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Monday, September 8th

9:12 a.m.

Exhaling loudly and bitterly, Massie pouted as she tapped her Tiffany T-Clip pencil on the desk, in her AP English class, waiting for the teacher to show up. But, really it wasn't the teacher's fault for her sour mood; it was actually the Pretty Committee's fault.

The brunette didn't understand why the rest of the girls didn't show up and meet at the spot where Issac had driven them and dropped off. At first, after she had allowed both Kristen and Alicia to obtain their schedules, the two of them never showed back. And for Dylan, well, that was another surprise, Claire, yeah, that's right, Claire was the one who informed her that Dylan was dating Josh Hotz, and the two of them had biked to school, probably with the sun shining behind them, like the movies.

So it was then only her and Claire, walking into the school in formation. Once they entered, she made a few eye contacts with girls, some of them approached her and said 'hello' and others complimented her outfit. But that was it. There weren't any streamers, balloons hanging, no big sign, that she envisioned painted, saying 'Welcome back Massie!' anything, that she expected. Did anyone remember her at all? More importantly did anyone care anymore?

What was even worse though was that no one was in her first class, which was AP English. Quickly, she turned her head, scanning the people in it. There was the notorious fast talker Carrie Rudolph sitting awfully close to Yuri Butterman, were they dating? And on the opposite side of the room was Layne's alternate friend Meena, who surprisingly looked normal for her, in fact she looked decent, her makeup was fresh, and her white dress was simple, but adorable.

What was going on? There were so many things to catch up with, like why didn't Dylan spill the beans that she and Josh were dating? And why did Alicia and Kristen run off like that?

Once again she swirled her head around, looking at all the students in the desks.

This was embarrassing.

Everyone had a partner, except her. Who would have thought that in two years Massie Block would be partner less in anything?

Perhaps she spoke too soon, because the next student who arrived was none other than Christopher Plovert. She noticed his almond-coloured eyes lit up when he saw the empty desk next to her, she watched how he made his way over and placed his binder on top, like he was showing the others that this was his desk, and no one else could take it.

"Hey," Plovert grinned as soon as he flopped down, "Didn't think I would know anybody in AP English."

Massie smiled back, she was bit surprised at how wide it was, "Thank gawd, I know someone." She tilted her head, "I didn't peg you for a person who liked writing."

He shrugged, almost mysteriously. "Well, there's a lot things you don't know about me, Mass."

She blinked. Studying him discreetly, it was true though, when she really thought about it she didn't know Plovert that well, at all. In the seventh grade, she spent most of her time with Derrick Harrington, her boyfriend at the time. Now, as she gazed at Plovert, she didn't understand why she didn't give him a second look. He was pretty...hot. His brown curly hair was neat, his crooked teeth were now white and straight and he had some bulging muscles going on.

"You like what you see?" Plovert smirked, he laughed even louder, when she turned red. "I know you were checking me out.

The blushing girl placed her pen down, "Sorry," She said causally, "I was just staring into space."

"Sure," Plovert replied, unconvinced, "but you didn't deny you liked watching me."

She made a face.

"So? Did you like it?"

Massie threw her hair around, "maybe."

He smiled.

And then she smiled, right back.



Monday, September 8th

10:06 a.m.

With first period ending, rather quickly, Claire found herself waiting for Cam by the water fountain in the hallway. This was the moment she was dreading the entire night of yesterday. She would have to face him and tell him that she needed a break away from him. It was sad, but it had to be done, Cam's pressuring was too much to bear, maybe when they were apart from each other, he would learn to wait and be patient or accept that she wasn't going to give up her virginity to him anytime soon, despite being in love with him.

She frowned at the text, Layne had just sent.

Layne: Did you tell him yet? Plus, don't worry Claire, he'll understand...hopefully.

But what happened if Cam didn't understand? What happened he assumed the worse and thought she was tired of him? She wasn't though, however, she was tired of his begging.

Just as she was about to type back, Claire felt Cam's arms around her waist.

