Chapter 43, in which Edward and Bella fulfill a little fantasy of Edward's

A/N: Sorry, I've been neglecting this story! I keep getting struck by how it converges with Control on certain little points, even though they were written months apart and I'm just noticing it now as I review and tweak this one. Oh well, welcome to my Id.

After another week and a half of restriction, for good measure I guess, Carlisle finally relented. The worst of the pressure was off, but it had suddenly become hard for Bella and me to be alone together. There were no more sleepovers with Alice, and even when Bella was just over in the evening I felt Carlisle's eagle eye upon me. We did sometimes find time alone at Bella's after school, but I was always nervous her dad would come home early, and whenever I was over there and Charlie was home I was careful to confine myself to the kitchen table and living room couch; I would not even set foot in her bedroom.

This parental watchdoggery was having an effect opposite from what they were intending, of course, simply adding fuel to the fire and making us even more obsessive…plus, as we had already discovered, the sneaking around and being furtive made everything kind of hotter. I felt like I was turning into a sex fiend. Or maybe it was just natural for my age and situation. During the period they weren't letting me out of the house I picked up a book of Esmé's called Wolf Hall, about Thomas Cromwell, which had this reassuring line about how "Once you've done it, you'll want to do it all the time. For about three years. That's the way it goes."

So the policing on the home front was leading us into deliciously inappropriate behavior at school. The first time was on a Saturday, after a track meet. Bella had come to watch, and afterwards we were lolling about in the bleachers outside as the track emptied out. We had not been together for a week, since the previous weekend when we had tried it in the cab of Bella's truck, parked a little ways down an old disused logging road not far from my house after spending the evening at the Forks pool hall with Angela and Ben. The cab of that old truck was actually pretty roomy and with her astride me it was doable, but still I felt a little uncomfortably hemmed in.

So we had not done it for a week, and also I had not even taken care of myself because Emmett swore up and down that not wanking or fucking led to better athletic performance, so I figured I'd test his theory with this latest meet. Now here I was sitting with Bella, feeling incredibly horny, while she was telling me how she loved that I was such a fast runner and also that I had nice calves.


"Yeah, actually, nice thighs, too."


"Yeah, you looked good out there today."

"Don't I always."

"You are so smug."

"You love how smug I am."

"Oh, I do."

"Well, if I performed so well, I should get a prize."

"Come over tonight and I'll give you a prize. It's been a while since you snuck into my room, incubus."

"Um," I demurred.

She looked at me quizzically. "What did you have in mind?"

"A shower."

She smiled at me. "A shower?"

I pointed with my head back towards the gymnasium.

"What, in there? A shower in there? Oh…the men's locker room?" She looked mock-scandalized.


"Aren't there other people around?"

"It's Saturday so they tend to clear out pretty fast. They want to get on with their day. It's already been, like, forty-five minutes since we wrapped up."

She gave me a mischievous look, so I walked her over to the gym and poked my head into the locker room. Deserted. I took her hand and led her in. The showers were mostly open and communal, but there was one handicapped stall equipped with a locking metal door, so we went in there and undressed each other, hanging our clothes on the hooks opposite the showerhead. I lathered her up, luxuriating in the sensation of her smooth skin all slippery with soap, and she lathered me up, and then standing behind her I made her put her hands on the tile wall and spread her legs so I could take her from behind. I stopped mid-thrust, however, when I heard a voice call out,

"Anyone still in here?"

It was Coach. Hibbity jibbity motherfucker cocksucker. I hadn't seen his car in the lot, and I thought he had left, leaving the last one out to make sure the outside door was locked.

Bella looked back over her shoulder at me, wide-eyed, and I mouthed "fuck" and pulled out.

The shower was running, obviously, so he would know someone was here. I looked down at our feet; there was a gap at the bottom of the door and he would be able to see them if he looked.

She turned and put her arms around my neck. "Pick me up," she whispered. Brilliant.

I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I pressed her back lightly against the cold tile wall.

I called back, "Hey, Coach."

"Who's still here?" came the response.

Bella was wriggling. "Stay still" I breathed. She smiled and shimmied down, finding the tip of my cock again and sliding herself back onto it.

Coach was still waiting for a response. "It's Edward," I called, my voice cracking. Bella was doing some clenching maneuver and my hips responded of their own accord, with a hard thrust. "Shhhhhh," I mouthed.

Calling back to him again, I said, "I've got a charleyhorse…the hot water is helping." Bella undulated her hips, massaging me in a way that made me grunt slightly.

"Are you OK, Edward?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine." Please, please get out of here.

"OK…can you shut off the lights and pull the door fast when you leave?"

"OK, will do. See you later," I called. Bella wrapped her arms around my neck, arched her back and tilted her hips, and rode me, pleasuring herself. She bit me on the shoulder and I yelped.

"Son, are you all right?" he sounded concerned.

"Yes, yes…"

Bella started shuddering and clenching in that way I knew and loved so well. I clapped a hand over her mouth, pressing her against the tiles to prop her up. My arms were starting to get shaky from holding her up, but between her excitement and the extremity of the situation I felt so highly aroused. It was like that night in the movie theater, but more so.

"It's fine," I called, calmly.

"OK, then."

I waited a minute or two to make sure he was really gone, and then slid out of Bella and made her turn around and bend back over. God, she was wet.

"You bad girl, this isn't going to be gentle," I bit her on the neck and thrust hard, holding her hips and making her brace herself against the wall, then came hard, wrapping both arms around her and making her moan.

Afterwards, as we were getting dressed, I noticed she had another hickey. I kissed her neck.

"We should do this more often," she informed me. "That was the first time I've come without extra…help."

I swear she liked to flirt with danger.