- Epilogue -

"Ready, Ran?" Conan asked, grinning at the smallish spirit as they got ready to disembark from the transport.

Ran nodded. "Yup! You sure you got everything?"

"Passports, luggage, yup, it's all here." He patted his pockets for the passports, then shifted his small bag over one shoulder. He paused, then shot her an amused look, deciding to play his trump card for when ever she started acting like a mother hen. "Neechan."

She wrinkled her nose at him, proving that she could be just as immature as he could if she so desired. He made a face back, silently laughing. If anyone thought it was strange that the small boy was holding a conversation and making faces to the air, he blithely ignored it. He was well used to it by this point.

The stewardess smiled politely as he thanked her for the lovely trip, and then they stepped out into the station.

"Sugoi!" Ran breathed, looking around, ignoring the fact that people were walking through her as she gawked. Conan smiled.

"C'mon, Ran! Let's go! The next transport comes thru in 8 minutes and we want a good seat!" He hitched his bag higher on his shoulder and began to trot thru the station, deftly avoiding colliding with people as he did so. Ran giggled as she followed him, still looking around.

Above the immortal pair, a soft automatic voice chimed, greeting all travellers who passed by.

"Welcome to Space Station Deep Space Nine."


Yeah, okay, so I'm a Trekkie. #^^# DS9 is my favourite of the Star Trek shows.

Just something silly to end the story line.

For those non Star Trek fans, it takes place several hundred years in the future. So, yup, they're still alive and doing well! *happy!*