I was reading red hood and the outlaws and decided to see what would happen if i threw livy in there :) Please enjoy and tell me what you think :D



Livy flinched as she felt the fist hit her square in the gut. Her brown eyes were screwed shut, and she grunted as she felt the next blow. She was stuck in a man's hold as his friend continued to beat her as hard as he could.

"I-I'm sorry!" Livy exclaimed, and her beatings stopped.

"You better be Livy. Remember, if it wasn't for me, you'd have no place to stay. You'd have nothing, and you'd be something. Next time I tell you to mug a person you do it." He sneered as his friend loosened his grip on her.

"Jacob, the woman had a kid. I couldn't mug her." Livy sighed. Jacob glared down at the girl.

She had braided blond hair that was a messy with some dried blood mixed into it from her being hit on the head too hard. She was unnatural thin, due to malnutrition. She was filthy head to toe due to not being able to bathe often, and she wore a dirty yellow shirt with torn overalls. For warmth, and secrecy, she wore a red cape with a food. Altogether, she looked weak, however, Jacob knew how strong and cunning she could be if she wanted to.

Unfortunately for him, she didn't enjoy stealing.

"You look pathetic." He growled. "If you want to come back to the hide out for a place to sleep tonight, bring me something you stole off of someone, and it better be worth a lot. You need to earn your keep." Jacob sneered and then stalked off, along with his friend.

Livy was nine years old, and felt a lone in the universe. However, she knew that she needed to stay strong.

"Someday thing's'll be better for me. I know it." She whispered as she coughed up some blood. She frowned as she looked at her blood that was coming from her mouth.

"Stupid Jacob." She grumbled. "I'll get him his damn money and then I'll sleep. Sleep sounds nice. There's that yellow blanket and that pillow at the hideout. It's so warm, and fuzzy. I can't wait to sleep." She ramble to herself.

Livy often felt alone and so she felt the need to talk to herself.

Livy picked herself up, and limped for a few steps. She then stood up as straight as she could and started to run, looking for some money to steal.

Her eyes locked on a young man wearing a leather jacket with black hair. He looked like he would be the type to carry around a few hundred dollar bills.

She knew she needed to get closer to him. she followed him as he turned into city alleyways and at times she needed to run to keep up with him. It was as if he knew he was being followed.

At last, Livy saw an opening where she could run past him, grab the outline of the wallet that was in the man's pocket, and slip away into the shadows.

She made a dash, got a grasp of the man's wallet and ran.

"Hey!" the man exclaimed, and was easily able to pick Livy's outline out from the shadows which surprised the girl.

Livy ran as fast as she could, running through alleys and trying to hide. She could hear her heart thudding loudly in her ears.

She turned into one alley, and was relieved to look behind her and see that the man was no longer following her.

However, as soon as she slowed down, a hand grabbed her from the shadows. Her mouth was covered by the big hand and she could feel a knife on her throat.

"Gotcha little red riding hoo-" Livy elbowed the man in the gut, and tried to struggle out of his grip as she yelled against his hand.


"Do you want to die? Because all I have to do is press down and your throat is slit." The man growled, and Livy stopped struggling.

"Now, if I move my hand, do you promise me that you won't scream?" he inquired. Livy frantically nodded her head, and she felt the hand move away from her mouth.

"Please let me go." She whispered but the man's grip stayed consistent.

"No." he stated bluntly. "Now, why were you mugging me?"

"I- I can't tell you." She stated firmly.

"Really?" he questioned as Livy could feel a trickle of blood run down her neck, and she had to hold back a whimper. "Are you sure about that?"

"I just want to be able to sleep." Livy whispered. "It's been a long day, and if I don't bring back money to the hide out, then I'm not earning my keep, and I have nowhere to go."

Livy felt the knife move away from her throat, and she was turned around to face the man. His blue eyes were locked on her.

"So you mugged me so you could have a place to stay?" he questioned, and Livy nodded her head. "Well, where's your mom?"

"Mommy died." Livy stated in a rigid tone.

The man looked down at the girl, as she looked up at him, her hands still clutching his wallet.

"Give me my wallet." He stated sternly, and Livy started to back up, getting ready to run again. The man snatched her arm, and held up his knife menacingly.

"I am not going to ask nicely again." He growled, and Livy lowered her eyes to the ground, as she handed the wallet over. However, once her arm was released, she kicked the man in the stomach, grabbed his wallet again, and started to run.

"See ya, ya boob!" she exclaimed as she ran. However, the man was much faster, and he swiftly tackled Livy.

"I don't think so." He smiled as he took his wallet back. He then stood, leaving Livy on the ground.

"Now, if you'll excuse me, I should be going."

"Hold up there pretty boy. I don't think you realize where you are." A man stated as he and some other men stepped out of the shadows.

"Oh no. Dragon territory." Livy whispered.

"The little chick is correct. And in Dragon Country, you either pay up or have a few bones broken." The leader laughed.

"Not gonna happen." The man who was with Livy smirked, as he pulled out his gun and started shooting at the men.

He was skilled, mowing down the men quickly, however, the leader was able to pull a gun out and hit him in the shoulder.

Livy watched as the man who chased her fell, and the leader holding the gun was pointing his gun at the now injured man, ready to kill.

"No!" Livy exclaimed as she grabbed the gun from the hands of man who was chasing her. She shot at the gangster, and he fell to the ground.

"Sir? Sir, are you okay?" Livy questioned as she turned her attention back to the man who was chasing her, and poked at his face.

She noticed the bullet wound, and used her fingers to dig it out, the man wincing in pain as she did so. She then tore a piece of fabric from her red cape, and wrapped it tightly around his wound.

The man was conscious the entire time, watching with intrigued eyes as Livy worked.

" hey, little girl?" he questioned.

"yes?" the man sprayed some gas in her face, making her dizzy,

"Thank you." He grinned, and Livy fell to the ground, unconscious.