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A Fight against a Natural Disaster

Some time had passed since he met the red headed girl, she was… well he had no words to describe her. Maybe unpredictable was the best word to use, maybe unique? But all he knew was that for some reason she was dedicated to following him, for what he had no idea.

"Come on, it's no fun if you don't say a single thing! Say something Naruto!" She screamed at him, in all honesty he was better without her, but he couldn't exactly tell her that, she was far too interesting for a human, if she was human to begin with.

"-and then I went like 'whoosh!' and then I fell. But other than that I still can't figure it out. Come on Naruto help me out like last time!." She said pleadingly.

"I'm afraid that my power and yours are quite different, as I've already told you. Your…-sigh-…'magic-do-it-all-energy' as you've named it is entirely different. You have to figure it out on your own Riku." Naruto told his bothersome companion.

"But-but last time you told me I found out what I could do. Come on will you at least point me in the right direction? Please please please, otherwise I won't stop talking about those 'brats of yours' as you call them." The now named Riku said haughtily as she pointed her nose to the sky in smugness.

Naruto's eye twitched, how could he have forgotten about those children of hers. So young and she already had two boys, not by her choice obviously. Ever since he got her out of that shrine -prison- she had been following him, he might have called it hero worship but she was anything but a follower.

She wouldn't stop talking about those brats of hers, she mothered them rotten, though they were still infants, she had been thrilled when she found them and saddened when she had to leave them to come to their current 'adventure of a lifetime' as she proudly proclaimed to the heavens.

He asked himself whether or not it was a good idea to free her.

"Fine." He relented, he didn't want to hear anything about the kids, he asked himself how in the world could she keep talking about them if they were barely born.

"Yatta!" She yelled out, pumping her hands in triumph.

He looked at the eccentric adult/young lady maybe? doing some kind of weird happy dance that involved various props from out of nowhere, that made no sense, how the hell did she get them?

He kept wondering about her powers. He could immediately tell what it was, it was raw power, both physical and spiritual powers combined and given a state of matter that she could produce. It was a mystery to him how she acquired them, maybe it was a genetic mutation but he wasn't sure.

But he could tell the power behind was limitless.

But that power could also be dangerous, just like a fire or a hurricane, if not contained or prepared for the consequences, it could be disastrous. It could not be left in the hands of the humans. They had already brought a beast of immeasurable power that sleeps even now, he would not let the only chance he might have to gain power slip from his grasp.

And the person that had the powers was a klutz, hotheaded, and frankly stupid.

It made no sense, how could a power like that be entrusted to…HER!

Where had that power come from?

Who gave it to her?

What was its potential?

Many questions ran through his head, but unfortunately they were silenced by Riku whom seem to notice he wasn't paying attention to her, which made her angry for some reason.


"Damn it! Stop with that itchy trigger finger you call a hand!" Naruto yelled out, rubbing his head. It hurt a lot for some reason, he would have retaliated if he knew wasn't aware that he thought too much.

"Hn. Shows you, never ignore me, or I'll make your life extra hard. Believe it!" She scoffed at him, avoiding eye contact, she always got flustered when he attempted to stare into her eyes.

"If you keep doing that, it's going to become a verbal tick you know." Naruto pointed out, he noticed from time to time she repeated some odd words that had no meaning, it always made her self-conscious whenever she used them.

" No way, 'like' it will never happen." She said apparently flustered at her screw up.

"Who knows, it might be passed down to your children." Naruto commented.

"As if, I'll never let that happen!" She yelled out.

"By the way, for your next exercise for your…(sigh) Magic-do-it-all-energy… try to get things to stick to you, if you can make your body stronger with it, then your body can do many more things with that power, its just a manner of experimenting." Naruto said.

"Hey, don't change the subject!" Riku cried out.

"In order to do that-"

"Teme!" She yelled out.

"Yes darling?" Naruto commented back with a sweet voice, earning the girls flustered response.

"Y-You! Don't say that, it's embarrassing!" She said, her face becoming as red as her hair.

"How about honey?"



"Not on your life!"


"Fuck you!"

"You would love that, wouldn't you?"

"NNNGH!" Her face grew even redder as she stomped off, ignoring the evil laugh from her traveling companion. He just loved to get her flustered, he wouldn't admit it, but she grew on him, just a bit, a teeny-weeny bit. He enjoyed her company…very few times, most of the time she was annoying.

