, and headed towards the grocery store.

I loathe shopping with Katori. Why? Because he attracted attention—especially in crowed areas. I've noticed that a majority of the dirty looks come from married woman and younger teens. Walking by me with their noses high, I knew what they were thinking; whore.

Ignoring the stares, I was just entering the checkout counter, when Katori spotted a display of candy. Being six months, Katori knew what was in the colorful packaging, and wanted it for himself.

"Not now, Katori." I told him. "Maybe next time."

Completely ignoring me, Katori made a whiny noises he, latched onto a box and spilled its contents over the store's floor. I knew even more people were looking at us, but I had no choice but to drop to my knees and clean up the mess.

"What a joke," I heard one of the woman whisper to her fatter, and even snootier looking friend. "She can't even control her own child..."

The fatter woman simply huffed, and pushed her loaded cart of food into the checkout counter beside us.

"Okay Katori," I stood up, handing up him a king sized Hershey bar. He giggled in delight, grabbing it. "You win."

I didn't waste any time making my purchases, and heading back to apartment which was just a few blocks away. And as fate would have it, my paper bag broke just before I reached my car.

Just my luck...

"Shit!" I cursed, as cans of food rolled away. The ones that rolled into the busy street were the last thing on my mind. Luckily, a few had rolled under the car, and some of the bruised fruit was still within my reach.

Katori, who was in my arms started to cry from my sudden outburst, and making this whole situation even more difficult. I sat the bags of food down, and tried rocking him.

"Shh," I said. "Not so loud. Please stop crying..."

Aware of the numerous stares we were getting from the community college across the street, I was on the verge of pulling every single strain of my hair. That is, until a voice interrupted.

"Uh, do you need any help?"

I looked up to see a boy with spiky teal hair, and emerald colored eyes. He was wearing a black shirt, a pair of jeans, sneakers, and jacket with the local college's logo on the back. He spoke in thick southern accent, and I can tell we were about the same age.

"Here," I shoved Katori into the boy's arms without thinking. "You hold him."

"Oh, uh, sure..." Surprised, the boy just looked at Katori, who stopped crying upon being handed over, as if he were an atomic bomb at first, but eventually held him as I collected the last of our food.

"Dammit!" I said. "Why do these things always happen to me?"

Katori began to sniffle, and eventually wail again as I chased another rolling can. I was about to yell at him until the teal haired boy started to play with him by holding into the air, and pretending that he was flying.

Oh that was so unfair.

The last time Katori and I played that game, I ended up with baby vomit all over my best sun dresses.

I quickly collected the last of the fruit, dropped them into a sturdier bag, and received Katori from the blue-haired stranger.

"Thanks," I muttered, and Katori frowned, reaching his little arms out to the boy.

"No problem," The boy said in that southern accent of his, adjusting the strap of his backpack.

There was pause before anyone said anything else. Katori even began to fall asleep amongst the silence.

"I haven't seen you around campus before," he said. "You're not from around here are, ya?"

I shook my head, and held Katori closer to my body. "Fate had something else in store for me..."

The boy's eyes darted from Katori to me, and then he smiled. "So, then you've had experience with children, right?"

I shrugged. "Well, I guess you say that but..."

"Good!" He cut me off jotting down something on a piece of notebook paper, and then sticking the paper into my groceries. "You'll be perfect for the job."

I blinked.

Job? Just what was he talking about?

Before I even had the chance to ask him, he walked off onto the college campus, leaving Katori and I to drive home. Once we reached the car, I fumbled with my keys, but eventually found the one that opened the door, and sat Katori down in his car seat first, and then sat behind the wheel. Here, I reached into the bag, and pulled out the note, and called the written number using my worn-out cell phone.

"Yes?" A woman answered from the other line. "May I help you?"

"I was calling about an available position," I said softly, trying not to disturb Katori.

"Let's see..." I heard the clicking of computer keys before the woman answered back. "As of now, the Andersons are currently in need of a temporary nanny for this month. Are you interested?"

I blinked again.

A nanny? How am I supposed to take care of someone else's kids when I can barely support my own? Taking job meant that I would have to deal with a bunch of brats who were even whinier than Katori…I really should just hang up the phone, but I could always use the money. My savings may not last much longer.

"Miss...?" The woman on the other line was beginning to wonder if I was still there.

"Oh, uh, sure." I answered.

"Alright," The sound of clicking computer keys was heard again. "And your name is...?"

"Katrina," I said. "Katrina Redbird."

"Alright," The woman replied. "I've schedule you to be interviewed this Thursday if that is fine."

"Okay," And with that, I closed my phone, leaning back in the driver's seat.

Me, a nanny.

Heh…that was the last thing I would expect. This was defiantly going to be the longest month of my life.

But then again, I was always a risk-taker. And, I have Katori to prove it.

A/N: Well, that's pretty much it for chapter one. This idea came to me randomly while I was typing up a new chapter for Toriyama Academy, and babysitting my nephew, who is no older than Katori. Since I don't have a kid(I consider my dogs to my children), I tried basing Katori off my brother's kid. I'll try to update as often as I can, but this more a side project as of now since I mainly focus on my Pokéquest and Toriyama.

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