Hey everyone! I gotta say thank you SO much for supporting me! I was surprised how many people liked Rebooted Livy compared to pre reboot Livy. :D

Many thanks to TIRN33, Imaninja41, Sunnydayz56, AlcNin, Angelridr13, anonreviewercause I'm Lazy, TheNightSparrow, AlettaTheHunter, and anyone else that I might have forgotten to mention. Without you guys, I don't think I could've made it :)

Let's seeā€¦ Random Facts

1) I didn't think people were going to like this Livy more than the other Livy

2)I didn't know if I wanted to make Jason Livy's brother or father in this story, but due to great friends I was able to make a decision.

3) I had no clue what-so-ever who her mom was supposed to be. Indira happened to fit really well.

4) Killing off Indira killed me inside, but it worked so well. Sorry.

5) I started to become obsessed with Indira moments because Jason and Indira were the perfect teenaged couple in my mind.

6) Jacob was the name of the boy who tormented me throughout 3rd Grade. I shall forever be emotionally scarred for life.

7) I struggled with adding Star Fire in and how to write for her.

8) I needed Ramon and Josh to be in the story once Indira was introduced.

9) I tried SO hard not to make Roy sound too much like Josh.

10) I died inside every time someone wrote "please don't let Indira be dead" because I knew she was going to be dead when I wrote her in. :(

So yeah! That's it!

The sequel will be called: Little Red Adventures (I'm open to other titles cuz I'm terrible at titles)

If you want to see anything happen in the sequel please either review or message me :)

Hopefully the sequel will be out next week :)