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Harem: Uzumaki Harem(Mito, Kushina, Kasumi), Mikoto(?), Mei(?)

(?)- if I feel like it, honestly I started liking red-head harem because of a particular Demonking(cough*DemonkingNaruto*cough), man what an awful cough.

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The sound of water drops hitting the floor was heard throughout the cell. The ark, damp and bleak cell stood tall. Huge bars jotted down the walls, massive golden colored cell with a slip of paper that read 'seal' on it.

Inside stood a gigantic fox, known as the Kyuubi no Yoko. It stood several stories high, red-orange fur and had red-slitted eyes, piercing and cold.

The fox lay awake, watching what was befalling its current host. She was getting beaten, stabbed, burned, and any other form of physical pain they could inflict on her, he sighed. Truthfully he wanted to help the kit, all he could do without tampering with the seal was heal the kits wounds.

He cursed the Yodaime, the man's arrogance was ridiculous. He cursed the Yondaime's wife, Uzumaki Kushina, the one time she just had to lose an argument and it had to involve a life-changing decision of a newborn. He cursed the Sandaime, his manipulative ways as to make the kit loyal to the damn village. He cursed, well pretty much every single being except for a selective few.

He sighed again, how did he get sealed again? Oh right, he thought it would be fun...he was bored after all.

He remembered how it first happened, he was casually going through the continent, looking for any sign of disaster when a human summoned him. The stared at him with some stupid eye mutation, the fool tried to bend me to his will, what arrogance. He swung his tail and sent him hurdling towards a rock canyon. He was just about to leave when the other insect(he's huge, everyone looks like an insect.) was throwing sticks at him from his point of view. The Kyuubi just stood there with a blank expression, inside he was thinking Seriusly! He's throwing fucking sticks at me and trying to drain y near-limitless Chakra?'

He would have broken it and left, human behavior didn't interest him anymore, but then he started feeling a strong pull, he looked down and saw a red-headed female, who he later found out her name was Uzumaki Mito, was using Fuinjutsu and by the looks of it, she was to be his Jinchuuriki. He would have killed her on the spot but then he stopped himself. She was a red-head, he had a thing for red-heads, he blamed Riku-chan(Explained later) for it. he thought to himself, he had been constantly destroying places but that wasn't solving anything, maybe if he got to know humans better, so he 'allowed himself' to be sealed. there's more but that's for ltaer.

He sighed again for the thousandth tie, humans are a waste of life. His 130+ years inside a human showed it.

He looke at the kit again, he wondered why the atackers stopped. Then he was they were really trying to end it. they were going to kill the kit. No fucking way, if there's one thing he hated more than humans were how they abused children and rape and he wasn't going to let either happen on his watch. Now he had to take measures, he looked at the seal holding him, he needed to tweek it a bit.

Living for centuries have an upside you know.

Outside the seal, our resident Jinchuuriki, the pariah of konohagakure, the Heiress to the Uzumaki and Namikaze clan, Uzumaki-Namikaze Kasumi or Uzumaki Kasumi because she knows nothing about her heritage, had been running for her life. She had no trouble outrunning civilians, even with her 8 year ol body, she had lots of practice from running from mobs. It was ninjas she had problems. They hit hard and fast and they use borderline lethal jutsu's. Needless to say, she always got hurt, badly. Every time, the sandaime would go and check up on her, saying how he's sory and she should endure. But she could tell, the Hokage didn't mean it, she might be young but she wasn't an idiot she portrayed herself as. Growing up with swindlers, liers and even reveng ecrazy people that is the village, she could spot a lie, even on shinobi. She coul see that the Hokage had ulterior motives. But she had so little contavt with people, s clung to any that she could.

Currently Kasumi was at the point of fainting. SHe couldn't register what the idiot villagers were doing. try as she might, the darkness of fatigu was robbing her of her consiousness, till she was claimed b sleep.

The villagers were preparing to do the deed when they noticed the rise of chakra, normally they wouldn't have noticed if it weren't for the red bubbly chakra and the ungodly amount of killing intent that came from the little girls body. Then the red chakra receeded into the body, silence. When they thought it was over, a red chakra hand sprang to the nearest village, sneezing the life out of him. thn a second hand came out and hit th ground. Digging into the earth the hand seemed to be pulling itself out. te red chakra formed a face, then ears, then teeth, and finally eyes. Oh kami, those eyes. With a loud roar, sending a shockwave through the village sending it into panic. The villagers looked at the head in rage, awe,and most of all fear, the fox opened its mouth to talk.

