Undying Loyalty

Kelly and Kris followed Sabrina out to her garage. They were casually chatting back and forth while Sabrina rummaged around obviously looking for something she had lost. She finally found it in the rafters…her bullet proof vest. She smacked it against the wall a few times to get the dust and the bugs out.

Kris jumped. "Ew…gross!"

Kelly looked past the dust and bugs and noticed the serious look on Sabrina's face. All business...something was up. That phone call she took out on the porch was serious. Nobody but her best friend would know that to look at her.

"I can't thank you enough for introducing me to your cousin. He is the nicest, most thoughtful guy…and oh my God is he cute!" Kris giggled.

"He is a great guy. I'm glad you two are getting along." Sabrina said distractedly.

"Getting along? It's been two weeks of non-stop Nathaniel talk." Kelly chuckled. "Understandable though. He is cute…and well…absolutely perfect. You know - if I were a few years younger…"

Kris playfully nudged Kelly's shoulder. "HEY!"

"You know, he does have an older brother." Sabrina teased. "When you're ready, just say the word."

Kelly smiled. "Tempting."

Sabrina looked up at her friend and gave her a warm smile. "Nothing would make me happier than you finding somebody cute and absolutely perfect."

Kelly dropped her gaze.

They had known each other for 8 years and Sabrina still didn't know how to help Kelly trust people. Sabrina reminded herself that trust was something that takes time…it can take a lot of time…kind of like forgiveness.

That thought brought her mind back to her afternoon activity. She was on her way out to help her ex-husband, Bill. This is a man that she trusted with absolutely everything except her heart. "Bring your gun, ammo, and a bullet proof vest…check, check, and check." She hadn't asked any further questions of him. She'd find out soon enough what they were walking into.

He said it was a personal problem. Sabrina silently pulled a Beretta M9 and a Glock into view and checked to make sure the chamber was clear and safety was set on both of the guns. She grabbed a very large box of ammo and her ID. She shook her head and thought, "He probably cheated on his current wife too." Such a great guy with just one fatal flaw…not faithful…

Kelly nodded at the guns. "Where did you get those?"

Sabrina carefully arranged everything in the trunk of her Mercedes convertible. She smiled and winked playfully as she slammed the trunk shut, "If I told you that, I'd have to kill you."

Kelly thought, "Military issue…FBI issue, CIA…what? I really have no idea what she does anymore."

Sabrina handed Kelly a piece of paper. "If I'm not back in 2 hours…check out this address."

Both Kelly and Kris were quiet as they looked at the piece of paper and then at Sabrina. "What is this?" Kelly asked with increased concern.

Sabrina shrugged. "I don't know. Bill needs me to help him with something."

"Bill…" Kris interjected. "As in your ex, Bill?"

Sabrina nodded.

"Why do you always drop everything to help him?" Kris continued incredulously. "He broke your heart." Kris threw her hands up, "You're happily married now…to an amazing guy…you don't owe Bill anything."

"Well, you're wrong on that last point." Sabrina avoided her gaze. "I do owe him…a lot more than you know. He's a good guy…a great cop."

"He's a jerk…" Kris stated angrily.

"Stop." Sabrina put up a warning finger. "It's a long story that you know nothing about…"

"And one you'll never tell me…"

"Seriously, I have to go."

Kris looked hurt and mumbled. "I'd like to understand."

Sabrina sighed. "Kris, it's just not a good story. Not a favorite time in my personal history…okay? Just let it go."

"I'm willing to hear about it someday…" Kris added softly.

Sabrina didn't want to hurt Kris. She shook it off and smiled, and gave Kris a hug. "I know. C'mon, stop…you're breaking my heart here. Maybe someday…"

"But…not today?" Kris added.

"No." Sabrina got into her car and the powerful engine roared to life. She sped off without further explanation or argument.

"Why doesn't she trust me?" Kris said quietly.

"She does." Kelly shrugged. "She's told us more than she's told anyone else."

"Apparently Bill knows more than we do." Kris was still upset. "I don't like him."

"I'm not his biggest fan either." Kelly agreed. She didn't hold out a lot of hope that Sabrina would be sharing stories about her past any time soon. It was something they held in common. Neither pushed the other to talk about their past.