Thirteen-year-old Harry sat in Potions class not doing anything. Severus came by his desk.

"Why aren't you doing anything?"

"What's the point? I'm going to try and make an effort and then you tell me it's not good enough then vanish it and tell me I'm not getting a grade. So what's the point?" Harry said putting his head down.

"Fine if you don't want to do any work then go stand in the corner for the rest of the class period."

Harry didn't respond he just did as he was told. Severus was surprised as was the rest of the class. Severus didn't take points or give points the rest of the period. The last five minutes Severus had the class bottle up what they had and place it on the desk with their name on it. When the bell rang the class started to leave.

"Mr. Potter, I didn't give you permission to leave the corner." Severus said.

Harry sighed he placed his stuff on the table and then went back to the corner he was in. He stood there for another five minutes. Severus called him over.

"Harry, tell what's wrong?"

"I talked with Dumbledore-

"Professor Dumbledore, Harry."
"-Professor Dumbledore about staying at Hogwarts for the summer instead of staying with my relatives. He said that I'm safer with my relatives then staying here. After what happened with Marge, Uncle Vernon's sister, I'm afraid that I won't make it to though this next summer, sir. I know I can't stay with Sirius because he's still a wanted man and Professor Lupin can't because of what he is the law won't allow it. I was hoping you would allow me to stay with you for the summer, but I know you're too busy to deal with a troublemaker/Potter spawn. So I wasn't gonna ask. I'll be done for by the end of next summer so I really don't care about my studies." Harry said.

"You told the Headmaster about your conditions at the hands of your relatives?"

"Yes, Sir. Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon."

"Petunia? Petunia Evans Dursley?"

"Yes, Sir."

"What's your next class?"

"DADA." Harry said.

"Go into my private quarters. I'll be back. Sit on the couch and don't touch anything or you'll be sitting with a sore bum instead. Am I clear?"

"You'd really spank me?" Harry asked as he grabbed his school bag and walked past him.

"Yes." Severus replied with a sharp swat to his backside.

Harry yelped but didn't say anything. Ten minutes later, Severus came in with Albus, Minerva, Remus, and a big black dog. Harry looked up from his Defense book and essay.

"You didn't finish the essay?" Remus said.

"No." was all he said.

Severus pulled out a Pensieve. Harry looked at him.

"Mr. Potter, come here please." Severus said.

Setting the book aside, he did as he was told.

"Bring forth memories from the summer after your first year." Severus said.

Harry nodded and did as he was told. Severus pulled them out with the tip of his wand and placed several silver streams. After there were several in the Pensieve Severus told Harry to go back to his work. Soon the big black turned into Sirius Black. Harry made no move toward him as they all thought he would. He just went back to his work. The five adults went into the pensieve. Harry new they were going to be gone a while so he just moved to the side table and continued his essay.

Severus and the other four watched as Harry was abused and accused of things he didn't do. They watched as Harry cried during the night wishing his life was normal or that he was with someone else. They saw that he clung to the photo album that Hagrid gave him before boarding the train to go home. They saw as Harry was beaten and starved as punishment for not doing as he was told or how Vernon and Petunia would talk as if he wasn't there.

When the Hogwarts owl came with Harry's grades they let him have it and how later that same day, Vernon left with Dudley to go to the park and Harry left alone with his aunt.


'Harry, what do O, E, A P, D, and T mean?' Petunia asked picking up the parchment.

'Umm…O is 'Outstanding' the highest grade, E is 'Exceeding Expectations', A is 'Acceptable'. Those are the grades you need to be passing. Then comes P which is 'Poor', after that is D it's 'Dreadful' and the last is T which is Troll.'

'I see you have three O's, one E, A, and P.' Petunia said looking down at the parchment.

'I know.'

'Transfer the grades so I can understand them.






History of Magic…..P-…..D-

Petunia looked at the parchment again. Harry moved back to get his backside out of reach. Petunia didn't say anything.

'You may not think that I don't care about you magic grades but I do. Your Potions master would want me too. As well as your parents. I expect better grades next year or you'll get the brush and spoon every night for a week. Am I clear?'

'Yes, Ma'am. Do you know Professor Snape?'

'Since childhood. Vernon is gone with Dudley at the park told them to be home after dinner. Go down and eat something before they get back.'

End Flashback.

After that they all came out. Harry looked up from his work. Severus called him over.

"Harry, Does your Aunt abuse you more than or less than your uncle?" Remus asked.

"Less than. Why is Sirius here?"

"Because he's your godfather and has a right to know as well as Remus." Albus said.

"Harry, last year did your Aunt say anything about your grades being better?" Minerva asked.

"Kind of…still got spanked for two weeks." Harry said remembering the unpleasant spankings before bed.

"So she kept her promise." Severus said.

"Not the Spoiled brat you thought I was, uh Professor." Harry asked with a little bit of cheek.

"Watch yourself, Harry." Severus said.

Harry just smirked and he hid behind Albus. Severus just glared at the child. Albus pulled Harry out from behind him.

"Harry, Severus has something he needs to show you." Albus said.

"Albus…" Minerva said.

"He needs to know."

Severus went to the closet and pulled out a medium size box. Harry looked at him. He sat next to Harry. He opened the box.

"Harry, I know that almost everyone has told u about my love for your mother."

"Yes. Sir."

"They were married before she married James."


"Harry, you're my son. Not James?"