"You Pathetic Ningen. You were about to do the one thing I hate above all else, Prepare Yourselves, because you won't be seeing your families again!" It said, the voice was distorted.

"K-kill the demon! It's free!" A villager idiot yelled, a handful of people snapped out of there shocked and rushed the 'emon' only to be headless a second later.

"Fools, if your precious Yondaime couldn't kill me, what makes you think those little strings of metal will!" The Kyuubi snarled. One by one, civilians fell, blood rained throughout the surroundings. When they were all dead, the Kyuubi finally receeded until only Kasumi's eyes were red, but he was still in control. He sensed various chakra signature he recognized, he decided to play with the little monkey. The Sandaime appeared in a swirl of leaves, joining him were various ninja's wearing masks. The Sandaime took a chance to look around and was digusted. Organs, blood, bones everywhere, and in the middle was Uzumaki Kasumi.

The Sandaime growled before showing his 'concerned' facade.

"Kasumi-chan? What happened here?" The sandaime asked.

"Don't you know? It should be obvious." The distorted voice of the young girl said.

"Kyuubi." Sandaime stared in rage.

"In the flesh or should I say, from inside this girl. Now then, why are you hear, you lowly worm." TheKyuubi said.

"What did you do? What happened to kasumi!" Sarutobi yelled, and added the last question as an afterthought.

"Don't pretend like you give a damn about the Kit. I can see it in your soul, you detest the girl, you wish for her to be your puppet. You think she can use my power without my permission. Naive! To use my full powers she needs to be in balance with the Bijuu inside. That will never happen as long as you let the Kit be hurt. Just now I killed these people because they were going to land a fatal strike against the kit." The Kyuubi said.

"So if she dies you'll die too?" The Hokage said with a gleam in his eye. 'Finally a way to get rid of the accursed fox'.

"No, Bijuu are eternal. As long as Chakra exist, we will return. Don't try and conrol me or the Kit, because in the end, you will lose. Now then, I don't want my host dying from my power, she can't handle it yet. I will go back inside the girl. Remember you stupid monkey, if the Kit is almost killed like today, I will come back and slaughter them. Fair warning, kill the Kit and you will suffer the consequences." The Kyuubi controlled Kasumi said. As soon as the red Chakra faded, Kasumi dropped to the ground.

"Hokage-sama, what should we do?" A dog masked Anbu member said.

"Erase her memories of this night and any other, The seal is breaking, I'll call Jiraiya to have it fixed. Clear the roads and never speak of it again." Sarutobi said. The Anbu disappeared to perform their duties.

The Hokage Shushin'ed to his office and slumped to the chair. He hated Kasumi for the untimely death of his Wife, Biwako. She held the Kyuubi and thus he purposely let the shinobi and Civilians alike get away with it. He passed a rule saying that they could not reveal that she was a Jinchuuriki to the younger generation but didn't enforce it. Thus everyone knew she held the Kyuubi. The only ones that didn't abuse her were the Ichiraku's, and Uchiha Mikoto. He wanted to put the girl to death but having a Jinchuuriki in their grasp was too much an opportunity to pass up.

He wanted to control her, make her loyal to Konoha, even if he died. Thus he played the 'grandfather' figure in her life. It was working until now.

He had to wipe her memory. For Konoha, for his Revenge against the fox.

A Yamanaka proceeded to seal Kasumi's memories under the watch of the Hokage. The Yamanaka dived inside her mind and as revenge, he sealed a lot of common functions in her brain before the Kyuubi found and ate him. The Yamanaka was pronounced dead but he accomplished his job. Kasumi became a loud, obnoxious, overly confident girl. The next thing was Jiraiya came and said that the seal was fine, but Sarutobi insisted he put a double layered seal. Dangerous yes but he didn't care. It effectively sealed off the Kyuubi's influence.

The Kyuubi sighed, he could will his Chakra to attack outside threats to the Kit but he couldn't speak to her. The Civilians still attacked but when she was effectively knocked out, the chakra attacked.

