Author's Note: So, I've really been wanting to start a mafiatalia fic lately, and I just decided that I'd try it out just for the heck of it. My first draft was awful and I actually never thought I'd get my idea out at all. I'm pretty sure that this one is going to take me a while to work out, the plot is kind of confusing so updates will be sort of slow. I know some parts about the Italian mafia and its workings, I've done some research on wikipedia, but if there are any inaccuracies, as well with any Italian words, phrases or really anything in general, please tell me, I would love to know. Even the name I feel a little uneasy about. On google translate "Italiani" means "Italians" but the same also goes for "Italiano" but I prefer it ending with an I just because I like the sound more... I mean for it to be the word for "Italian Nationality" or an Italian person so I had a hard time figuring out what it was. If I'm wrong PLEASE tell me and I'll change the name of the fic because that's kind of big! This fic will center mostly around Romano (I'll explain some reasonings behind his name in another chapter just because this is a hecka long AN. But I will go to Feli's perspective too and maybe even a bit of Spain... As I said, the plot's kinda jumbled in my head right now so I'm going to have a lot of work with this one... I may or not change this particular chapter in the future, so stay updated ^_^"~

Ah yes, and I'd like to note one more thing. In this fic, Romano and Feliciano are twins and are both 20...

It was raining the day that the boss died. He was an old geezer and we all knew that it was coming sooner or later. At least he left the world peacefully; that is what I always say. I know that a heart attack isn't the easiest way to go, but considering the ways some of the ways the others went, I'd consider him lucky.

As the boss was lowered into the ground I heard his aging wife begin to weep.

Pathetic, I thought. She should have known the inevitable was coming, that death was knocking on their doorstep impatiently. The mournful morticians continued the slow descent of the coffin into the ground, their faces grim with solemnity.

"Romano?" I turned to look at the tall Spaniard next to me. Why I kept someone like this idiot around is far beyond my comprehension. Maybe I felt pity for him.

"What?" I ask coldly. Antonio bent down so he was eye level with me. "You're all sour looking, is something the matter?" he asked softly.

"We're at a funeral, dumbass, if something wasn't the matter I'd consider this to be one fucked up son of a bitch," I retorted calmly, ending the conversation there.

I accidentally locked my gaze with Feliciano, who smiled forlornly at me from across the way. I narrowed my eyes angrily. He could still smile in this situation; he hadn't inherited what I had. Had he been born only a few minutes before me and he'd be in MY position.

There was a dull thud from six feet below. The boss had made it to his final resting place. A priest was muttering something but I wasn't paying attention.

"Romano?" again, Antonio's accented voice rang out through my daze.

I merely glanced at him in vague recognition.

"Are you really okay?" asked the older man. Antonio was twenty-five, five years older than me. But that didn't make too much of a difference to me. He didn't look much older and he certainly didn't act older than me.

"Why wouldn't I be okay?" I breathed, looking straight forward with lazy eyes.

"I dunno, all of this is kind of big, ya know? With the boss dying and you having to-"

I cut him off. I didn't want to hear anymore of his idiotic speech. "I'm fine," I said harshly. "I knew this day would come," I added partially to myself.

The priest had finished his speech and the ceremony drawing to a close.

Feliciano walked up to me. He was in high spirits as usual. It made me sick.

"You do know this is a funeral, right? Dumbass," I grumbled at him, crossing my arms over my chest.

"Yes, I do," he smiled at me apologetically. I stared at him in confusion. Sometimes what went on in my brother's head was so incomprehensible that it would be better not to ask.

"It was a pretty ceremony," said Feliciano, small talking towards me. I knew he was avoiding what was really on his mind. "After it stopped raining it became very bright out," he observed.

It was true, the gray skies had eroded to a pleasant, dull blue, and the droplets from the previous shower glistened brightly in the now-present sun, causing the entire cemetery to sparkle with a rainbow colored gleam.

I made no comment to his banter; besides, Antonio was able to compensate for my quietness. He seemed fully engaged in Feliciano's words.

A man in a casual suit sauntered up to me and nodded curtly. I didn't respond with any sort of greeting, merely glowering at the hole where my grandfather now lay.