"Hey," He mumbled softly and sweetly into her ear, Cam leaned in, aiming to kiss her on the lips; he missed as she flinched and quickly spun her head around, his mouth landed on her left eye instead.

Cam gave her a strange look; he unravelled his arm around her waist and took a step back, "is something bothering you?"

"N-no," She lied; Claire was convinced that wasn't doing a great job at hiding it. "You just surprised me, that's all."

"Oh," The boy glanced at her, unsure, "You just seem out of it lately. I messaged you a few times and you only responded once and it was a one word answer. Are you okay Claire? You don't seem like yourself."

Claire sighed in defeat, how could she go through with this? It was like Cam was reverting back to his old sweet self, caring and kind. Always putting her first before himself. She pushed a strand of her pale blonde hair behind her ear, thinking of a good excuse, a believable one. "I got a stomach ache after eating the sushi; I must have eaten too quickly." She smiled tightly, "I'm better now though."

"That's great," Cam murmured. He grabbed her arm, pulling her closer to him, "I wanted to apologize for...you know...trying to pressure you lately, so to make it up to you, I manage to score tickets to the Strokes latest concert, it's this Sunday, are you free?" Cam grinned at her.


Suddenly, Claire felt her body tingle, was this really happening? Was this the old Cam? Was he back for good?

"Yeah, of course," She answered, without putting any thought into it. "Of course I'll go with you."

"Great," Cam swooped down for a kiss, "I'll text you later." He ran off down the hall.

Claire blushed. Her Cam was back, the romantic, sweet guy she knew, was back.

She didn't need to go through a break with him; maybe she should listen to herself more often and instead of others.

Cam was really his old self, the one she fell in love with, three years ago.

Kind of.



Monday, September 8th

12: 13 p.m.

Sitting at table twelve, on Dylan's left side, was Josh, and across from the couple was an empty space. It was an unusual sitting arrangement, but these days, it was normal for the two of them. After the breakup of the Pretty Committee and the Briarwood boys' fiasco, seemingly, everyone had split up.

Since the two groups had dispersed, everyone went their separate ways. Alicia had her own group of friends, called the Igirls; Kristen hung out with her soccer team. Of course, Claire was with Layne and her friends. The pale-blonde sometimes hung out with her boyfriend, but not as much as before. Cam and Kemp became best friends, after the two of them had ditched Derrick over something, and they were now good friends with the majority of the guy's football and lacrosse team. The once sports-obsessed Christopher Plovert, shockingly quit soccer since last year, he didn't give a specific reason why, and now, he turned his attention towards his studies, so he hung out in the library, catching up with his AP courses. Surprisingly, Derrick was now great friends with Dempsey Solomon, despite the two guys hated one another during freshman year, and they were undoubtedly the 'male-alphas' of the school.

Dylan sighed, it was weird, that everyone had scattered into either tiny-knitted groups or large ones.

What was even stranger was that whenever any of them had bumped, passed or saw each other in the hallways, or in classes, they pretended not to know each other. The redhead wondered how long, Massie would figure everything out, the last time the brunette was here, everything and everybody was intact.

"So what did Massie say about you guys?" Josh asked, breaking her thoughts in the process. Her boyfriend always had a knack of reading her thoughts and mind. "Does she know that the PC broke up, yet?"

"No," Dylan said softly, "but she did find out that we're together, from Claire." She pulled out her cell phone and showed the text from Massie to Josh. Glancing downward, the girl read the text again, and exhaled loudly.

Massie: You and Josh Hotz? Why didn't you tell me at the sleepover? I had to find this out from Claire!

Josh made a face, before gazing back upward, he fiddled with his Yankee's cap and blinked at Dylan. "Why didn't you tell her about us?" He looked hurt, "It's like you don't want anyone to know we're a couple."

A small noise came out of her mouth, when she heard Josh. Dylan clutched her phone, "that's not true!"

"Well, it's not like this is the first time it happened," He pointed out.

