Title – Mine for the Weekend

Fandom – Glee

Author – LizzyPoodle

Rating –M…

Characters – Kurt Hummel and David Karofsky

Disclaimer – I don't own these characters.

Summary – There are consequences when a bet is made between Kurt and Dave.

Warnings – Totally AU! TOTALLY FLUFFY! Blaine and Kurt are no longer together, and Dave still attends McKinley.

A/N – Thank you for going on this ride with me! Thank you for each review and alert. You are the best readers EVER! And now…the final chapter! Warning! There be fluff ahead!

Mine for the Weekend – Chapter 10

Kurt woke very early, opening his eyes slowly to the sight of Dave's back. He smiled, surprised to find that he was the big spoon. His left arm was thrown around David, and his right arm was bent between them. Moving carefully to avoid waking his boyfriend, Kurt rolled off of the bed quietly to use the restroom. He sucked in his breath at the cold air of his bedroom. He was unaccustomed to sleeping in the nude.

When he returned to the bed, he slid underneath the sheets, and shivered at how cool they'd become even in the short period of time he'd been out of bed. His bed creaked, and he froze, hoping that he hadn't woken David.

"You okay?" Dave's low voice asked in a gruff whisper as he turned to face Kurt.

"I'm sorry I woke you," Kurt whispered back. He really had tried to be quiet.

"Come here," Dave said, voice soft and sleepy.

Kurt happily squeezed his way back into the warm comfort of Dave's delicious hold. David's hand trailed lightly up and down Kurt's back in a lazy drag that Kurt found arousing. Kurt pressed himself as close to David's body as he could, and breathed a deep sigh of contentment.

"I love sleeping with you," Kurt said, snuggling his face against Dave's chest and neck.

Dave's eyes grew big, and he felt suddenly certain that he was done sleeping. "I love sleeping with you, too," he responded, shocked to be sharing words like these with this person he'd wanted so badly for so long. How could it be that he was finally experiencing this? He held onto Kurt, closed his eyes, and allowed himself to savor this moment, and the way that it was filling him with a combination of joy and disbelief.

Kurt yawned. Dave could feel the hot breath of his exhale on his neck, and Dave kissed his forehead gently.

"Night," Kurt mumbled, ready to sleep some more.

"Night," Dave whispered, bundling Kurt against him.

Kurt hummed in satisfied contentment.


It was the smell that woke Kurt up the second time. There was nothing like a nonfat mocha to start the day off right.

Kurt opened his eyes to the sight of David setting down a Starbucks cup and a paper bag on top of Kurt's dresser. Kurt wondered what was in the bag. He hoped that it was a croissant. He was in the mood.

"Hey," Kurt whispered.

David turned, smiled, walked over to the bed, and sat down, caressing the side of Kurt's face with his large hand. Kurt nuzzled his face into that hand, loving that something with such strength could be so gentle.

"Good morning, sleepyhead," David said quietly, replacing his hand on Kurt's check with his face, and breathing in the softness of a slowly-waking Kurt.

"Uh…watch out," Kurt warned. "Morning breath," and he closed his lips tightly together.

"Mmmm…" David hummed, not particularly offended by Kurt's morning anything, breath included. "Would you like some coffee?"

"Did you seriously wake up, get dressed, and go out to buy me coffee?" Kurt asked as David continued to whisper kisses against Kurt's forehead.

"You like nonfat mochas, right?"

"That's my drink," Kurt agreed. "How did you know?"

"I guess I heard you mention it," Dave continued, concentrating more on the head-kissing than on the conversation. He loved that he was allowed to kiss Kurt's warm face, and in the battle between focusing on talking and focusing on kissing…well…there wasn't much of a battle at all. Kissing was winning. Dave suspected that it might win every time.

"You are going to spoil me," Kurt said.

"I like spoiling you," David promised, imagining the many ways that he would try to please Kurt. Dinners. Dances. Flowers. He was determined that Kurt would get them all.


"Hmm?" he answered, still enjoying Kurt's messy bed-head.