"You can handle it, right?" I didn't know who this man beside me was, nor did I care, but he sure as hell pissed me off for bringing up the 'forbidden topic'.

I didn't feel obligated to answer, I ignored his compete existence, even. I muttered a few words to my grandmother as she exited the cemetery, weeping into a handkerchief. She nodded shakily at me, recognizing me for who I now was.

"You've got some big shoes to fill, kid. Your grandfather was a great boss," I couldn't tell if this son of a bitch was complimenting my grandfather or insulting my abilities to compensate for his loss.

"I don't care who the fuck you are, or what the hell you think of me or my family, so get lost, bastard," I answered coldly. My hands were instinctively shoved deep into my pockets, my index finger jumped smoothly in and out of the trigger guard on a small, custom made pistol. It was a nervous habit, especially when I was being asked aggravating questions by a nosy nobody.

The man glowered at me darkly. "You better give a fuck about me. We're not going to serve under you if you don't have what it takes. Your grandfather was a great man, and you will never replace him!" the man looked like he wanted to hit me. He probably would have, had I not been in a position where I could have him killed off of mere whim. I finally looked over at him.

"We?" I grimaced darkly, I didn't like how the man had stated that phrase. He couldn't have been talking about the entire family. That would be crazy.

"What's going on here?" asked Antonio, finally taking notice. I swear, if I were ever in mortal danger, he'd be the last person I would trust to save me. Not that Antonio is untrustworthy, no; he's just too oblivious to realize that something was wrong. He gave the man one of his rare Antonio-style glares. I never took his serious attitude earnestly. He never seemed to get into the this-is-serious-fucking-business kind of mood. He'd level them the occasional glare or austere tone, but he's never been truly harsh in his manner. It's what I liked and disliked about him. It made him a good companion yet a horrible bodyguard.

"Just saying the 'little boss' should think more about his duty," sneered the man.

"Roma will try his best in his new position. You can count on that," this was a first, the glare and the tone all towards one person. I had to hand it to Antonio, I didn't expect that. I glanced up to see Antonio with a defensive look on his face. I smirked inwardly at that protective look on his face, it made him look like a dumbass.

"Yeah!" Feliciano jumped out from behind me and looked fiercely at the man. Did I say fiercely? I meant unthreateningly. "Romano will show you! He'll be the best boss yet!" he defended. I knew he meant well by the comment but the idiot didn't know what he was saying.

In a panic I shoved Feliciano behind me, not wanting him to say anymore. "Idiot, you're setting me up to fail," I snapped, glaring malevolently at him. Feliciano looked confused and hurt. He had only been trying to help but it's because of that kin of attitude that leaves me in a sticky situation.

"Well, if Feli says it, then it'll be true," the man jeered, grinning widely at me. God I hated that self-satisfied sneer. I shot him a glare but said nothing. "Then I'll be waiting, we'll all be, to see if you can live up to the standard," with that statement the man left without a single goodbye. There it was again, 'we'.

I pinched the bridge of my nose and glared at my idiotic brother. "Why the HELL did you do that?" I groaned. As if everything wasn't hard enough as it was, now I had to surpass my grandfather. I didn't know how the fuck I was going to do that. I already knew that I was a coward. My grandfather was brave, he was cunning and strategic. I'm none of those things. I can barely cook my own pasta. Now I've got to lead this whole fucking organization by myself? It was a nightmare.

Feliciano looked at me apologetically and muttered something inaudible.

I was certain now. I had the whole fucking "family" against me. The only ones on my side were Antonio and Feliciano. I looked grimly down at the unfinished grave; it was only us three now.

"Gramps," I said aloud, partially unaware of doing so. "You really know how to fuck up someone's life, don't you?" I wanted to scream, punch, kick, tear; vent my anger out on anything. But nothing came, no overwhelming urges, only the bitter emptiness that now lay inside of me.

"It'll be okay, Roma," Antonio put a hand on my shoulder. "I know you can do this!"

Feliciano smiled at me. "Don't worry Fratello, we'll be behind you the entire time. You'll be a great boss!"

I couldn't smile at their encouragement; something else was bothering me. I looked up at the graying sky. That was it.

It had begun to rain again.

Damn fucking rain.

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