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The Doctor looked at the screen Donna always used to stare at so intently, he quite liked the colour, he decided. It was a good colour, blue. Always reminded him of the TARDIS. But as for the whole idea of it, well. He'd never really seen the point of Facebook, or social networking in general. But humans seemed to enjoy it for some strange reason, he thought, so in order to find out what all the fuss was about he figured he would try it. At the moment he was just trying to figure out what all the buttons did, so he clicked something and a box with what's on your mind written in it appeared on the screen.

That was a good question. A very generalised question, but still a good one. What was on his mind? Where did he even start? He wondered as he walked absently in the direction of the library, leaving the screen behind as he pondered its significant question. What's on your mind? Should he start with how he watched his family die because of the Daleks? Or how he had to destroy his whole planet and everyone on it to stop them? Or how about how he was the only one left. The last of the Time Lords.

He could say how he looked absolutely horrible in his last regeneration, and how this one was a huge improvement. Which also posed a problem with his female companions… But that may be seen as bragging. How about how he accidently broke Martha's heart because he couldn't love her like she wanted him too?

Or how he had to erase his best friend's memory so that she could survive? And how he could never see her again. She would never know how amazing she was, and still is. How after all this he has to just keep going? Never falter, never look back. How about how two of the closest friends he'd ever had, Sarah-Jane and the Brigadier, died, and he didn't even get to say good-bye? How was that fair? How was any of it fair? Or what about how he never seemed to catch a break? He'd finally be happy, and it would get pulled away from him.

Or he could start with how he's changed his face and body nine times, that can't exactly be socially healthy. Or how about how he had lost the love of his life, Rose, because of the Daleks and the Cybermen? They seemed to be a recurring theme, he thought as he reached a door. He didn't take much notice of where he was going; he figured the TARDIS would lead the way. And how about when he was just about to tell her how he felt, that he loved her, he was pulled away from her. Never to see her face again.

Or how about the last time he would ever see her face, she was crying?

But as he arrived back where he started his walk, he knew he couldn't say any of that, it was his life that he'd chosen afterall, so he settled for off to see the Ood. Gotta love the Ood.

The Doctor looked at the Facebook account he had set up out of curiosity in his last regeneration and laughed sadly at one of his last statuses (he had figured out what that meant when Donna had explained it) I'm wayyyyyy too skinny, it's not fair to normal humans. Hacked by Donna. Don't leave yourself logged in Alien Boy. :) He smiled and clicked on the status button and started typing a new status.

New me, new rules. Look out universe, the Doctor is in.

The End! Tada! Yay or nay? Or somewhere in the middle?