Chapter 10 – Vengeance

After the events of the day and formulating the plan for the night with their friends, Dom took Letty back to his beach house. The place where he'd lived in his own despair for far too long.

When she walked inside the house she looked around trying to digest that there were nearly two years of his life that she hadn't been a part of. This was where he had spent that time. She ran her fingers along his things and touched all his furniture. She just roamed throughout the house memorizing this space.

His space? How could he have a space that didn't include her?

Dom watched her closely. He took in every expression. Every grimace and furrow of her brow, wondering what was on her mind but not wanting to interrupt her thoughts. Partially scared to hear them.

"So this is where you were?" She turned to him and finally spoke.

As she studies his features he nods. His expression reminds her of a reprimanded child.

"I can't believe how close you were all this time," she said in disbelief. Tears stung her eyes at her lost time with him.

How could he have stayed away from her?

"Yea. Close." He drifted, looking away from her.

"Why did you stay gone so long? Why didn't you let me know right away?" She wondered, her mind finally putting all the pieces of his absence together.

He took a deep breath and then turned to look at her, straight on.

"I did come back. After I was healthy enough, I came back for you. At the benefit last year. When I saw you, you were with Fenix. You looked…happy. So I left." He admitted, watching the horror sink into her features as she realized she'd been trapped in this hell longer than necessary.

For a moment she couldn't speak. She couldn't find words to reply.

"You just left? How could you do that? Do you have any idea what happened to me when I thought they murdered you?" She accused, her voice going higher in pitch as she realized that his leaving had been voluntary.

"I thought I was doing the right thing. It destroyed me in ways I can't describe when I saw you kiss him. You didn't flinch or cringe or look disgusted. You leaned into him. You smiled like you used to smile for me."

Her insides turned in knots at his words. Didn't he know her at all?

"How could you think that I would ever choose anyone or anything over you? I gave you everything I had. Even the parts of me I couldn't live without. You were my everything." She poured out, her eyes rimming with unshed tears.

She clenched her fists open and closed, suppressing the unnatural urge to claw at her skin and hair. It felt like his admission was killing her again.

"I know. And I'm sorry, baby. But you have to understand, I didn't know what was going on. I'm a victim in all of this too. I was forced to be without you. I was left for dead. Your face is what got me through. And your façade is what kept me away. I would never hurt you. I thought me staying dead was what you needed at the time. I'm sorry."

Letty gasped for breath before speaking again.

"This situation is just so fucked up. I feel like I can't breathe. So what have you been doing? What happened to you that night?" she asked, trying to change the subject. She didn't like the anger that began creeping its way into her veins. The last thing she wanted was to feel distant from him. She loved him. Their second chance was enough for her to swallow whatever bitter pill the circumstances warranted.

She listened carefully as he weaved a tale of the night he left her, what Fenix had done and how he'd been found by Mia's boyfriend.

Her fists clenched again as her teeth began grinding, her nostrils flaring in unfathomable anger.

"So all of that you fought through and you let me kissing another man keep you away from me? Jesus, Dominic! I don't know whether to slap you or apologize!" She bit out, staring at him as he sat on his couch with a heavy sigh.

"I don't want to fight with you. As a matter of fact, I'm not going to fight with you." He advised sternly, causing her to arch a perfect eyebrow in indignation.

"Oh really?" she scoffed.

"Really. I can't concern myself with you being pissed at me because right now, I know it'll end with us making up and in bed somewhere."

"You're pretty fucking cocky for someone who just admitted that he walked away from me willingly a year ago."

He stood lightning fast, almost scaring her as he pinned her to the adjacent wall.

"Never say that. Never try to convince yourself that any of this was by choice or will. There is nothing I want more in this world than you. Nothing." He growled, causing her to look into his eyes as his chest pressed against hers.

She nodded her head in silence as her arms wrapped around his middle, holding him still so she could rest her had against his chest.

"Okay." She finally exhaled, his arms coming around her.

"Okay." He solidified, squeezing her tightly.

Just like that he lifted her into his arms and onto the counter, pulling her out of her pants.

He wasted no time lowering his jeans on his hips and connecting their bodies in a frenzy of wild passion.

If his words didn't convince her is his love than his body most certainly would.

That night, Letty and Dom meet with Brian, Han, Roman, Vince and Leon who all agreed to have their backs when the night's events inevitably got heated. Han and Brian, Dom's new family, easily fitting in with the family Dom had before his disappearance.

Dom needed little convincing to understand that Letty needed to be the one to take Arturo's life. It was the only way she'd be able to move forward and function in her own life. The hurt and bitterness she had carried like a heavy boulder could only be released through ending his life. Repayment for her suffering.

