This chapter will serve as an index, listing the various chapters and giving a brief summary of what each chapter contains. Should any of these grow beyond one-shots, the order will be listed here as well.

Swapping The Cage (TEC/canon!Naruto crossover) - Kuushou is dumped into the canon!Naruto-verse on graduation day. He's not happy about that.

Less Than Common (TEC/ZnT crossover) - Kuushou is summoned by Louise to be her familiar. Of course, he also has plans of his own...

Naruto: Ramen Days (Video Game Naruto) - After dying at the end of the Sand-Sound Invasion, Naruto finds that his life is governed by a strange set of rules that he is still trying to figure out.

Swapping The Cage order - has now been moved to its own story.

Chapter 2

Chapter 4

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Less Than Common order

Chapter 3

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

The Empty Cage Omakes (The Bonus Cage)

Chapter 10 - Kuushou's medical training proves useful in a completely unexpected way.

Chapter 15 - Misunderstandings, Pt. 1 - Hinata overhears pieces of a certain conversation and draws an interesting conclusion.

Naruto: Ramen Days II order - has now been moved to its own story.

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 16 - The Hollow Cage (TEC/Bleach Crossover) - After hopping to another world, Kuushou winds up in Heuco Mundo.

Chapter 17 - The Power of Youth Compels You! (Naruto) - Gai Maito is appointed Hokage after the Sound Invasion, and Konoha will never be the same...

Chapter 18 - The Power of Youth Compels You! - Chapter 2 - Team Kakashi is sent out on their most important mission yet...

Chapter 19 - The Power of Youth Compels You! - Chapter 3 - Naruto learns some important life lessons from some nice people...

Chapter 20 - The Ties That Bind (Naruto AU) - One Shot - No Summary.