"If you don't mind, that coffee does smell awfully good."

David slowly lifted his head away from Kurt's cheek. With a gentle nose-kiss, he walked back over to the dresser and picked up the coffee as well as whatever was in the paper bag. He handed the coffee to Kurt, who took a long sip, gulping the perfection that was this drink. He offered the cup to David, who sipped a bit as well.

"Want some?" David asked, pulling a croissant from the bag.

"I was hoping that a croissant was in the bag! How did you know?"

"It just seemed like you might want something French," Dave said. He tore off a piece of the flaky dough and held it against Kurt's lips.

"The crumbs are going to get all over me!" Kurt pouted.

"Then I'll just have to lick them off," David whispered in response, as he fed the bite to Kurt. When crumbs landed on his chest, David did exactly as he'd promised, and Kurt's breath hitched as his semi-hard cock came to full attention.

Kurt suddenly found it more difficult to breathe. "You're doing all the work," Kurt panted. "This was supposed to be your weekend."

David stopped licking at Kurt's chest so that he could look him in the eye. "Kurt. Don't you know? This weekend? You? It's everything I've ever wanted. You've given me everything. Everything."

Kurt forgot about crumbs and morning breath and everything, except the adoring sincerity in his lover's gaze. Kurt leaned in and pressed his lips softly against David's. He angled his head to get as much of David's soft mouth against his as he could, and then he kissed him, and kissed him, and kissed him, wanting to pour his feelings directly into David, wanting to be as close to him as possible, and knowing what he wanted to do next.

Pulling away from David's face, Kurt said, "I have to take a shower."

"Now?" David whined, not really wanting much more than for the two of them to stay exactly where they were for, well, ever.

"You already showered," Kurt noted, touching the damp hair along the back of David's neck. "Give me 15 minutes," Kurt said, kissing him gently once more, loving the feel of David's stubble against his lips and tongue.

Kurt got off the bed, turned around toward David, and said, "Don't go anywhere. I mean, don't leave, or anything. I'll be right back."

"I'll be here," David promised.

Kurt nodded. He had some cleaning to do.


Usually Kurt luxuriated in his shower. He enjoyed the heat and the relaxing way that showers loosened his muscles. But today, the shower had to be faster than he normally liked. He wanted to get back to David as soon as he could, and he wanted to be clean. He'd also found that the shower was a convenient place to…stretch a bit.

After his shower, he just towel-dried his hair. He did not think that David would mind. He walked back into his room, and stopped, staring at David, who was staring right back at him from the edge of the bed.

"Sorry to keep you waiting," Kurt managed.

David got up, said nothing, and walked over to Kurt. He untucked the towel that was wrapped around Kurt's waist, and draped it over a chair. Kurt's arms went around his neck, and David's arms found their way to Kurt's ass. He squeezed, pulling Kurt's body close. Kurt rubbed against him. The friction of David's clothing was nice, but he wanted to be next to his skin. Kurt unbuttoned and unzipped the pants, and started to slide them off of David's strong thighs.

"Why didn't you start to get undressed while I was in the shower?" Kurt panted.

"I didn't want to be presumptuous," Dave answered between kisses.

Kurt huffed out a breath of incredulity. "You aren't being presumptuous. I…David…I…" he licked his lips, feeling as though this should be easier to say, but he was still relatively new at this, despite having been with Blaine.

David, noticing Kurt's hesitancy, took a break from kissing him. "What is it? Are you alright?" He held Kurt close.

Kurt hugged him, tucked his head against the crook of Dave's neck, and whispered, hoping that he didn't sound stupid, "I want you."

David closed his eyes, and went back to squeezing Kurt's ass. He kicked his pants out of the way. He knelt a bit, and picked him up, Kurt immediately wrapping his legs around David's waist as they kissed their way to the bed.

David set him down, as gently as he could, and climbed on top of him, pressing shoulders and chests and hips together, trying to get closer, but unable to get close enough. His cock ached in the most delicious way, desperate to get at Kurt.

