It was a beautiful autumn day in Ponyville. The Running of the Leaves in the past, the ponies focused on another holiday coming up soon. One that one pony can't wait for.

"Ponyville Pastry Night!" Pinkie Pie, a pink and magenta Earth Pony, shouted as she hopped around the picnic cloth that Twilight Sparkle, a purple Unicorn Pony, spread out. "I can't wait! I mean, there's going to be all types of cakes and candy and sweets and…!"

"Pinkie," said Twilight, trying to stop the mad hopping of Pinkie Pie. "Its not for another few nights. Try to help me here with the blanket so we can start our picnic".

"Oh! That reminds me!" Pinkie took out her basket full of cupcakes and takes one out that had a rainbow-colored frosting on it. "Here! Try one!"

"Uh…" Twilight looks at the cupcake, unsure, "What is it?"

"It's a Rainbow Dash Cupcake. I made it myself".

Before Twilight could answer, the cupcake gets taken by a quick, blue-colored pegasus with a rainbow colored mane.

"You have a cupcake named after me?" Rainbow Dash smiled as she looked at it. "Now that's cool, Pinkie Pie!" She takes a bite into it, then makes a gag reflex face.

Twilight looked at Dash, then to Pinkie. "what's in those cupcakes?"

Pinkie smiled. "Since it is Rainbow Dash, I thought I'd make it out of everything a rainbow is! Strawberries for red, lemons for yellow, oranges for orange, grapes for purple, blueberries for blue, and a DASH of chocolate!"

Twilight put the cupcake back as Rainbow Dash flew to the forest, where she tossed the cupcake out. Meanwhile, the others began to show up: Applejack, Rarity, and right behind them, Fluttershy.

"Well, howdy you two!" Applejack greeted as Rainbow Dash came back, still trying to get the taste out of her mouth.

"I'm glade you're all here!" Pinkie Pie smiled as she takes out more cupcakes, each designed after her pony friends. "Ta-Da! I call it 'Best Friend Cupcakes!'"

"Wow, Pinkie, that's very creative and original," said Twilight, looking at the purple one that would be hers.

"Here, try them!" Pinkie handed each of them their cupcakes. "Twilight Sprinkles, Rarity Cake, Applejacks, Flutter-bies, and my own favorite, Pinkie Pies! Get it? They're little pies I made!"

"Let's just hope they don't have an 'unusual' taste," said Rainbow Dash, sticking her tongue out.

The Ponies, not wanting to upset their friend, took a bite out of the cakes and…

"Wowwie!" said Applejack, "Mine tastes like a good apple-cinnamon flavored cake!"

"Mine's a red velvet cupcake with vanilla frosting!" said Rarity.

"Amazing! Mine's a dark-chocolate with grape frosting," said Twilight. "Its actually very good, Pinkie".

Pinkie smiled as Rainbow Dash was dumbfounded. She takes the Pinkie Pie Cake and bites into it, having a tangy berry taste in her mouth.

"Pinkie, how come you made good cupcakes for the others but mine are… not cool?" said Rainbow Dash.

"I thought I could combine the flavors into one big new flavor!" said Pinkie Pie.

"Murky, mud flavor?"

As the two ponies talked over the Dash Cupcakes, Twilight looked at Fluttershy, who barley finished her cupcake.

"What was your flavor, Fluttershy?" She asked.

"Oh, it was carrot-cake with creame cheese frosting," replied Fluttershy. "It was…nice".

"I'm glad you thought so!" said Pinkie Pie as she one-armed hugged Fluttershy.

"At least hers was edible!" said Rainbow Dash.

Rarity looks at the Rainbow Dash cupcakes. "They don't look that bad". She takes a bite, then does a gag reflex. Then, she ran to the nearest bush.

"I guess I need to perfect the Rainbow Dash-cakes," said Pinkie Pie. "I'll go and see what I can do! I have to make the right cakes for my friends so I can enter the Best Pastry Contest!"

"Pastry contest?" asked Twilight.

