Batman walked in where Alfred was standing. "Show her the guest room, Alfred." He nodded and lead her to a room in the back. Harley looked around, taking everything in. She turned around to see Alfred gone. She heard voices outside the closed door. She pressed her ear to it tightly.

"How could you do this, sir: You're arch nemesis' mistress?" he asked in shock.

"Relax, Alfred. The poor boy's in love," a woman said. "You're not a fake, such as Clayface, are you?" Batman chuckled.

"Well don't be coming to me when she's ripping the mask off you," Alfred stormed off, and Harley heard a door slam. She heard footsteps and sat on the bed. She looked up to see Batman. He was holding a pile of clothing.

"Um, this should last you a few days: Penelope will take you shopping tomorrow, if you would like." Harley nodded and took the clothes. She started putting them away. Batman stayed in the doorway.

"I would never ruin your identdity without asking you," she said bluntly. He blinked out of his state of thought.

"I never-" she looked at him and chuckled.

"It's alright: Alfred's right, It's hard to trust me right now." She sighed. Batman walked over to her. He spun her around.

"If I didn't trust you; would you be here?" They both smiled. Batman pushed Harley's bang out of her face, and kissed her full lips. She gasped, but joined in the kiss. Batman pushed through Harley's lips and fought her tongue for entrance. Harley bit his lip, making him lower his hand. He kicked the door closed, and pushed Harley to the wall. She put her leg on the wall for support. She effortlessly threw her arms around his neck. They pulled apart.

"I love you Harley, I always have," Batman realized. He always had a crush on Harley, always afraid of hurting her. Worried he would get her to hate him, sad when she would burst into tears about that clown.

"I love you too, B-man," she smirked. She then realized she was about to do something drastic: both reveal the man behind the mask and love him. She whimpered, but he nodded, making her blush. She took her small finger and brought his mask up.

She gasped as she saw his familiar features. "Br-Bruce Wayne?" He nodded, looking at Harley's reaction. She was amazed- he was her first crush.

"Mom!" Harleen called at the Thanksgiving parade. She was only 7, and scared to death. She whimpered and bumped into a man. "Sorry, mister," she trailed off as she looked up. It was Thomas Wayne. He laughed.

"It's alright, sweetheart. What's your name?" Her mother always told her, Never give your real name to strangers. She still followed that rule.

"My name's Harriet: Nice to meet you." She curtsied in her sunflower dress. The man laughed again.

"My son needs someone to go on the 'Happy Thanksgiving Finale' float. Would you like to be the Thanksgivng princess?" Harley nodded, excited to be in the parade.

She climbed up- now in a fall colored princess dress- the float to a small boy the same age as her. He had jet black hair and blue eyes. He smirked at her.

"Come on, Harriet. That's correct, right?" His smirk made Harley weak, but she nodded. He held out his hand, and she took it. The both waved under the dramatic float. The boy kissed her cheek, making her blush all over. A few laughed, and a few awed. He whispered in her ear. "My name's Bruce; nice to meet you."

"Do you remember Harriet," Harley chuckled. Bruce raised an eyebrow, then became depressed. He bit his lip.

"I do, was that you!" Harley nodded, not noticing his sadness. He smiled widely, trying to hide it. "Wow, after all these years." He trailed off, and now Harley started noticing. She wondered what was wrong.

She then remembered what happened only 3 days later.

Harley sat in the Wayne household, mourning the loss of Thomas and his wife. It was only three days ago, that the nicest man in the world, had walked into Harley's life, and now he was gone.

She found Bruce, who was red eyed and swollen. She gently held his hand, and he looked up. She blinked at him, showing that she missed him dearly as well. She watched as the corpses went into the ground to Taps. "It will be okay," she whispered.

"I pray it will be," the boy next to her said. She was heartbroken, and she just met this family. But, that's what the Wayne's do: they leave a permanent mark on you.

"I know how you felt," Harley mumbled. They were now sitting on the end of the bed, them both in pajamas. They were tracing each other's hands. Bruce looked up/ at her. "When my mother had me, my father had left us. I never had a father. Then, when I was 15, he came back. What we didn't know was that he escaped from Arkham Asylum. When I was at school, the worst thing of my life happened." Harley's voice started cracking. She had never had to bring this story up again. "I found my mother's cold body left on my apartment floor, surrounded by police, and my whole house emptied. I was adopted by a doctor, and that's how I got into therapy." Bruce wrapped his arm around Harley, who was shaking from the tears. They lied down in the bed, and breathed softly.

Bruce looked over and saw Harley sleeping; he couldn't have the heart to leave. He closed his eyes and slept with Harley.