It wasn't her fault she fell for him! He knew it too and he constantly picked on her for that. She'd get him back for it though, she just had to think of how. Maybe…yes, maybe if she could get him to fall for her, then she could get him all hot and bothered like she was right now. Then she could seduce him and make him make love to her and then have a happy life toge-woah!

She shook the thought of, damn her imagination, damn the man who saved her, damn him for his personality, the personality that seemed cruel but was actually kind and willing to help for no reason. He tried to play the bad guy on her many times to get her away from himself, but she could see through that.

He wanted her away from him so she wouldn't get hurt, he knew he was going on a path through self-destruction and didn't want anyone along for the ride. He was suicidal, he didn't give a damn about his life if he could save someone else even if they hated him for being a demon. His selflessness was probably what attracted her to him in the first place.

She knew her body was desirable, if it wasn't for the various 'holy' priest as they called themselves that forced themselves upon her thinking that they were worthy of her body or the various passerby's they ran into on the road, how they leered at her body hungrily with lust filled eyes. Honestly it scared her half the time. It reminded her of her days in that jail they called a shrine.

They were very attentive to her figure, believing that she should look like a very desireable maiden to appease the gods. She unconsciously moved her hands through her body. Her long red hair that moved like silk, her very ample bust that caught many wandering eyes attention, her curvy figure, her apparently 'cute' face, she honestly thought her body wasn't worth the attention.

She at first thought he would be all over her like the 'priest' and remained at arm's length of him, despite being her rescuer she still feared him for his…species, a demon.

Then when he blatantly ignored her and didn't even spare a glance, it annoyed her for some reason. Then she tried to be affectionate, and he turned even colder than snow. After departing, or rather she followed him for some reason she wasn't sure herself, she saw the deeds that he did.

He didn't come to rescue her for some reward, she was half-expecting him to tell her to spread her legs in all honesty, or for some self proclaimed hero, he was just there, all a coincidence.

When she asked him why he rescued her, she wasn't expecting the words to be 'Why not?'. It stumped her. No hero talk, no mission to save a damsel, no 'mating' as she would assume a demon would do, it was all just a coincidence.

He followed his own justice on could say, his own conviction. If he had the power to help, he would, just as simple as that. No right or wrong, black or white…nothing just fight for what he believed in, and if turned bad, he would say he wouldn't regret it because it was his choice to make, his alone.

It inspired her, the demon or man whatever he was had a way of life not many would take, and she looked up to him. She followed him and saw the power of his conviction, fighting even when they shunned him after rescuing someone.

But he didn't care.

She slowly started falling for him, she wasn't sure when or how but she just was. He changed her life, her views and her heart, and for the better. When she found out her powers, she was ecstatic, she would be able to help him, but he just laughed and told her she wasn't ready.

But she was stubborn, she wanted to be acknowledged by him, so she trained her body. But it didn't go as she hoped, she honestly had no idea how to start, so she asked him.

She knew she wasn't smart, being confined made her very oblivious and had to put it bluntly, no originality, Naruto told her she had talent but she didn't know how to draw it out.

So he tested the power.

He asked her to let it envelop her body, as she did she could feel her body tense, but she grew tired quickly from expelling the 'power'. Then he asked her to keep it in her body but spread it through her body. She did just that, but there was a problem.

He touched her all over!

He was examining what it did to her body but every time he touched or breathed on her, it made her hot and bothered. After a while, he told her to punch a sapling, much to her relief but she didn't expect the result.

She broke it.

Sure it was pretty thin but she wasn't expecting it to topple over, she knew she wasn't strong but the result was more devastating than they both thought.

She cried out in victory, proclaiming she could take anyone.

Naruto said she was being an idiot and she was getting arrogant.

She frowned and challenged him, believing her new powers could kick ass.

And ass was kicked.

Unfortunately it was hers.

Then he reprimanded her, saying that power was useless without the control and skill. She sulked for the rest of the day until Naruto brought her her favorite food to cheer her up, though he wouldn't admit it he would say that he got it from the spur of the moment.

That's what she liked about him, hard on the outside, but a total sweet-heart on the inside and she wanted it for herself, in his comforting embrace.

