Title – Mine for the Weekend

Fandom – Glee

Author – LizzyPoodle

Rating –Maybe it will become M in future chapters, but it's T for now!

Characters – Kurt Hummel and David Karofsky

Disclaimer – I don't own these characters.

Summary – There are consequences when a bet is made between Kurt and Dave.

Warnings – This is fairly AU…but I'd love to see it play out on my television screen!

Mine For the Weekend

"You are wrong, David. Wrong! The Sound of Music came out before Mary Poppins. Just because you're out now, doesn't mean that you suddenly know more than I do about musicals," Kurt huffed as the two walked to class. They had English together this year.

"Kurt, I almost feel sorry for you, but you are the one who is wrong. My mother used to play those movies all the time. I can picture the boxes that they came in. I know when they were made. You are incorrect, my friend," Dave responded, as other students passed alongside them, on their way to classes of their own.

Kurt stopped walking, glared at Dave with a well-practiced bitch-face, and challenged, "David Karofsky. Are you honestly saying that you know more about a musical than I do? Are you sure that you want to say that? Because I will bet you money that I am right about this. You. Are. Wrong."

Dave had stopped walking when Kurt had. He looked at Kurt's face and tried to ignore the tingling in his stomach, but he could practically taste the opportunity that was being presented to him. He knew more about strategy than people might suspect, and he loved it when he was sure that he could win. And right now, he was absolutely positive that he could.


So what?

It's not like he was actually going to take up Hummel on his bet. What good would it do? Dave would win, and then he'd make Kurt pay, and Dave would end up looking like the bad guy. Been there. Done that. No thanks.

With a sigh, Dave shook his head. "Listen, Hummel, don't do this. I am not wrong, and if we bet on it, I WILL make you pay when you lose. Trust me. You don't want to lose a bet to me."

Kurt was amazed. How Dave could conceive that he would know more about Julie Andrews than Kurt…it was incomprehensible!

With his hands on his hips, Kurt challenged, "How much do you want to bet, Karofsky?"

The thing was this: Dave knew that he was right. The Sound of Music was made in 1965. Mary Poppins was made in 1964. It didn't matter that he could win this, and he could get something from Kurt that he'd always wanted, but never actually dreamed that he could have, not after all the crap that Dave had pulled last year, anyway.

"I don't want your money, Hummel. Let's just drop this. Trust me. You don't want to bet me on this. I am doing you a huge favor right now," Dave said, trying to be a better man.

"Oh. No, no, no. You aren't backing out now, just because I called your bluff!" Kurt declared, triumphantly. He adored winning!

"I'm trying to do the right thing, here. You don't want to make this bet, Kurt. Trust me. Just stop."

Even if Dave did sound suspiciously sure of himself, nobody told Kurt Hummel when to stop!

"Karofsky. What. Do. You. Want. To. Bet."

If only Kurt didn't always need to be right, he might have avoided what happened next; but Kurt liked being right, he liked it a lot. He liked it too much.

Perhaps Dave should have just been able to give in gracefully. Perhaps it would have benefitted his personal growth, or whatever, to rise above the situation, and be the bigger man. But Dave was just a high school kid, and he was right about this, and nobody could get under Dave's skin like Kurt Hummel. Dave felt the certainty of what he was about to do flood his chest. His win would mean Kurt's loss, and he was beginning to relish the potential of that outcome.

"You really want to bet on this? Fine. I don't want your money, Kurt. I want something more…valuable than that."

Kurt wondered at Dave's self-assurance. He did seem awfully certain…

Dave had apologized last year, and Kurt trusted that he wasn't going to hurt Kurt anymore. Well, he mostly trusted that Dave wasn't going to hurt Kurt anymore. Dave no longer harassed him, and he helped him with his math homework, but there were always the memories of what Dave used to do, and Dave really was much larger than Kurt. Kurt would not win a physical battle with his former bully.

Kurt shook off the disturbing thoughts. As if he had anything to worry about when it came to who knew musicals better! Please. "I know what I want from you when I win," Kurt said, confidence shimmering off of him in waves. "Get ready to join the Glee club, Dave. We need a baritone, and you know it. What do you want from me?"

"I want your time…and your…cooperation," Dave deadpanned, looking right into Kurt's eyes. Gazes locked, and suddenly the conversation felt disturbingly serious. Kurt wondered when that had happened, but wanted to declare his win, already. He'd had enough of this pre-victory banter.

"Fine. You'll get my time. Let's Google it so that we can get you ready to audition for Glee!"

"Not yet. Let's get the details hammered out for when I win."

Kurt should have felt more nervous, but he was just so certain that he was right.

Kurt huffed and eye-rolled, but relented. "Fine, Dave. Whatever. Let's hammer out the details."

Dave was sort of repulsed that he was as prepared for this conversation as he was. He'd never actually believed that he'd have this opportunity, but he'd dreamed about it plenty of times, and he knew exactly what he wanted. He spoke in a low enough voice to keep this conversation between just the two of them, but loudly enough that he was sure that Kurt would hear every single word.

"My parents are going out of town next weekend. You will come to my house on Saturday morning and sleep over Saturday night. You'll go home Sunday evening, and you'll do whatever I ask you to do while you stay with me." At Kurt's wide eyes and indrawn breath Dave added, "I won't ask you to do anything that will hurt you or embarrass you. And if you really don't want to do something, all you'll need to do is tell me, and I'll accept your decision. I just…I…this…this is what I want."

Neither boy spoke for a long, stretched-out moment. Kurt tilted his head to the side slightly, narrowed his eyes, and said, "Wait a minute. You want me to sleep over on Saturday and do whatever you tell me to do while your parents are away for the weekend? Are you serious?"

