The cold crisp wind of Gotham City surrounded Batman. He sat on top of a rooftop, having a slow night. The criminals had decided to take a break tonight, and Bruce had plenty to think about. He stared at the moon intensely, as if it would start speaking. A noise came to his ear. It was Harley and Joker. They were only 2 miles away. He glided to where he could see them.

They were in Joker's HQ; an abandoned hotel- where he took the top penthouse. Through the dark windows, Bruce could see Joker and Harley talking. "Come on, Sweetie." She paced across the room.

She wore black short shorts and a red halter bra. Her gold, black and red wedges made her only 2 inches shorter than Joker. Her blonde hair was curled perfectly down her shoulders. She had plenty of gold jewelry on. She looked beautiful, Bruce had to admit. Joker wore a black and red pinstripe suit, making his green hair and white skin pop.

"Why don't we just go dancing! No one's doing bad tonight; we wouldn't get in trouble." She put her hand on her hip, not wanting to beg. "Let loose!" She walked over to Joker, and he put his arms around her waist.

Batman had felt a strange feeling. He wanted to be Joker; wrapping his arms around Harley's small figure, having her beg him to go out, brushing her hair out of her naturally pretty face.

"Listen, Harley," he purred. Her eyes sparkled. "I would love to go with you dancing." His tone then changed as he grabbed her by the wrist. "But, I can't have Batman being on my tail. I thought you would have knew that, you dumb bitch." He slapped her across the face. Bruce clenched his fist.

"I'm sorry, Mr. J." Don't be, he's horrible. "I'm stupid for not thinking." No you're not, you're smarter than anyone. She shook the pain off, and walked closer to him. "Do you forgive me."

"Depends if you survive this," he said. Bruce ran closer to the penthouse, wondering what he meant. Harley was sent flying through the window, closing her teary eyes. She gasped when she was caught. She opened her eyes.

"Batman," she whispered. They tumbled down a grassy hill. Bruce covered Harley to protect. He was hoering above her when they stopped rolling. They both breathed hard, staring at each other.

"You saved me," Harley whispered. Bruce smiled weakly, wondering why he felt this way about Harley. They got up and brushed themselves off.

"Are you al-" Bruce asked, being interrupted by Harley crashing her lips against his and wrapping her arms around his neck. Still in shock, Bruce put his arms around her waist.

"You saved me from the one I thought I loved. It turns out he never loved me as much as I loved him. In these measely few seconds, I've come to realize that I loved him because of a lie he told me." Batman was confused, but didn't argue.

"Well, I'm glad you're safe." Batman was about to walk away.

"Wait," she whispered. He turned around and looked at her blue eyes. She smiled weakly, and he smiled back. He walked over to her.

"Come on," he said, wrapping his arm around her waist again. She held onto his neck again as he grappeled across the city. She loved the feeling of the air going through her hair. And she loved the feeling of having a hero with her.

"Is this better than dancing like a maniac, having people you don't even know trying to kiss you." They sat on the roof of a restraunt with a small picnic. Harley bit into a sandwich, smiling with her mouth closed.

After she finished, she chuckled, "It's the best ever! I'm surprised Batman is a romantic." Bruce shrugged. Harley then thought about something. "Shit," she mumbled."

"What's wrong," Batman alerted himself. Harley smiled at his reaction.

"I lived with," she trailed off, staring at the broken window. Batman put his hand to hers. She looked at him.

"There's a room at my apartments: I'll get you one," he smiled. Harley blushed. Bruce would've invited her to his home, but she would know his secret. He had to be able to trust her. The thing was he already did.

"You know what? You can stay at my apartment." She looked up with wide eyes, wondering if he was serious. He took her hand and took her to his home.