Do You Think?

A/N: I apologize greatly for not posting…I've been very….distracted. I mean, come on? Ducky might Die! Moving on, this is a one-shot based on my favorite author so far: superashy08. Is that the proper way to spell it? Oh well, enjoy this awesomeness. Enjoy!

. . .

The bullpen was unbelievably quiet that night. Paperwork was stacked high on desks, but nobody seemed to want to do it. It was raining hard outside and it was very late.

"Go home, all of you. The paperwork will be here in the morning when you come back tomorrow," Gibbs said finally, getting up from his own desk and heading toward the elevator.

McGee breathed a sigh of relief and followed suit. "See you two tomorrow," he said tiredly to the remaining two team members. They didn't even look up, but still half-heartedly waved at the leaving geek. After the elevator doors closed, it was still a few minutes until movement occurred.

"And, we're clear!" Tony announces, getting up from his desk. Ziva smiled and also got up. They waked together to the elevator with huge stupid smiles on their faces. When the doors open, Tony ushers Ziva inside and they wait for the doors to close. As soon as the elevator begins to move, Tony reaches over and pulls the emergency switch. After the elevator halts, the two agents pounce at each other into a passionate embrace. Together, sparks fly and the surrounding world is temporarily forgotten. Body heat increases as Tony backs Ziva into the back wall of the shiny elevator.

Eventually, the steamy embracing partners break for shallow breaths. "Do you ever think they'll ever figure out what we're doing?" Ziva asks, trying to regain composure.

Tony laughs, "Not in a million years, they still think I'm going out with HER and that you're still going out with HIM," he grins. He then bends down to re-capture his partner's lips.

. . .

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