Kurt's hands wrapped themselves around David's back, as he thrust himself against his body. The rubbing of his cock against David made him aware that he was still wearing underwear, and a shirt. "Sit up," Kurt said as he pushed against David who immediately got up onto his knees. Kurt took a steadying breath, and sat up as well. Kurt pushed up David's shirt so that he could kiss the skin hidden beneath it. He hugged David and kissed his way across the hairy lower half of his stomach, and proceeding to mouth at Dave's covered cock. David was hard. Thick. And he stilled completely when Kurt attended to him. He could hardly stand to move, afraid that he might miss something. He was finding it hard to breathe. Kurt gradually lowered his underwear until David, trying to be helpful, lifted his knees, one by one, to get rid of them. David yanked off his shirt, and was planning on falling on top of Kurt again, but he couldn't when Kurt's magical mouth wrapped itself around his dick. Although he'd come inside of Kurt's mouth just last night, the pleasure of this moment was almost unbearable. He'd never felt anything like it.

Kurt sucked at him, and used his hands to gently cup and tug on his balls. Kurt wanted to elicit moans of pleasure, and he made it his focus to find the spots that David seemed to like most. Kurt knelt his head underneath David's body to lick at his balls. The wet drag of David's cock against Kurt's cheek aroused and excited Kurt, and made him suck harder, allowing David's right testicle to slowly slip out of his mouth with a lewd slurp. Kurt's saliva painted David's sac, and Kurt thrilled at the grunting moans of pleasure he was hearing above him.

Kurt lifted his head. "I don't want you to come in my mouth."

"Oh. Okay," David said, unsure exactly how to respond.

"Let me get…hang on," Kurt said, wiping off his cheek, getting up, and leaning over toward his nightstand. He opened the second drawer, and pulled out a condom and some KY.

David's breath hitched, and he stuttered, "What are you…we don't have to…Kurt?" He looked at Kurt's face with nervous eyes. He felt so out of his depth. He wondered if he was ready. He thought that he was ready. He loved Kurt. He was scared, but he wanted this. He wanted Kurt. He was not going to let his nervousness get in the way of this.

"Will you help me?" Kurt asked.

"Of course," David said, suddenly calm. Kurt needed his help. He was ready.

"Use your finger, and a lot of lube, and, um, actually, hang on." Kurt left the bedroom for a moment, and then returned with a towel.

Kurt shrugged. "This can get sort of messy."

"Oh," David hated feeling so useless.

"I'll just spread this out," Kurt said, and David quickly got out of the way, stretching out the corners of the towel, and then climbing on top of it with Kurt.

Although David was brand-spanking new at this, he'd been doing research, and he knew what kind of help Kurt needed. "Lie down, love," David instructed. He may not be experienced, but like hell if he'd back down from an opportunity to make this good for Kurt.

Kurt lay down on his stomach on top of the towel, and David lay down next to him. Using lots of lube and just one finger to start, David gently inserted himself inside. He waited for Kurt to relax, and he started to stretch him out. David kissed Kurt's cheek and brow, and asked, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," Kurt responded, relaxing into Dave's touch.

"You're beautiful, Kurt," another kiss to the brow, "beautiful."

"Another finger," Kurt whispered.

Putting more lube on his fingers, David pushed slowly inside again. Gently. Slowly. Carefully. With more patience than he'd ever shown for anything, David kissed the side of Kurt's face as he used his fingers to stretch. This was already more perfect than he'd ever dreamed it could be, but he wanted the perfection to continue. He slowly moved his fingers inside of Kurt, twisting and scissoring them, hoping that he was doing it right, when Kurt suddenly gasped.

David practically rejoiced with gratitude that he'd spent as many hours as he had spent researching that spot. "Good?" he asked quietly.

"Y-yes, David…David…I'm ready," Kurt whispered.

David got a condom, and rolled it onto himself, relieved that he'd practiced. He allowed some space for his come, and he turned toward Kurt. "Would you, um, lie on your back?"