"The Pastry Contest is where all the ponies from Ponyville enter their sweets to be judged best pastry," said Applejack. "First place will be mine this year with my Three Apple Cake!"

"No, I will win with my Best Friend Cakes!" said Pinkie Pie

"Not with my cupcakes, you won't," said Rainbow Dash

As the ponies argued, Twilight noticed that Fluttershy was already leaving.

"Fluttershy, where are you going?"

"Oh, I have to check up on my froggie friends at Froggie Bottom Bog," said Fluttershy.

"Would you like some company? After all, don't forget about that Hydra that lives there".

"Don't worry, Twilight. I'll walk there, and there's a safe place where the frogs live that the Hydra doesn't know about".

"You sure?"

As Fluttershy nodded, Pinkie Pie stopped in front of her.

"Wait! At least take this pie!" she said. "A little something for your froggy friends!"

"Um… okay, thanks, Pinkie Pie," said Fluttershy, accepting the pie.

"No problem! Say hi to your froggy friends for me! As for me, time to come up with better cupcakes of Rainbow Dash!"

She hops away as Rainbow Dash called out to her.

"Remember to taste them before anypony else does!"

"Uh, Dash," said Applejack, "This is Pinkie Pie we're talking about".

"Oh, right…."

Fluttershy smiled as she went on her way to Froggy Bottom Bog. In the meantime, three cape-wearing Fillies had arrived.

"Rainbow Dash!"

The Ponies turned to see the Fillies.

"Sweetie Bell?" said Rarity to her young Unicorn Pony sister.

"Apple Bloom?" said Applejack to her sister, "What are you doing here?"

"Well, Scootaloo wanted to see Rainbow Dash," said Apple Bloom.

"When doesn't she?" said Sweetie Bell.

"Well, its only because…" Scootaloo went to Rainbow Dash. "Think you can perform the Sonic Rainboom?"

Rainbow Dash smiled, always liking an audience for her performances. "Of course! In fact, I'll show you all some moves before I make my signature move!"

Meanwhile, Fluttershy was still walking towards Froggy Bottom Bog when she heard something.

"Eep!" Fluttershy quickly ducked and put her arms over her head. She looked up, wondering what the noise was. The bushes nearby rustled as Fluttershy scooted back to a tree, shaking with fear. She closed her eyes as the rustling got closer… and closer… and then…

"Yip! Yip!"

Fluttershy opened her eyes to a little grey and white wolf cub, smiling at her.

"Oh! You're so cute!"

The wolf cub leapt around her in a playful mood, which made Fluttershy smile. Then, the pup stopped as it sniffed at Fluttershy's bag.

"Oh? Are you hungry?" She takes out the pie that Pinkie gave her and sets it down as the pup began to eat it. "It was for my froggy friends, but I think you need it more than them. You're so cute!"


Rainbow Dash ended her trick, with much hoof-applause from the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

"Yay! Go Rainbow Dash!"

"Thank you!" Bowed Rainbow Dash. "Thank you! Now, for the moment you've been waiting for! The Sonic Rainboom!"

As Rainbow Dash flew straight up, Applejack went up to the little Crusaders.

"We better move back if you want to keep your manes on your heads!"

They moved far out as Rainbow Dash dove at a high speed and picking up more and more and more until…


Fluttershy was petting the wolf cub as it ate the last of the pie when…


The Sonic Rainboom's blast startled the pup that it bit into Fluttershy's hoof.

"Ow!" Fluttershy moved her hoof out of the way as the wolf cub ran away from fear. "Wait! It wasn't anything bad! Ow!"

Fluttershy looked into her bag and took out a long bandage as she wrapped up her injury. She then looked around, hoping the wolf cub was nearby, but the cub was long gone.

"Oh well… he was very cute…" Fluttershy looks up to the sky and notices that it was getting late. "I'm sorry, my froggy friends. I'll visit you next time. Ow!"

With that, Fluttershy lept and began to fly out of the forest, not knowing what's soon to happen.