"Josh," Dylan bit on her lip, remembering the time they told everyone what really happened between the two of them. "This is different; I couldn't come out and blurt it because of Alicia."

"Alicia? Again?"

An annoyed tone could be detected from his voice. Dylan ignored it, "I just can't, she's already blackmailing me and if I don't do what she says, she'll ruin mine and my family's life."

"I don't understand why you can't talk to your mother or Alicia, for that matter."

The redhead scoffed, "My mother is a busy woman, and Alicia will never give me a chance to talk, unless she wants something out of it. Besides no one from the PC talks to each other anymore, you know that, Josh."

The boy's mouth formed into an 'o' shape, his neat eyebrows quirked, "are you sure about that?" He tugged on her cashmere sweater, and pointed to a specific direction. "It looks like Kristen and Alicia are hanging out together again."

Dylan spun her head where Josh was pointing, her mouth hung at what she saw, "wait, what?"



Monday, September 8th

12:16 p.m.

"Um," Strawberry said, with a bit of maliciousness in her raspy voice, "what is she doing here, Alicia?" The pink-haired girl was referring to Kristen, who seemed to be uncomfortable at the moment, while standing beside the Latina. "She's not our friend, and I thought this table was exclusive."

Alicia rolled her eyes, "yeah, well, I make up the rules. And Kristen is welcome to sit with us, anytime." The pretty girl grabbed the blonde's sleeves, forcing her to sit down. "Besides, we all have one thing in common."

Olivia smiled brightly and sat up straighter, "that we're girls?"

A loud witch-like cackle came out of Kori's mouth and despite, being moody earlier, there was a small smile forming on Strawberry's face.

"No," Alicia replied emphatically, "we all want Massie to be an outcast." She leaned forward to her friends, "do we really want her to become the alpha again? Remember how awful she made you guys felt? Well, if we make her become the outcast of the school, there is no way she can be on the top, ever."

They all glanced at Alicia, approvingly, except for Kristen, who was frowning a bit.

Due to her quick instincts, the Spanish girl immediately picked up the vibe from her friend, "What's wrong?"

Kristen shifted her aqua eyes, "I know you guys usually have a familiar plan, at making someone the outcast, but I think we should take another route." She gazed at Alicia, especially, "we should act fast, from what I heard, Massie is pretty friendly with Plovert, I heard they have the same AP English class."

"So? What does that have to do with anything?" Alicia asked, hurriedly. "They're in the same class, big deal."

"That means, the closer they get together, the sooner she'll find out that PC split and that you're the Alpha."

Alicia blinked, surprised. She could tell from the other's expressions they were as well. "That's true," She stopped herself, but the words came out too fast, "what should we do?"

The blonde nodded, she ripped out a blank paper from her notebook, and started scribbling manically, "This is what we do." And as Kristen scribbled some more, explaining what would be happening, there were big smiles at Table 18, big smiles.



Monday, September 8th

12: 23 p.m.

While busily burying her nose into her textbook, Massie let out a yelp, as she felt a tap on her shoulder. She swirled around, her nose crinkled, but her face softened immediately as soon as she saw who the bugger was.

"Hey," She giggled, "what are you doing here?"

Plovert grinned, he placed his belongings onto the next seat, "I'm usually here, studying. What are you doing here? I thought for sure, you'll be at the cafeteria by now."

Massie tilted her head to the left, "Not today. I have to make sure my schedule is right and that I complete my homework for the first two classes."


"I'm taking most of the AP courses that is taught here." She answered.


The brunette smiled funnily, "Yeah."

Plovert beamed, "Same here! That's why I come to the library often, I have to balance my AP courses," he paused, mustering the best thing he could say. "I guess we'll be seeing each other a lot."

"I guess we are."

They giggled together, as they discussed more about their courses, unaware that a certain blonde boy overhead their conversation the entire time. The boy, accidently overhearing as he was looking for a specific book. Somehow as he listened to their talk he surprised himself, as he felt a pang of regret through his body, when watching his old friend talk to his ex-girlfriend.