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"Ace you're the coolest big brother ever!" boasted Luffy proudly as he and the teenager walked by his side.

"I'm sure there are better brothers than me out there," chuckled Ace giving credit to the other families out there that contained an overly hyperactive son.

"No way, there's nobody cooler than you!" proclaimed Luffy.

"Sure, sure," said Ace brushing it off.

"I'll prove it!" said Luffy running off, determined to find two brothers and ask them about their relationship with one another. Ace ran behind him at a fast pace, not wanting to lose sign of his younger brother in the middle of the city. Finally Luffy came across what he was looking for as he saw two young men who looked related. He stood there confused momentarily until they turned around to show that they were wearing matching emblems on their clothing.

"Hey!" shouted Luffy running up to the two brothers causing them to turn around to look at him.

"What do you want?" asked the younger one annoyed at the Rubber-man's antics.

"You two are brothers right?" asked Luffy as Ace caught up with him.

"Correct," said the older one although the younger one seemed a bit ticked off at the question.

"Yosh, how cool is your older brother?" asked Luffy to the younger sibling. Dark clouds circled over his head as his face dropped and he walked off with a slouch.

"Did he eat the emo-emo fruit?" Ace asked the older brother.

"Now that you mention it, Sasuke did eat a lot of weird stuff when he was younger," thought Itachi trying to remember a specific time. "He can't swim so I guess it makes sense."

"The emo-emo fruit? What does that do?" asked Luffy.

"It makes you depressed," said Itachi.

"Seems like a lousy ability," said Luffy crossing his arms over his chest.

"You sure it's not because of something else?" asked Ace.

Itachi put a finger to his chin deep in thought. "Well it could be because I massacred our entire family in the hopes of becoming stronger," he admitted.

"I hate you!" shouted Sasuke from atop a rooftop throwing rocks at his older brother.

"Yea, that would do it," said Ace. "C'mon Luffy we're leaving," he said as he guided his younger brother away.

"But I want to ask that emo-emo guy if he wants to join my crew," pouted Luffy as he was dragged away.

"Something tells me he doesn't want to, anyway you're not leaving the island for at least another four years," said Ace looking over at Itachi to find Sasuke punching the older boy with everything he had despite it doing no visible damage.

"What about the older brother then?" asked Luffy as Ace watched Itachi backhand Sasuke sending him flying through the marketplace, crashing into several boxes.

"Maybe another time," said Ace as he and Luffy made their way towards the Gray Terminal away from the centre of the city.


A bit of a laugh if anything else. Hope you enjoyed, peace out.