Kurt turned over, and put his knees up. David grabbed a pillow, and stuck it under the towel and under Kurt's hips. He lubed himself up, and lined himself up with his over's ass. He looked into Kurt's face as he slowly pushed inside.

"Are you okay?" David whispered.

"Mmmm…"Kurt hummed. "You're big."

David paused. "Should I stop?"

Kurt smiled. "I didn't say that you were too big; just that you're big. Keep going."

David bit his lip, studied Kurt's face for any signs of discomfort, and then continued to push, when Kurt suddenly made a face and moaned.

"Are you…?"

"David," Kurt breathed, "You feel so good inside of me. I love being with you like this. You…you're so gentle with me, even though you're so hard. Fill me. Let me feel you."

David closed his eyes, trying to breathe through his body's eagerness to just fuck Kurt. Those words. Those words and Kurt's blissed-out face and his cock buried deep inside of this person that he loved…it was almost more than he could stand.

"Kurt, Kurt, Kurt…" he chanted, moving again inside of his lover, wanting to bring him pleasure. David wrapped his hand around Kurt's dick and stroked him in time with his thrusts. Kurt began to wail. It was so good, and it was too perfect, and Dave tried, but he couldn't hold back and he pumped himself inside of Kurt's ass, and then he stilled as he started to come. A broken sob escaped from his lips, but he was not going to worry about that now. He remembered that he wanted to take care of Kurt. He always wanted to take care of Kurt, and he continued to stroke him until he felt Kurt's release as it hit his chest and stomach. He collapsed lightly on top of him, and tried to remember how to breathe. Although he wanted to revel in his post-orgasmic haze for the next decade or two, he didn't want to squish his lover. He started to get up, off of his chest, when Kurt said, "Don't move."

David, certain that he'd hurt him, froze. ""Did I hurt you?" he asked, worried.

"No. When you lie still, I can feel the pounding of your heart against my chest."

Relieved, David relaxed on top of Kurt and said with a small laugh, "I wish that I could feel your heart, but I can't over the pounding of mine."

They lay together, just breathing. When David inhaled or exhaled, Kurt could feel it against his own stomach. It was very relaxing. Intimate.

David lifted his head off of Kurt's shoulder, and looked at Kurt's face.

"I love you," he said simply, and then he kissed him.

"I love you, too," Kurt responded with a sleepy smile.

David, even more committed to make this good, said, "I'll be right back." He gently pulled out, and went to clean himself up a little. He came back to the bedroom with a warm washcloth and started to clean Kurt's chest, stomach, and ass.

"Stop. David. You don't have to…"

"I want to."

And that was that.

Once David had cleaned up Kurt, he put the towel into the washing machine. He headed back to Kurt's bedroom, and they took a nap together, both aware that this would be the last time that they'd be sleeping together for awhile. Burt and Carole would soon come home, and they did not want to leave evidence of their time together. As it was, David was wondering how Burt would handle his son's new boyfriend. Kurt had some thoughts on the matter, and promised to tell David all about his plans after resting for a bit. Cuddling Kurt close, David took the role of the big spoon this time, as they fell asleep.


Dave ended up waking Kurt with a necklace of kisses. It tickled. Kurt smiled and snuggled in closer to Dave's cozy warmth. Several moaning squeezes and lazy kisses later, they managed to drag themselves out of bed to get Kurt's plan in motion. First they would shop for some necessary ingredients, and then they would cook a welcome home dinner for Burt and Carole to help sell the idea of David as Kurt's boyfriend. David would leave before they came home so that Kurt could talk to his dad privately first. Kurt thought that it might be best if David wasn't there when he first broached the subject of the new status of their relationship. Although Burt knew that they had been becoming friendlier, he might not be ready to accept David as Kurt's boyfriend right away.

David knew that he had some work to do, if he wanted to prove himself worthy of dating Burt's son, but he'd come out, and he was a far braver person now than he'd ever been. Burt may not like the idea of David Karofsky as Kurt's boyfriend at first, but he was not going to give up until he had earned Burt's approval, no matter how long it might take.