Her body meant nothing to him, that was for sure. Even if he said that she should leave, she knew that he knew that she wouldn't leave. He may have an ulterior motive of her powers but in all honesty she didn't care, she liked him too much to care.

She knew he wouldn't hurt her intentionally.

That's why she was ready to give it all to him, her body and soul and hopefully her heart.

The tale of the demon and his angel continues…

(Outskirts of Kirigakure)

Naruto rubbed his head for a while, he could have sworn he passed out for a second and took a trip down memory lane, but he shook it off, there was no time to be thinking about the past at the moment, right now he had to fight his little brother…

In a human form…

With human powers…

Sometimes it sucked to be him.

The stupid turtle he called his technical brother Isobu threw a bunch of building and debris at him, he dodged them but a rock hit him in the chin, and a quick knockout before he woke up again.

He forgot how weak a human body was, it wasn't even a flesh wound and he still got knocked out. He righted himself in the air and landed on a long deformed pole that stuck out of the ground, he looked around curiously, as if he had just arrived, he had actually.

He looked everywhere and seemed like Isobu went on a rampage, which was strange because he was one of the more passive Bijuu's. Even if it was the human container's influence, he would never lend his strength to him if it meant causing blind destruction. He looked to his right and in the distance saw a bunch of people scrambling to get away while the beast was distracted. One figure stood out from all of them as she looked battered but still willng to fight.

He couldn't help but smile at the person's willpower.

But that had to end, being suicidal was good from time to time but being stupidly suicidal was not.

"Hey, get out of here!" He screamed out, pointing in the opposite direction of the charging turtle bijuu.

Mei Terumi, leader of the Rebellion looked at the what seemed to be a teenager giving her orders. She would have ignored him at first but she had to face the facts, she was dead tired, sore, and mentally exhausted, she was in no condition to fight, and the boy seemed to be able to hold his own and apparently Sanbi had something against him so it might work in their favor but she really couldn't leave it at that.

It was their fight, not his. They had been fighting for years and out of nowhere the teenager in front of them swoops in to steal the show, whether it was intentional or not, it reeked something foul in her head.

He might have been taking advantage of the situation and weakening Kirigakure by not interfereing in the past or he could be seeking to capture the Sanbi, or he could have been the puppet master to Yagura all the time, but she had no evidence.

She was about to tell him off because honestly, she was too tired to care about appearances, especially when her clothes was currently ripped and torn from various places. But she knew she stood no chance to a Bijuu, especially when there seal master died yesterday, thus the only way to kill the Bijuu was to kill Yagura, who was going berserk. Even if the person did try to capture the Bijuu, she knew she couldn't do anything to stop it, either lose a bijuu and win the war or lose her life and have a captured Bijuu.

"Don't die!" She yelled out, really what else could she say? Thank you for letting us run with our tails between our legs? Or thank you for taking our bijuu? She shook her head, she was starting to get a headache, maybe she should rethink her earlier conversation with the rebels about becoming the Mizukage after the war, she really didn't want to deal with the headache that she would get from it.

As they started leaving, Naruto tilted his head and mumbled, "What an odd thing to say." Looking at his brother bijuu who seemed to struggle between waiting patiently and going berserk, he dusted himself off from imaginary dust.

"So are you ready Isobu? I may not have Youki right now but my human body should be good enough to be able to take a bijuu on.

Isobu let out a loud bellow that sent a shockwave creating waves throughout the battlefield, it lifted itself and began to roll towards Naruto, its spiky shell crushing anything and everything in its path..

"You and our siblings always wanted to fight me for some reason. Even you, one of the most passive would get excited to fight me. Well, there's no helping it, as the oldest it's my responsibility to discipline you guys. Come!" Naruto yelled out, facing the giant rolling turtle.

It was truly man against nature.


Kasumi was running through the village, ignoring the glares and the occasional whisper, which was far less than usual, she assumed it was because they didn't want the foreigners to hear about their 'good' deeds they did to Kasumi.

The villagers knew it was bad what they were doing but hatred is like that, illogical and corrupts even the most noble under the right conditions.

She was currently running towards her apartment complex to see the manager Mikoto Uchiha. She was the landlord for the place, after the Uchiha Massacre she hadn't been the same. She still went on with her life but she seemed so…hollow.

