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Bodies gyrated in the large space, music pulsing through the half-naked bodies, thumping and feeding into the lust filled air.

Dom sat amongst his comrades, Vince and Leon completely enthralled in alcohol and the asses swaying in front of them.

"Gisele! Come take care of my man, Dom." Campos ordered, calling one of the many beautiful women from the crowd to provide whatever wicked services Dom desired.

He eyed her lean body, a little too skinny, though beautiful, with a smirk.

He looked away as Gisele began swaying her hips in front of him, gyrating as best as her narrow hips would allow, causing Dom to note she was more suited to be in front of someone's camera, rather than as his entertainment.

His eyes gravitated to the bar as he noticed a woman fully clothed, yet more provocative than all others he'd been tempted with.

He smiled when he noticed her face break into a throaty laugh, her head tossed back as her chest vibrated, her full lips curved up into a grin. He realized, almost no sooner than it had happened, she had returned to her previous position, predatory and nonchalant as her arms crossed over her ample chest.

Her hair, cascading down her back in unruly waves, tickled her bare lower back as he eyed her flat stomach and adorable belly button.

Standing suddenly, he gently nudged Gisele out of his way as he made his way to the bar.

Letty reached out, grabbing a beer from the bartender, and turned to lean her back against the bar as she tilted the bottle up and gulped down the cool liquid.

"You're overdressed." He teased, not bothering to look at her as he spoke.

"You're outta line." She countered, looking sideways at him as she replied.

The bartender, Roman, chuckled lightly at the beginning of their chat, noting the obvious pit falls of this conversation.

"I didn't mean to offend you. I like my women with class."

"Your women? The fact that you said that 'plural' and in relation to me is laughable."

"Is it?" He countered, finally turning to look at her.

He noted she was even more beautiful up close. Her caramel skin and chocolate eyes drowning him instantly.

"I think you're beautiful. And definitely more my speed. That 'I dont give a fuck attitude' is turning me on. I just want to know, what it's gonna take tonight?" He asked, dead-ass serious in his approach.

"A helluva lot more than you puffing your chest at me and using those sorry ass lines and that weak ass game. You are cute, though." She smiled, turning to knock knuckles with Roman before she turned to leave.

Dom caught her arm as she made a move to go, trapping her between himself and a stool.

"Were we done talking?" He asked.

"I don't know what you were doing, but I was. And don't ever touch me." She warned, a smile playing on her lips.

"Be careful what you ask for. Later on, you're gonna eat those words." He teased back, making sure his chest was pressed into hers, causing her to hold onto his waist to keep herself upright.

"Tonight isn't gonna end well for you." She sighed, looking into his eyes.

"Nights with you always end well for me, Letty. Let's not play the game."

"If my cousin sees us, he's gonna try to either kill you, or force you to marry and make an honest woman outta me."

"I like your primo, but when it comes to us, and what we do, fuck your cousin. You know me well enough to know that I ain't scared of nobody."

"Damn, Dom. Don't say fuck, you know how I get when you talk dirty."

"I know how you get when I don't say anything at all. Why we still downstairs?" he asked, his hands moving down her back to the globes of her ass and back up to her waist.

"You know where my room is." She propositioned, stepping away from him and making her way up the winding staircase to her chambers.

Dom watched her leave first, then nodded to Vince, signaling where he'd be.

As he made the short trip up the stairs and then down the hallway, he was happy that the music thumping below would drown out all sounds they made tonight. As he neared her door, he could hear another rumble of rhythm, smoother and more seductive than what was going on below.

Pushing her doors open, he realized her lights were red and her clothes were mostly gone.

"Why does my cousin try to push his whores on you?" she sighed, watching as he walked towards her slowly, stripping his clothes off.

"Gentlemen's courtesy. He doesn't know about us, Let, so he wants me to partake in the spoils he can offer, which I'd take him up on if I wasn't otherwise occupied."

"Please don't ruin the mood by saying something stupid, Dom. I really wanna fuck you." She groaned, trying to ignore the sudden irritation.

"We've been doing this long enough for you to know that you're not replaceable. And we both know none of the boys your cousin wants you with can make you feel the way I can. So lay down and let me give you what you want. Unless you're still on that "don't touch me" bullshit?" he questioned.

"Buster." She sighed, laying back into her massive bed, surrounded by pillows and a silk comforter as she allowed him to crawl over her.

"Hey." He greeted softly, leaning down to kiss her passionately, before pulling away and parting her legs.

"Hey." She smiled back, her eyes hooded as he encouraged her to lift her hips as he drug her panties down her legs.

"I missed you these past few days. I'm sorry we couldn't get away." He apologized, leaning down to kiss her bare stomach.

"Yea, I'm tired of sneaking around. I know what my cousin does is dangerous, but the fact of the matter is, he's killed men for a lot less than fucking his little cousin."

"Well, I'm in love with his cousin. Maybe that will make the difference." He rumbled against her chest, his lips trailing to her breast, mouth closing around a nipple.

"Maybe." She answered, her hands sliding to the back of his head as she held him to her. "I can't chance anything happening to you, Dom."

"I don't need you to protect me, Letty." He whispered into her lips after pulling away from her breast.

"I don't need you telling me what you need." She whispered back, snaking her tongue out of her mouth, licking his bottom lip.

He made a sound somewhere between a sigh and a growl as he pulled her arms above her head, laying himself fully on top of her.

"Grab the headboard." He ordered, kissing her chin as he reached between them, wrapping his hands around his member.

He smirked as she obeyed, the movement pushing her chest hard against his. He positioned himself at her opening, and watched the play of emotions wash over her face as he pressed himself into her.

As her hips shuddered at his invasion, he leaned down into her ear after placing a soft kiss to her jawline.

"Feels good?" He purred, before licking the outer shell of her ear.

"No games tonight, remember?" She reminded, her legs wrapping around his back.

"It's just a question, baby." He smirked before he began to move.

"Boss. I got something you gotta see." Fenix informed, walking into Campos' office.

"Yea?" he asked, swirling his glass as an un-named woman moved her head in his lap.

"It's important." He emphasized, nodding towards the whore.

"Dejamé!" he ordered, pushing her roughly before putting himself back in his pants. The woman stood and scurried out of the room, closing the door behind her.

"What's so important you couldn't wait until that was finished?"

"Cameras have Dominic going into Leticia's bedroom tonight. They don't have him coming out."

Campos started laughing then, his eyes cold and eerily evil.

"My little Leticia? My tom-boy cousin? Out of all the bitches I parade in front of him and he's still arrogant enough to touch my family?" Campos questioned, standing suddenly.

"What you want us to do?" Fenix asked, waiting on instructions.

"Drag him out!" he ordered, downing the remainder of his drink and turning himself towards the fire.

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