I remember the day you saw through my facade

and took me as a friend from the very star.

We fought every evil, preventing Hell's triumph

but did not know we had dealt with the devil.

You with your arrows, myself using time

fought our fate, though at long last we failed.

I traveled so far to see where I failed,

because your perfect exterior is no facade

and even the witches cannot, with their strong start,

drag you to Hell, as long as I triumph

and remove that sickeningly sweet devil,

remove him from all of memory and time.

I will never give up, for my ally is time.

I will try as though every time I've failed

was a mere memory, a cheap facade.

I will learn from mistakes and bring a new start

again and again, 'til I taste that sweet triumph

and know I have saved you from the devil.

He is the worthiest adversary, that crafty devil,

and I fear for your soul as I run out of time.

As my light starts to dim, I feel once again I failed.

And yet, I see you again and put on that facade,

for when I'm with you those feelings start,

and I must show hope and pretend I can still triumph.

I know now that I will never triumph,

not as long as there are witches beneath that devil.

And furthermore, this is the final time,

for I have been full of emptiness since my hope failed.

I've told you my story; there's no more facade,

and we can only wait for the battle to start.

I see you re-write the world from the start,

Claiming it to be the only way we can triumph.

You wished that the demon was no longer a devil,

and your heart saved all souls, throughout all of time,

and I know that even though I have failed,

your wonderful wish broke the world's facade.

Thank you, dearest Madoka.

AN: This is the first time I've ever posted poetry online. To tell you the truth, I rather detest most poetry, but a good friend of my wrote a poem in this interesting form and I thought it was worth a try. I'm considering possibly writing poems like this from the perspective of each magical girl; what do you think? Just tell me if you think it's terrible; I won't do anything else.