Her Other as she decided to name it was around but never involved as mush as she should have been. Only chats every once in a while, payments for the building, and her other was oblivious when the women needed someone to talk to. Actually she wondered why Sasuke was never around, or rather why was he living apart?

"Hello, Mikoto-baasan!" She yelled out, charging in like the idiot she was suppose to be acting as. It seemed that Jiraiya was still knocked out or he was peeking on girls again, because if he wasn't then she would have Anbu after her cute little ass.

Yes, she was confident in her own body, it was one of the few things that she had control over.

Mikoto Uchiha looked up from her blank stare as the charging blonde stopped right in front of her and gave her a wide grin while calling out her name.

The girl always seemed to find a way to cheer her up.

Mikoto couldn't help but give a melancholy smile every time she saw the girl, it brough up many mistakes she made in the past.

While she wasn't Kushina's closest friend, she was close enough to argue against some of her more crazy ideas she had in what she called her brain. She like many of Kasumi's parents friends pretty much ignored or remained or rather forced themselves to turn a blind eye to the childs suffering.

In truth, they were afraid, afraid of the repercussions and stigma that was gained for caring for a Jinchuuriki. They knew better than the civilians of course but to be isolated from everyone, it's a disaster for ninjas. Ninja's who look for many methods of stress relief because of their work, if they associated with a Jinchuuriki, it would most likely lead to much more stress than it would regularly be obtained and there was a potential missing-nin that could arise from it.

There was also the fact that they had their own family to take care of, they wouldn't be able to protect them, themselves and do their jobs while fighting against the whole village.

Mikoto began thinking how badly she had betrayed her friend, while she tried to make up at least a bit, she still had her own problems to deal with.

One thing she had to do was keep what happened in the Uchiha Massacre a secret. It disgusted her to say that event but it was deserved she would say, they, as in along with her, tried to take over the leaf village. Unfortunately, Itachi, her own son was loyal to the village and informed them of the rebellion. Although she had no idea how Itachi managed to kill all the Uchiha without any other people in the village hearing, although she had assumptions he didn't do it alone, she somehow survived being stabbed by her son by a very small percentage, a lot of luck, and a lot of willpower.

Itachi was aiming for a kill, she was certain, and the aftereffects of the event left her very alone and very scared.

She was an intelligent woman, but she did not know much about politics and the like, so she was out of her element.

Sasuke went on to swear to avenge the clan and do it alone, she called him an idiot and he ignored her and left to find his own path, her own son abandoned her.

To make matters worst, the Hokage held the fact that she was part of the rebellion to hold control over the Uchiha clan. All she could do was stand and watch as her son was corrupted by the village. She knew she didn't have much longer before they made her into a breeding stock, the only reason they haven't yet was because Sasuke wasn't strong enough, but as soon as he gains Jonin rank, they would expel her from her position on the council and make her a baby maker to 'repopulate' the Uchiha clan.

She was being watched at all times, she had no way out and the years have made her stagnant on whatever training she did prior, all she could do was take solace that she was teaching her friends daughter the things her mother should have, whether or not they stayed.

"Hello Kasumi-chan, how are you today?" She responded in an affectionate voice.

"I'm really excited for the Chuunin exam, I'm going to win it all –ttebayo!" She responded, in full giddiness.

Mikoto gave out a sigh, she couldn't tell her that she had no chance of becoming a Chuunin, the village wouldn't let her move up and 'gain' more power. She had also heard what her son wanted to do with the girl, he wanted her to be put in her place for defying him, if it was in another time and everything was as she would have liked, she and Kuahina would have been squealing in joy knowing that her son had a thing for her friends daughter, but now it was just sick.

"Yes dear, I'm sure you'll do great. But be careful out there, you know how much I worry." MIkoto said, concerned.

"Don't worry Mikoto-obasan, I'll kick ass all over the stadium that the whole place will have to be quarantined because it'll smell so bad." She said.

MIkoto just smiled, she was as bad as threatening people as her mother, the only time she was good at it was when she was pissed or kicking a person's ass for the hell of it.

"Umm…Mikoto-san, can I ask you a question?" Kasumi said, as she now looked anxious and nervous…very unusual.

"Go ahead Kasumi-chan, what is it?" She responded, it was kind of strange to see the normal ball of energy Kunoichi in front of her looking so nervous.