Still, the Kyuubi sighed. He wondered how long it woul be before he could talk to the kit. It could take years. But he had time, he looked at his host and watched her, like a parent. The only thing he could do was just watch. It pissed him off.

The Hokage enlisted the Kit into that damn Ninja Academy. The Kit just grinned like an idiot, reminiscent of his past host. The teachers held her back, and the other children constantly made fun of her. But she endured, she was a strong one alright. The apartment that the Hokage gave her was horrendous, and the jumpsuit he gave her was putrid. It was obvious that he wanted her to have no luxury so she was be moved by the most simple gifts and could be found easily.

The kit was an idiot. But a good idiot, something that he liked in a human and was so rare. But it was not a good thing to have when one was a shinobi. He continued to look at his container.

The Kyuubi continued to watch. He snarled inside the cage seeing the stupid monkeys plans working. The Kit was smarter than that but because of what that damn mind walker did, he totally messed things up. If he could connect to the girl again, he could fix it but that opportunity was far away. At least the kit made a few good friends, those Ichiraku's he liked including that Uchiha. Looks like there were good Uchiha around. The Uchiha massacre happened, there were two survivors, Sasuke Uchiha who he now dubbed Emo pretty princess and his Mom, Mikoto Uchiha, who looked out to the kit. She was friends with the previous host so that might be the reason why.

He continued to watch.

The Kit failed her genin exam for the 3rd time now. It was pathetic. He swore that when and if he ever got a hold of the kit, he would train her till she died, bring her back to life and then train her some more. He saw how the Kit was tricked, and how the Hokage authorized lethal force to apprehend her. He watched as her teacher Iruka tried to kill her before he realized she had been tricked by Mizuki. But at least she managed to learn Kage Bunshin. It was a useful technique. Iruka tried to put on his 'older brother' face and apparently his container forgave just about anyone. Great. Now he NEEDED to fix the kit. It was insulting how she could forgive. Screw the gods, he was pretty sure they were pissed too.

But he resigned himself to his fate. Waiting.

He was not a happy symbol of destruction.

The Kit was made a genin after the little scroll incident, pfft. Sarutobi just wanted her to pass so she could go die somewhere not in Konoha. The team she was put on was horrible, dysfunctional from the start. That pink screaming banshee needed to die and the perverted cyclops was worse. He was a bad influence on the Kit, he would die slowly and painfully. He remembered him from his previous host, he was attracted to the previous host, and hated the Yondaime for 'stealing' her. It was pathetic, he was just like those other clan arrogant pricks, and his clan was practically dead. He actually tried to come onto the Kit, because she resembled her mother except for her hair, which was blonde.(Just think of Sexy Jutsu Naruko, not as developed and waist length straight hair)

The teamwork was atrocious. He knew that the Council pushed this particular team through because of the Uchiha. While the others got at least adequate training, the Kits sensei practically left her alone. She has potential, learning Shadow clones in a few hours proved it, also her pranks, they were hilarious but she could keep up with Anbu. How did people miss that?

He hoped this hogwash would end soon.

The Kit was on her first C-rank mission. Somehow the mission got turned into an A-rank because of some guy with half-assed kenjutsu skills called 'The Demon of the Mist'. What bullshit. He was pathetic. But the Kit WAS pretty creative with her little shuriken attack, even though all she did was throw one shuriken and one Kunai...yeah it was pretty pathetic. So was their sensei.

It turned out that the Wave country was being controlled by a nefarious evildoer who was short, stubby and arrogant...how the hell did that happen? Did evil people's criteria change over the last hundred years? But anyways, the Kit learned how to do the tree walking exercise, but she had to spend a week learning it. She needed to start with the lesser controls but her "Sensei' started her out with tree walking. He was hoping to boost the Uchiha's ego, and the banshee was screaming, she's useless.

The fight with the Ice girl was interesting. He could possibly due the same, near infinite chakra and being a being of chakra himself, of course he could do it. Wait...the Uchiha fell, and the Kit is angry, he's a dusche kit, no need to feel sorry about it. Wait...It's breaking.


Lets see here, do this, place this on that. Move that there. And bingo. Her brain is fixed. Permanent link to her conciousness. Now all she needs to do is sleep and go inside her mind...which she's doing right now...this Will be fun.