When the team arrives at the drop location they are extra cautious as they move into position to give Campos the surprise of his life. His buyer wouldn't be there tonight.

After a long wait, finally the large garage doors of the warehouse slowly open and Fenix and Campos drive in with their men. Neither of them sensing anything is off. The realization only made once they were out of the car and the hulking figure of Dominic Toretto back from the dead steps out of the shadows to greet them.

They still aren't able to get over the shock of seeing him even though they had known about him being alive for hours.

The small group of men that was left of Campos' security detail is on instant alert. Weapons drawn and bullets flying.

The gunshots ring out loudly in the confined space. The commotion descending upon them from the surrounding shadows unnerved the guards. Making them sloppy and much too easy to pick off.

Leon and Vince jump out in the middle of the action taking down men closest to Letty and Dom. They are determined that if nothing else, the lovers walk out of here tonight unharmed. They would suffer no more separation.

They kill and injure nearly half of the men within minutes.

With Brian, Han and Roman covering them from every angle.

Fenix and Campos head back to their car intent on fleeing the scene, but Dom is too fast.

Before they reach the doors Dom is on Fenix. His fist is in Fenix's mouth, once, twice, three times. Blood immediately pouring from Fenix's face.

Dom's punch to Fenix's gut doubles the man over with a loud groan. Dom is filled with the rage of the beating he was issued that night. He releases that anger into multiple body blows and a final punch in the mouth that splays Fenix against the driver's side door.

Then there is a gun to Dom's head and he releases his hold on Fenix.

Quicker than lightening he turns on the man and elbows him in the face.

Han is immediately beside him and puts a bullet in the distracter for his trouble.

Fenix makes it into the opened door during Dom's wavered attention.

Before Campos can join him in his escape, Letty kicks the passenger car door shut barring his exit.

Loyalty gives way to self preservation and Fenix throws the car in reverse as Dom moves towards him. Peeling away from the scene and leaving his boss on his own. Carrying with him no guilt at his desertion.

Dom jumps into his own ride and immediately is in pursuit of his would be murderer. He didn't get away from this.

Letty puts the barrel of her gun across her cousin's face bringing him to his knees in front of her. She repeats the action multiple times while her companions finish taking care of the other men.

"Leticia, we're family," he begs miserably for his sorry life. "Please don't do this."

The sight of him in this weakened state reminds her of his treatment when she was in a similar condition. How he stepped over her with no regard and left her broken. Leaving her in the care of 'the help' after ripping out the soul that gave her life.

She punches him one time for the memory.

"I know we're family. That's why it has to be me. I asked you for nothing when I could have demanded everything. You should have never denied me him."

With those last words Letty empties her clip into her cousin's chest and watches with pleasure and enjoyment as the life in his eyes is extinguished.

Vince comes to her side and puts his arm around her to celebrate the moment in silence.

Dom follows his prey down the darkened road leading away from the warehouse where this began. The head start Fenix had on him all but forgotten within a few short minutes.

The chase goes on for a while on a narrow winding road. Dom is directly behind Fenix and Fenix is unable to gain another lead on Dom. He is desperate to shake Dom. He needed to get away. Deep down he already knows that it won't happen.

Dom drives effortlessly around the sharp curves at high speeds. The words 'too easy' come to mind.

In one particularly sharp turn Dom rams the bumper of his adversary's car and spins Fenix out of control. The car plummets through the guardrail and tumbles down a steep decline into a tree awaiting him at the bottom.

The crushed vehicle lands right side up.

When Dom turns his car and maneuvers back to the spot where he forced Fenix from the road he plunges after him in the spot where the guardrail has been destroyed. He sees ahead of him that Fenix has already escaped the confines of the wreckage and is standing next to what used to be his car.

Hearing the roar of Dom's engine Fenix pulls his gun and aims for Dom's windshield. He lets off a series of shots but Dom keeps coming for him. When he realizes that the shots are in vain he attempts to dive out from in front of the car.

However, Dom is faster and nearly upon him. He slams his car into Fenix mid leap and pins his lifeless form to the burning car behind him. His twitching hand is the only proof there was once life in his impaled body.

Dom climbs out of the car and takes a look at his handy work.


Dom looks up at the sound of another engine and the headlights at the top of the hill. The car pulls to a stop and Letty jumps out of the passenger seat.

"Dom!" She shouts down to him.

Dom climbs the hill as fast as he can and goes into her waiting arms. He looks over at Brian in the driver's seat then back down at her.

"What happens now in your revenge fantasy?" He asks the love of his life.

"We ride off into the sunset of course."

Dom gets into the passenger seat and Letty climbs onto his lap as Brian drives away with the sunrise on the distant horizon.


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