I Want To Meet You But I Can't

Chapter 1

Megpoid Gumi inhaled the fragrant scent of the calm March day and her eyes glowed at the sight of the clear, blue sky. Gumi was sitting on the warm ground of her middle school's rooftop, enjoying the tasty bento her mother had prepared for her. Sitting next to her was her best friend, Kagamine Rin, the huge, white bow she was obsesed with adorning in her short blonde hair, gently danced in the spring breeze.

The school rooftop was Gumi and Rin's special base. Every lunch break they would eat, chat and just enjoy each other's company there. Occasionally, they would bring their other friends but they had promised each other that the rooftop would be theirs alone, during March. That was because they would be graduating soon and would begin attending high school in April. This was their last chance to make unforgettable, happy memories in the school they had spent the last three years in.

Not that the memories that were being created in that instant were joyful, though. Gumi had noticed that Rin's normally blissfully, adorable face had become moist, with what looked like tears.

"Are you crying, Rin?" Gumi asked, concerned.

"It's just sweat," she quickly replied, rubbing at her face with her sleeves. Gumi frowned. She could tell Rin was lying due to noticing the intense shaking of her shoulders. Gumi already knew the reason for Rin's sad tears but she failed to offer any warm words of comfort. Instead, she surprised the blonde by embracing her in a caring hug.

"Gumi," whispered Rin's faint voice, before letting loose a waterfall of tears.

Rin had always been more intellligent than Gumi and she had acheived the highest grades in their year group. Because of her amazing brain, Rin had easily been accepted into an elite high school, while Gumi was just going to attend the school closest to her home. The two had always attended the same school and now fate had decided to tear the two apart.

Gumi continued silently hugging her friend. She could feel Rin's tears soak into the fabric of her uniform but she refused to let go. This was the only thing she could do for her friend. Besides, Gumi didn't want to open her mouth because she was terrified that it would free her own anguish.

She had to pretend to be strong for her best friend. No, Rin was more than just a best friend. Gumi loved her. Gumi understood her feelings but she had decided she wouldn't act on them. They were both girls, after all, and she didn't want to risk tarnishing their relationship. As long as she was able to stay by Rin's side, she would be happy but even that luxury was being stolen from her.

"Rin, it doesn't matter how far apart we will be, I'll always be by your side. If you ever feel sad and alone, you can just call me and I promise that I will meet you," Gumi vowed, small tears dripping from her eyes.

"I promise too. We will always be together, Gumi. Nothing will ever be able to change that," declared Rin. The two girls continued their warm embrace but this time they wore smiles on their tear-streaked faces.

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