"Ugh...what happened, last thing I remember was fighting a whole bunch of thugs and now...where the hell am I?" Kasumi wondered. She was in what seemed to be a prison house, the room glowed an sick golden glow. She couldn't tell why but something seemed to be calling her from the farthest room. She instinctively started walking towards that direction.

Swish Swush Swish Swrsh.

Water sloshed beneath her, icky and black. Where the hell was she? And how come there's a huge golden door?"

"Come closer..."

She stepped slowly towards the gate.


She quickened the pace.


She was in front of the gate, it was bigger than she thought. There was a paper in the middle, as she tried to pierce through the darkness, she made out a shape. It was...huge.


"Gah!" She fell backwards, startled at the object in front of her. It was the Kyuubi no Yoko. The Demon Fox. Why the hell was it here? And...why the hell is it laughing?

"HAhahahahaha!, you should have seen your face, it was priceless. Who would have thought you would have been scared of a simple spook." The Kyuubi said.

"Who the hell are you? Wait never mind, why the hell are you here, you're suppose to be dead, but you can't be dead if you're here, wait a second I know why you're hear, your hear because you're sealed inside me. What the hell do you want?" Kasumi screamed.

The Kyuubi sweatdropped, man was she annoying, but then again her thinking process was increasing, maybe she started to notice. Yup, a whole bunch of things were happening inside her head, he could tell, they WERE inside her head.

'What's...this...what the hell...Jiji...he...wants to kill me...Kakashi...no Hakate is a pedo!...what did you do to me!" Kasumi snarled.

"Easy there kit, you should remember about now, just think about it. When did you start acting differently?" Kyuubi asked.

Her mind was racing...she saw herself so...pathetic...a true dobe. When did that happen...wait...jiji...I mean teme erased my memories...and more..." She said.

"Bingo kit. Luckily my Chakra pretty much has your genetic structure copied, even your brain so it was easy to fix." Kyuubi said.

"is that even possible?" Kasumi asked.

"Yup, you ningens just don't understand the full capacity of Chakra." Kyuubi said.

"Oh and you do, fluffy."

"...Well I am a being made of Chakra, so basically I have to understand myself, and I've had centuries to do that." Kyuubi said, he didn't mind the fluffy remark, Riku-chan often called him that.

"Whatever. So, why did you call me? It can't be because you wanted to talk." Kasumi snapped.

"Well, it was part of it, I haven't talked to someone in like 140 years, cut me some slack, my previous hosts just screamed or just stared, no type of contact at all, so they really couldn't use my chakra." Kyuubi said.

"Wait, you mean there were other containers for you? Who were they? and what do you mean they couldn't use your chakra, I just did." Kasumi said.

"You could use my chakra because I let you, the other ones just pretty much demanded it, so like hell I'll give it to them. If they want it, they gotta say please. And as for the other containers, I had two. The first one was the Shodaime's wife, Uzumaki Mito, and the second one was your mother, Uzumaki Kushina." Kyuubi said, Kasumi's eyes widening.

"My mother? Wait...who was my father, who why can I think differently...and why the hell are you nice! Aren't you suppose to be some megalomaniac trying to destroy the world." Kasumi said.

"Relax kit." "Stop calling me Kit!" "Fine, Kasumi. I think you've gotten enough information right now, I'll tell you bit by bit. I established a link between us, and just so you can have your privacy, I set up a mute, so you can shut me off. As for the second question, no. I am not a megalomaniac, that's just something you guys came up with on your own. How the hell can you assume something if you haven't talked to the person himself right?" Kyuubi said.

Kasumi flinched, she had just done what the villagers had been doing all her life, she wasn't any different right now.

"Sorry." She muttered.

"Meh, Common mistake, anyways, you should get going, its time to wake up." Kyuubi said.

"How do I leave?" Kasumi wondered.

"Just think of waking up, be careful out there, try acting like your dobe-self to not draw suspicion. Just talk via mind if you want to chat. Oh and before I forget, don't tell anyone you came into contact with me, be creative and make up a good lie." Kyuubi said.

"Thanks umm...is your name Kyuubi or Yoko or what?" Kasumi wondered as she felt herself leave the mindscape.

"Oh right, its been a while since I told someone my name. The last person that called me by my name is long gone but I guess I can tell you." Kyuubi said.

She was waking up but she could hear his name clearly.

"My name is Naruto."

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