No clue, it just wouldn't leave me alone...

Short Scene
by Icka! M. Chif

"He's gonna eat meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!" Chuusonji Erii and Sukiyabashi Kotobuki looked up from their picnic as Higashikunimaru Kentarou by, a strange cross of panic and glee on his face.

Shuukaidou Takeshi was right on his heels, looking like he'd be enjoying himself if he wasn't trying so hard to appear angry.

Both Erii and Sukiyabashi blinked, watching the mismatched pair vanish around a corner. "Did he just say 'he's gonna -eat- me'?" Sukiyabashi questioned.

"That's what it sounded like to me." Erii nodded, calmly sipping her tea as she decided to ignore them. For now.

Sukiyabashi tilted his head to the side. "Isn't Higashikunimaru-kun the star of the track team?"


"Then shouldn't he have little difficulty getting away?"

Erii smiled sweetly at her boyfriend. "Sometimes it's more fun not to get away."

"Ah." Sukiyabashi nodded, mulling over the idea.

Comfortable silence encompassed the sweethearts until it was broken by the sound of footsteps pounding by. Takeshi ran by at top speed, his blue eyes wide in panic. Kentarou followed on his heels.

"Takepoooooooooon!!!" Kentarou called, a wide grin threatening to split his face. "Come back here and eat me!"

Sukiyabashi smiled serenely, watching them disappear into the distance. "They really are good friends, aren't they?"

Erii sweatdropped.


*chants to self* We are not becoming a CLAMP Ho... We are not becoming a CLAMP Ho... We are not becoming a CLAMP Ho... _