They went to the store and bought what they needed for a heart-healthy mushroom of barley soup and some low-fat cornbread. Cooking with David was easy and fun, but it took longer to make the food than Kurt had initially anticipated, because David kept snaking his arms around Kurt to hug him, and Kurt couldn't maintain his cooking focus. Kurt knew that they were running out of time, but he couldn't bring himself to tell David to stop with the hugs and the kisses to the back of his neck. It was a delightful dilemma.

David inhaled deeply the smells of home as the soup cooked and the cornbread baked. They sat together on the sofa, Kurt on Dave's lap, as Kurt fed David the snack that he had selected: chocolate pudding. It wasn't bad at all, for a low-calorie snack. Kurt wanted to see what it was like to be the one to do the feeding. It was incomprehensible to him, just why it was so sexy, but he didn't spare too much time thinking about it. He just sat and enjoyed holding the spoon as he dragged it slowly out of David's mouth. Kurt decided that he was totally in love with chocolate pudding kisses.

But stupid time continued to pass, and afternoon eventually became evening, and too soon it was time for David to go home. Kurt was a little bit appalled with himself when they kissed good-bye by the front door. He actually felt his throat closing up, and a lump developing inside it.

"I cannot believe this," Kurt rasped, after a particularly lovely pull on his bottom lip by David's teeth.

"Hmm?" David responded.

"I am going to cry."

David pulled away from his face for a moment. "Why?"

Kurt took a few deep, steadying breaths. "I don't want you to go."

David returned to gently nuzzling Kurt's earlobe. "Then I'll stay," he whispered.

"Just like that?"

"Just like that."

"But we decided that it would be best if I told my dad about us without you here."

"Then I'll go," Dave said, continuing to kiss Kurt's jaw and neck.

"Well, wait a minute! What do you think is best?" Kurt asked with a huff, more than a little bit flustered.

David, realizing that Kurt was upset, backed off just a little, and explained. "You know your dad better than me. You love him. He loves you. I'll do whatever you think is best." He hoped that his honest answer would take the frown of worry away from Kurt's fine features. "I just want to be with you. Whatever will help that to happen, I'll do."

Kurt stared at him. He wondered when he would stop being surprised by David Karofsky.

"Oh," was all the response that Kurt could manage, before he threw himself back into David's arms for more hugging.

"I'm going to miss sleeping with you," Kurt mumbled against Dave's neck.

David was quiet, for a moment, but then he cleared his throat and said, "It's funny that you should mention that, actually."

"Funny? Why?"

"David pulled away from Kurt, saying, "I have to get something out of the car. I can't believe that I'm going to do this. Don't peek! Go into the living room, or something."

"What's going on, David?"

"Just, go to the living room. Wait for me, alright?"

Kurt smiled.


David went outside, and Kurt walked into the living room. It didn't take too long before Kurt heard the door open and then close again. "Close your eyes," David called.

Kurt closed them, wondering what was going on.

"Are they closed?"

"Yes," Kurt laughed. This was fun.

Kurt heard him walk into the room.

"Open your eyes"

Kurt opened them.

"I wasn't sure that I should buy it, but I just had this feeling that I should."

Kurt looked at him with an inscrutable expression for a moment, but then he started to smile.

"You bought me a stuffed animal."

"Yeah," Dave lowered his eyes, sort of embarrassed.

"You got me a bear cub," Kurt said fondly, taking the large toy out of Dave's hands.

"You can sleep with it, if you want."

"I will," Kurt promised. "I'll sleep with it, and I'll think of you."

David looked up at his boyfriend, and smiled.

"I love you, bear cub."

"I love you, too."

And they went back to the couch to watch TV and cuddle. Kurt made him hold the bear, in hopes that the bear might smell like him. David shook his head, but did as Kurt requested, just as he hoped to do for as long as Kurt would let him, as they waited for Burt and Carole, and whatever the future may bring.


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