Because all of Kenpi's ass references in the TokyoPop version of Duklyon were really disturbing.


"Oi! Takepon!" Kentarou leaned out of the car and shouted at his best friend. Takeshi, as per the normal routine, ignored the shout and kept walking.

Kentarou changed tactics. "Hey, Sweet Cheeks!"

Takeshi not only froze, ice cubes, penguins and all, but fell over. Kentarou happily jumped out of the car, thanked the driver and cheerfully bounced over to his fallen friend. "Good Morning!"

Ice shattered and was abruptly replaced with a volcanic explosion. "Don't. Call. Me. THAT." Takeshi ground out.

"What? Morning?"

"Sweet Cheeks! Anything but that!"


"Yes! Anything but 'Sweet Cheeks'! That's... that's just... No." Takeshi shuttered.

"So 'Darling' is okay, Takepon?"

"Yes. 'Darling' is fine." Takeshi nodded like a puppet on a string. "'Darling' is normal."

"Okay!" Kentarou bounced off.

Takeshi sighed in relief and followed at a more sedate pace.

Until he belated realized that he had just giving Kentarou permission to call him 'Darling'.