The thunder ceased and the lightning halted is luminous dance. All was quiet except for the cries of a child. He cried for his lost mother who had left with the lightning. Suddenly the skies began to open and reveal their hidden secrets to the child. From it a motherly voice began to speak to the boy.

"One day you will meet the one you have been looking for. Wait for him. For he will appear to you in an instant but will be gone if you do not catch him. He is as free as the birds that grace the sky and yet dependent on love. I will always be with you. Goodbye my dearest."

The child screamed at the figure before it disappeared in a bright light leaving him blinded. He was now alone and terrified. Tears began to fall down his face while he sobbed silently. Suddenly little balls of light began to dance around him.

They whispered, "Don't cry! Don't cry! You are not alone come play with us!"

The child looked up at them. They were the Fae. He had heard stories about them and their mischievousness. He backed away only to hit something behind him. He quickly turned and saw a four legged figure.

"Don't worry. They are the Fae who have watched over you since birth. They will bring you no harm."

The creature lowered its head and nuzzled the boy's hair. The boy now saw that this creature was a majestic unicorn. Its fur the purest of white, while its hooves were of shinning silver and its horn, made out of the finest gold.

"Come now, climb on my back and I'll take you home." The unicorn said as it lay on the ground waiting for the boy to mount.

The boy nodded and got on her back. "Who are you?" They boy finally spoke.

"I was your mother's most trusted friend. I will guard you as I did with your mother. Don't worry Arthur; you will be safe in my care. And you can call me Lumen." The unicorn replied.

"What happened to my mother?" The boy asked with naïve hope.

"She is now in paradise in the loving arms of her beloved. The Umbra Cor attacked with strong numbers, yet your mother defeated them all with her strength and power. All her powers are now passed on to you. You will now be the protector of this land."

She cantered off towards the castle where the boy would now reside. "You are now the crowned prince of Spades; Prince Arthur Kirkland."