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Chapter 1

Jane cleared her throat, and stood up straighter, As she walked from behind her desk piled with books and ancient artifacts. her eyes scanned over the well dressed men sitting in front of her. Most of them were wearing cross looks on their faces, as if a foul smell was in the room. As a linguist they respected her, when it came to archaeology… not so much. She was sure the vast majority of them believed she had a few screws loose. Come to think of it, this meeting wouldn't be happening, if I hadn't promised that arse Clayton that he could take me out tonight. Jane pondered.

she glanced over to the head of board, John Clayton, Almost feeling ill from his flirtatious expression. John was a dreadful man in spirit, that Jane had the displeasure of seeing everyday in her office. He wore a black suit that fit his muscular form perfectly, and sat with a air that those around him were lucky to be in his presence. Focus on the task! Jane screamed inwardly.

She cleared her throat again, and began her speech. "Good afternoon gentlemen. I would like firstly to thank you all for taking time out of your busy schedule to here my proposal. Now I'm sure you are all familiar with the story of Atlantis." Before Jane could even carry on, the room erupted into annoyed groans. "Not this Rubbish again," said a older man, sitting on the opposite side of Clayton.

" I can assure you this is not rubbish sir!" Jane replied. As she swiftly reached back and grabbed one of the books off her desk, opening it to the place she marked recently. Then gestured to the artifacts scattered behind her as she continued. " There are numerous ancient cultures, all over the world that agreed that Atlantis possessed a power source of some kind. More powerful then steam or coal!- I propose we find Atlantis, find that power source and bring it back to the surface!" Jane added enthusiastically. Only to be met by a loud obnoxious laugh from Clayton that made her blood boil. He leaned back in his chair, eyes sweeping up and down Jane's form, as he linked his hands together in front of him.

"Forgive me Miss. Thatch, but lets say Atlantis does exist - were exactly do you expect us to start looking?" John said impertinently. " I was hoping you would ask that," Jane added. As she held up the page she marked in her book, and continued. "This is a page form the shepherds journal. Not only is it a first hand account of Atlantis, but it tells its location," Jane said. Then felt her heart sink, as none of the men looked even remotely impressed. One man in particular, dressed in a gray suit, looked like he was going to fall out of his seat from boredom.

Clayton rubbed his temples then added "Yes Ireland - we all already know this…"

"That's where you're wrong," Jane interjected. "After going over the text again, I realized that one of the letters had been miss translated. The key to Atlantis lies not in Ireland - but in Iceland! I've already plotted a coarse for me and a crew to tak-"

"Yes yes that's all well," Clayton interrupted. As he stood up and walked to the front of the room, moving in front of Jane. "Everyone thank you for coming, you're free to leave," he added. "Wait! If you would just take a look at my…" but her pleas fell on deaf ears, as the last members quickly fled out the door. Jane leaned back against her desk, hanging her head in defeat. I don't understand, I showed them as much proof as I could. My last chance to find Atlantis - gone.

"Don't take it personal Janie, It's just that this museum only funds expeditions on facts. Not on superstition or legends," John said. While moving uncomfortably close to Jane. Did he just call me Janie! Thinking quickly; she moved behind her desk, and began gathering up her belongings. "Atlantis is real Clayton; it's in Iceland, I'm so sure of if this time," she said. While glancing over at him, only to roll her eyes, as he fixed his appearance in her vanity mirror. "Yes that's grand, I'll be picking you up around seven then?" John asked. " Seven? - I beg your pardon?" Answered a confused Jane. Clayton turned in her direction, arching a eyebrow at her.

"Don't tell me you've forgotten already," he replied. She raked through her memory files, until realization hit. Oh God. "O-of course I haven't forgotten about are um date," Jane said through gritted teeth. Then quickly made her way to the exit, as Clayton yelled, "Oh and Janie, you should wear something yellow. You look so lovely when you do!" With a annoyed sigh, Jane walked out the door towards her car. A warm bath and sleep is what she really needed. Reaching into her bag, she pulled out a picture of her stepfather. He was the one who filled her with all these stories about Atlantis, and was more of a father to her then her real one. Mostly because he died on a exploration when she was five. I'm so sorry father, but I don't think are dream will be a reality. With a sigh, she tucked her late father's picture away into her bag. Then hopped into her car towards her apartment lost in thought. How am I going to get out of this! Hopefully I catch something, there is no way I'm going out with that git!

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