"Well… how do you know when you like someone?" Kasumi said, fidgeting a bit.

"…Eh?" She said, not completely believing what she just said.

"Well…actually never mind, I shouldn't be talking about it. Ah! Look at the time I got to run, bye Mikoto-obasan." She yelled out, running into the crowd. What was she thinking? There was no way she liked that fuzzbutt…right?

"Did…Did she just….Heh…Haha…Hahahaha…how adorable!" Mikoto suddenly squealed out. She couldn't believe it! Her friends daughter and to an extent her pseudo daughter just came asking to know about her love interest. She was sad that she wouldn't get something like this because she didn't have a daughter, it was always one of little niche to have a daughter and talk to her about her love interest, she would have rubbed it in her face for years!

"Ah! I didn't even get a name! Such a shame." She sighed, finally some entertainment and it walked out the door.

It was strange but she got the feeling that things were going to take a turn for…well she couldn't tell but it would definitely be worth watching.

(Kirigakure outskirts)

"Man, you don't give up do you Isobu?" Naruto said, as he watched the turtle monster charge at him once more.


"Jeez, why do I get all the sibling love? Why not go for Shikaku, I'm sure he would enjoy mindless destruction." Naruto sighed, how come all his brothers had some sort of crazy personality?


"Shut up will you! I get it, round 4! Start!" He cried out.

Naruto ran through the turbulent water that Sanbi was causing and evading the tails that he was flailing wildly. Sanbi started to call up a mist to obscure Naruto's vision but thanks to years of being a sensor, he could tell which way Sanbi was.

Gahering his chakra, he took a huge gulp of air before screaming,

"Sonic Roar!"

He learned that particular skill after becoming a Bijuu, by channeling vast amount of Chakra into his lungs and throat, he could let out a large howl of sound, which acted as a barrier for many things such as elemental attacks to stopping physical attacks from moving, the roar sent out a shockwave, clearing the mist but as soon as he did, he saw what Sanbi was doing.

"Come on! Again! You guys just love that attack, I should have never taught it to you guys! But no! You guys wanted the 'super awesome ball of doom', stupid chibi version, you guys were cute back then!" He shouted, really Bijuu tended to be one trick ponies.

Sanbi off a bit of distance away could be seen gathering Chakra for a Bijuudama. It was a fairly big one by the looks of it.

"Crap, I know this is going to hurt." Naruto muttered, as he lifted his hand and started to gather energy into it. As he did, white looking chakra started to gather into it. It started shredding and cutting into his human hand and he could feel the jolts of pain coming through his arm.

"This is really turning out to be a crappy day Isobu!" He yelled out as he prepared to launch his attack.

Isobu let out a fierce cry as he prepared to launch his attack, he was just about to swallow it until Naruto cried out.

"Bijuudama Bakuha!" He yelled out, making the glowing orb of white looking chakra flying towards the bigger ball of condensed chakra that was Sanbi's. As the ball hit the Bijuuddama, a ripple of chakra spread through the sphere, showing that the ball was absorbed. As he prepared to eat it, a violent reaction happened.

The Bijuudama exploded right in front of Sanbi's face, making the creature tumble a good distance away, Naruto who was a fair distance away struggled to stay afloat from the after effects of the exploding ball of doom.

"FUCK!" He yelled out as he was swallowed up by a tsunami.

Naruto emerged from the water albeit a bit exhausted from the water pressure "Stupid weak human bodies." He muttered. "Now, where are you Isobu?"

As he said that, he felt a wave of water emerge from behind him. He turned around and he could swear that Sanbi was giving him a glare that could kill. Sanbi opened his mouth and literally tried to eat Naruto, if it wasn't for the handy logs that were floating on the water, he would be turtle food.

"Snap out of it Isobu, don't make me have to make you sleep!" Naruto cried out but it fell on death ears…or whatever turtles have. Naruto jumped back as much as he could before taking out slips of paper that he made while training Kasumi. Running toward the turtle, he jumped on the creatures back and jumped even higher until the bijuu was completely visible in his eyesight.

Throwing the tags in a five pointed star, he waved through hand seals and called out.

"Bijuu tsuihou! (Tail beast Banishment), Go to sleep Isobu!"

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