Hey everyone! This is going to be a multi one-shot fic with the Pokémon Special/Adventures and possibly the Game characters as well. It's going to have small (or long) one-shots. And none of the one-shots will be related unless I decide to write one of them with multiple parts, or a sequel/prequel. I don't know how many I'll do. I guess I'll go for 50 chapters max.

Pairing: Mangaquestshipping (GoldxCrys)


She's never this upset about losing in a trainer battle. But this one, oh how it hurt...

Okay, what just happened? The last thing I remember was standing in front of a boy with red hair, wearing a black shirt. His Feraligatr was standing in front of him, with me and my Meganium standing right across from him. We were having a battle, a grass type against a water type. Even though I had the advantage, it didn't turn out so well...

"Wh-who are you?" I stuttered as I sat on the grass, completely soaked, with my Meganium protecting me from getting any wetter.

"That's for me to know and you to find out." He said, coldly.

"W-why are y-you trying to b-battle me..?" I asked, shivering and stuttering as I spoke.

"Why? Because I heard you work with Professor Oak, and I want you to give me all of the Pokémon you've caught."

"I-I don't have any of them with me!"

"Oh, really? Then you wouldn't mind if I looked in your bag?" He said as he slowly walked over to my bag, he was about to grab it when I finally found my voice and shouted.


He paused, smirked, and then looked at me. I could actually see the evil in his cold silver eyes. He was being really serious. This was no laughing matter. Things were going to get bad. Real bad.

"Okay, I won't look inside your bag. But let's have a little bet." He said, looking right at me.

"A bet?"

"That's right, a bet. We're going to have a real battle. Your Meganium against my Feraligatr. If I win, I get all of your caught Pokémon. If you win, I'll leave you alone. How's that sound?"

I looked at him like he was crazy. I would never bet my Pokémon. Never! I can't let him blackmail me like this. I have to find another way to get out of this battle, and fast.

I sighed. I wasn't able to find another way out of the battle, and he wouldn't leave me alone, so I had no choice. I had to battle him; it was the only way out of this mess. I sighed again. None of this would have happened if I wasn't so stupid as to get myself lost in the forest. I can't believe I forgot to bring a map...

I slowly got up, looking in front of me. We battled right here. I couldn't remember the battle clearly, as I had been knocked out by an attack of his Feraligatr and woke up to see that he was gone. But I do remember the last thing he said to me, before I was out cold.

"You call yourself a trainer? You make me sick!"

I slowly fell to my knees, my eyes filling up with water, and my hands covering my eyes.

How could I have been so foolish? I didn't know what I was thinking when battling him. But it wasn't me, it was also him. His battling style is something you would describe as fearful. It was scary. It's like he forced his Pokémon to do so. What an awful, awful sight.

I remembered how tough Mega had battled, how it took those hits. How painful it looked...

And with that, I started to cry.

-A Few Hours Later-

I stayed in that position for a while, frozen on the spot. I couldn't move, I couldn't get up, I couldn't look up. It was all just too painful. I never thought this would happen to me, ever. Why me? Why? Did I really deserve this kind of fait? What did I ever do? I'll never understand this cruel, cruel world.

After a few more minutes of sobbing, I finally looked up, my neck was sore from looking down for so long. I felt as if I had been frozen in that position for my whole life. Sadly, it had only been a few hours.

When I looked up, I saw someone on their knees in front of me. My jaw dropped as my vision cleared from all the crying when I finally realised who it was. It was Gold.

I couldn't really make out the expression on his face because his bangs were covering at least half of it, but I could definitely see him trembling a bit as if he were terrified. I looked at him for a few more seconds before my eyes started to close and everything went black.

When I woke up, I was laying down on a couch in a small house with a blanket over me. My vision was still blurry, so I couldn't really see much of it. But, I definitely knew that this was Gold's house. When my vision cleared, I looked around, remembering being here before. I couldn't find Gold though, and I didn't feel like getting up. I felt too weak to move. So I just decided to lay there until he showed up.

After waiting for a few minutes, Gold entered the room and was surprised to see that I was awake. But his shocked expression changed into a happy one as he smiled at me. He walked over to me and handed me a cup of hot chocolate. I gave him a silent thanks and took a sip as he sat in front of me on another chair. I figured this was a good time to start a conversation.

"Crys, what happened...?" Gold asked, beating me to it.

I hesitated for a bit, but I finally spit it all out. "A battle, Gold. A battle with a very evil looking trainer with red hair and his really powerful Feraligatr. He almost killed me and Mega."

"Did he steal any of your Pokémon?" He asked, changing the subject a bit.

"Just the wild ones I caught before I encountered him." I said, looking down for a few seconds.

I looked up at Gold and saw him looking down at the floor, with his bangs covering his eyes. He looked...disgusted and scared at the same time.

"That's disgusting. Why would a trainer battle like that? I could understand if it was a powerful evil organization, but definitely not a trainer. How could he..."


"How could he? Trainers aren't supposed to do that. It's wrong. Using Pokémon like that is wrong. It's all just wrong!"

"Gold, its okay. It wasn't that serious." I lied. Gold stood up right away, looking furious.

"No, Crys! It's not okay! Don't you get it? I couldn't be there to help you out. You...you could have seriously been hurt," he yelled at me, only to have his voice crack in the end. He covered his face with his hands.

I stared at him with my mouth hung open slightly. Was Gold...crying? He must really be upset. I have to do something to cheer him up. But what?

I got up from my seat on the couch and walked over to Gold, who still had his face buried in his hands. I stooped down to his current height level and faced him, slowly putting my own hand over one of his, immediately calming him down. I smiled slightly.

"Of course it's okay, Gold." I said as he looked at me. "Since I have you, no one can ever hurt me. You just proved to me that you'll always be there for me, right?" He smiled and nodded his head.

"Good. Now can I please have the old Gold back, before I kick some sense into you?" I asked, adding in some humour to help lighten up the gloomy mood.

"Okay, Super-Serious Gal." Gold said, smirking slightly. I instantly got irritated by that stupid nickname he gave me. He always seemed so amused when teasing me. I smiled.

But, I wouldn't have it any other way.

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