Dave was surprised to learn that it sounded even creepier when said aloud, but he wanted this, he wanted this so badly. He would never have a chance like this again. He knew that he'd regret it if he let this opportunity slide. So he didn't back down.

"What? Are you afraid that I might win? Are you in or not, Kurt?"

Kurt shook his head, comfortable in his certitude that he would win anyway, so what was the big deal? "Fine, David. I'll sleep over on Saturday night and do what you ask if you're right, which you aren't. But YOU, you are going to audition for Glee singing a duet with me from Wicked. Have you ever heard the song "Popular"? It's amazing! It will be epic! People will talk about our duet for years!"

"So. We agree?" Dave asked, holding out his hand to shake on it. Kurt's enthusiasm for winning was palpable, Dave's was a quiet thrum of electricity, lighting up his insides, and making him feel a little dizzy. Rarely does life hand you perfect opportunities, and Dave was aware that he was being given a big one. A really big one.

"Agreed!" Kurt stated emphatically, shaking the offered hand. "Can we look it up now?" Kurt asked, finding Google on his phone.

Dave nodded. His mouth was too dry to speak. He knew what Kurt would see. He couldn't believe what Kurt Hummel had agreed to do. He didn't look at all surprised when Kurt looked up at his face in shock, stunned, reeling from the information that had just caused him to lose a rather fascinating bet. Dave watched the realization crawl over Kurt's face. Kurt would be Dave's for the weekend.

A shiver ran down Kurt's spine and twisted into something tight and frightened in his stomach.

"I'll see you on Saturday. Be at my house by 10:00. Don't be late," Dave said calmly, before turning around and walking away.

Pay Up

Kurt arrived at Dave's house just before 10:00 on Saturday morning. He still couldn't believe that he'd lost the bet. He'd stayed up half the night, worrying about this weekend, and he sat in his car now, trying not to feel terrified of what he'd gotten himself into. Working up the courage to face the next 30 hours, Kurt unbuckled the seatbelt, and stopped delaying the inevitable. He grabbed his duffel bag, exited the car, squared his shoulders, and marched up the walkway toward Dave's house. Before he even had a chance to knock on the door, however, Dave was opening it, staring at Kurt in amazement.

"You came," Dave stated incredulously.

"Hummels don't bail on bets," Kurt responded, lifting his chin as he strode purposefully inside the house. He may be in over his head, but Dave didn't need to know how scared he was.

"Just set your bag down there. I'll show you your room later. Let me take your coat. I want you to be comfortable for what I've got planned."

"Have you been practicing sounding ominous?" Kurt mumbled, hoping to make himself feel better by calling Dave out on his tone.

Dave, who'd been walking toward the kitchen, turned around and sighed. "Kurt. You have the wrong idea about this weekend. Just…just follow me, okay?"

Kurt desperately tried to control his breathing. He was not at all sure that he was ready for what David had planned, but he'd agreed when he'd made that stupid, stupid bet. He was never going to gamble ever again. He'd learned his lesson, but he'd learned it too late to save himself this time. He still couldn't believe that he'd actually agreed to this.


"An apple pie?"

"My mom made it once. It was amazing. I want to taste it again. Here's the recipe," Dave said as he handed the little index card to Kurt with the words "Mom's Famous Apple Pie" printed neatly at the top.

"What do you need me for? Just follow the recipe."

David was not sure how to explain it to Kurt. He didn't want to make it on his own, but what he really didn't want was to eat it alone. He'd made the pie in the past, and he was after two things:

1. For Kurt to see him make it.

2. To watch Kurt eat something that he and Dave baked.

"Are you going to question every single thing that I ask you to do this weekend?" Dave asked, searching for some way to respond.

Kurt shrugged. "Probably."

Quietly Dave spoke, "Could you please not?"

Kurt, struck by the plaintive tone in the quietly made request, didn't know quite what to say. What came out eventually was "You want me to do whatever you say, and now I'm not even allowed to question what you're asking me to do?" He was not someone who responded well to having his back up against a wall. He could feel himself getting angry, and he was vaguely aware that the anger was protecting him from expressing another emotion that he was feeling, but trying not to let show: fear.

Maybe if Dave hadn't looked into his eyes just then with a face so open and full of naked longing, then Kurt could have held onto his rapidly growing anger. But Dave did look into his eyes, and Kurt saw such conflict in that face, and such defeat in his expression that Kurt relented.

"Fine," Kurt breathed.

After a moment of silence, Dave repeated Kurt's word, but with a question in his voice, "Fine?"

Kurt bit the inside of his mouth, exhaled heavily, and repeated himself. "Yes. Fine. I'll do what you ask, and I won't quibble, unless I really don't want to do something. You said that I could say 'No' if I really didn't want to do something. You can't go back on that," Kurt announced, feeling a little bit desperate, and hearing his words speed up the way that they always did when he was frightened. He wasn't about to bark like a dog or call David "Master", or do anything else that went too far, even if it was just for one weekend.

Dave heard the accusation in Kurt's tone, but understood that he was scared, and that his fear was understandable. Who would agree to let someone tell them what to do without question, whether or not they lost a bet? Dave was never going to hurt him, but Kurt didn't know that, not really, and at the moment, all that Dave could feel was grateful. He'd just been given an incredible opportunity. He could show Kurt a great weekend, now that he'd agreed to go along with Dave's plans. Dave could pretend that Kurt really was his. He could treat him the way he'd always dreamed of, and Kurt would get to see him at his very best.

Dave could only imagine what it must feel like for Kurt to give up so much control, especially to a person who used to cause him such emotional, and even physical pain. Dave was humbled, and promised himself to commit to one thing: Kurt's pleasure.

So now, Dave was on a mission. Kurt was never going to know what hit him.