Chapter 3

Janes fingers curled around the cool bars in front of her, she leaned forward to get a better look at the vast ocean. They had only left a few hours ago and were making great progress, she still couldn't believe how close she was to finding Atlantis. Jane stepped back from the bars and reached into her brown satchel, only to freeze as a disgusting stench hit her nose. She closed her bag and followed the foul odor around the side of the ship until she was standing infront of numerous large crates. She heard what sounded like arguing behind one crate in particular.

"What in the hell do you think you're doing?" Yelled a female voice. " I'm adding flavor to this disgusting slop you call ingredients!" Replied the male, with a thick accent. Jane walked all the way around to see Helga standing in front of a barrel. "Listen you! My men need all four food groups, not this weirdness you want to prepare!" Helga lowered her tone when she noticed Jane approaching and slammed the lid on the barrel closed. Jane jumped back as the barrel began to shake wildly. "Good lord! Is there a man in there?"

Helga smirked, nonchalantly laying a hand over the lid. "Far from it... Is there some something I can help you with Miss Thatch?" Janes eye's lingered over the barrel. "As a matter of fact there is. Do you by chance know when we'll be arriving?" Helga's grip on the barrel tightend. " I didn't know you were in a rush Miss Thatch."

"Oh i'm not at ta'll, it's just-" Jane jumped again as the barrel tipped over and rolled on it's own to another side of the ship. When it finally disappeared she turned towards Helga confused. "Don't ask... And it shouldn't be that much longer." Jane watched her turn around and begin counting the number of crates on deck. Her brow Shot up as she noticed a lot of them had the words Ammo written across them."Pardon me Helga, but what exactly do you expect we'll find down there? I hardly think there is a need for weapons."

"This is just in case we experience some hostile creatures-"

"Are you speaking of the beast that guards Arlantis?" Jane intropted, with a chuckle. " I'm sure that was just a legend, creatures like that don't exist." Helga frowned. Then took out a pad and paper. " A few hours ago no one believed that Atlantis existed either." Janes breath hitched in her throat. That was true, if Atlantis is real; then there is no reason that the other creatures in the journal are not. She laid a hand on her heart to relax her rising heartbeat. It was said that the beast that guarded Atlantis could swallow two ships whole.

Helga looked up at Jane sensing her worry. "Hey, it's just a precaution. There very well could be nothing down there but old statues and dirt. I don't know about you, but I'd rather be ready for a threat then not."

Jane smiled at Helga's attempt at comforting. The more time she spent with her, the less of a git she seemed. She opened her mouth to agree, only to be cut off by a loud horn. Helga moved Past her to the railing as land came into view, Jane followed to get a better look at the shore, but all she saw was a plain blue building. "That's it?" she asked unimpressed. "Surely that can't be it?" Helga smirked, before frowning as a loud buzz came off of her body. She picked up her phone, then walked off without another word. Jane frowned finding her actions rather rude. She snapped out of it as one of the younger crew members tapped her on the shoulder, he let her know that he was told to escort her inside as the rest of the crew brought in the supplies. She followed him off the ship into the old building.

"Here we are mama. Just take the elevator all the way to the bottom." She thanked him, then took the elevator to the bottom floor. When the doors slid Back open on the last floor her jaw dropped. She stepped out to see people rushing around everywhere, most of them were carrying crates, the others riding vehicles that held even larger crates; and in front of her were four large submarines. She felt her heart leap as someone jerked her forward towards them. "Ahhh there you are Jane! I was wondering what was taking you so long... Well No that doesn't matter because you're here now! How was the ride over? Excellent I hope? Jane looked at Whitemore mindboggled. How in the world did he get here so fast? " Sir how?-"

"I know they are a sight to behold!" how'd they get here? Well I cant give away all my secrets now can I?"

" I suppose not." She replied, as he stopped in front of the stairs that lead inside the main submarine. "Now I have one more thing to give you Miss Thatch." he reached into his pocket and pulled out a leather locket, then placed it in to her hands. She opened it and found it was really a strange Compus. "Your father had this made for me years ago when he visited south Africa. I figured that you would have much more need for this then I wou-" Jane scooped up Whitmore, kissing His balding head. "Thank you sir, this means more to me then you could ever know." Whitmore blushed, and fixed his suit as she put him back onto the ground.

"You are very welcome Miss Thatch, and good luck out there." She watched him vanish into the crowd holding back tears. The next voice she heard ruined everything. "Hello Janie."

She felt her insides turn, and her whole body shake with disbelief as she turned around. " Clayton?! What in gods name are you doing here?" John smiled. " Oh Janie, I knew you would be happy to see me." Jane rolled Her eyes, then crossed Her arms as he continued. " Lyle Tiberius who's a good friend of mine, and in command during this journey asked For My Assistance."

"I thought you said this whole thing is rubbish?!" Jane countered furious. " I did dear, but he made me a offer only a fool would refuse."

"And that is?" Clayton leaned over to her, then stopped as if he'd remembered something. "Uhh.. Prehaps later if you're good I'll tell you. Oh and Jane don't worry, there are no hard feelings towards you standing me up. You can make it up to me later. See you on the ship love." Jane watched him board with a huge scowl on her face, she couldnt believe she was going to be submerged under water with that ass! She clenched her teeth. " This is going to be a long trip."

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