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Tag: to Penelope Papers! Tim after his conversation with his father, after all tigers do not change their strips and neither do father's who like to control their sons.

As Tim dialed the number to his parent's home he prayed that Penny was right, that his father did love him. The phone started to ring and then his father picked up Tim said Hi Dad, it's me Tim. Admiral McGee asked Tim if this call means he has changed his mind, Tim replied no Dad; I just thought maybe we could talk. Admiral McGee simply said than you were mistaken, I have no son and hung up. Tim sat there for a moment and then hung up the phone. Tim sat there quietly in his thoughts wondering why his father did care about him. Tim knows that he has tried his best but it was still never good enough for the Admiral. Why was it never enough that he simply tried, why did his father want him to be the best at everything wasn't simply trying well enough?

Gibbs came around the corner of the bullpen by Tony's unoccupied desk and watched Tim sit at his desk. Than calling Tim's name in a tone that would bring Tim out of his thoughts, simply asked if Tony and Ziva left. Gibbs then inquired about Penny and Tim quietly replied that she has gone out to dinner with Ducky. Gibbs asks Tim if he has a problem with that and Tim simply responds no, just so long as she didn't go out with Tony. Gibbs smirks. Tim picks up his gear and says good night to Gibbs and starts to live for the evening. Gibbs calls him and reminds that his door is unlocked.

Later, in the evening Gibbs is working on his new carpenter project when he looks to his right and sees Tim standing on the bottom step and asks Tim to sit at his work table. Tim has not said much, until he says tonight was the first time in almost 7 years that I spoke with my father. Gibbs is somewhat stunned but not surprised, he once being a Marine had met Admiral McGee when he was still in the lower officers rank and can only imagine what life at home was like for Tim and his sister Sarah. Gibbs ask why that long and Tim just says "Benedict" Gibbs remembers the time when Tim was involved in the shooting of the Metro Detective and reminds Tim that they never determined who was responsible Tim agrees and says he know that but to his father it was a mistake and McGee's are not allowed to make mistakes. Gibbs than remembers how protective Tim was over his sister during the murder investigation of the petty officer.

Tim starts to talk like he has never talked before he tells Gibbs about his first calculus test and how he got 95 on it and his father wanted to know why it wasn't 100 Gibbs says that a 95 is an excellent mark. Tim responds that he was 12 years old when he took that test. It was the first time that his father struck him it was also the last because Penny saw the damage the next day when she came in for a visit and advised her son that if she ever finds out that he is abusing the kids she would have files charged and take both Tim and Sarah away. Gibbs knows after meeting Penny she was a forced to be reckoned with.

Tim looks down at this watch and decides that he better get going, but as he starting to leave with his back to Gibbs he says why I am not good enough for him. Gibbs realizes that Tim is trying not to cry walks over to Tim and just gives him a hug and tells him he is proud of him and he will always be proud no matter what Tim does he will always be there for him. Gibbs also prays to himself that he Admiral McGee never walks comes into his view again, because he really does not know how it would end.

Gibbs walks Tim to the front door and tells him again that his door is always open for him anytime. Tim says good night and he will not apologize for his intrusion being that it he knows how Gibbs feels about apologizes.

The End