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As you can probably tell, I am a Seussical fanatic and I decided to write a new version of the musical. I know some of you are probably thinking 'this is going to be terrible' but PLEASE give it a chance!

This part is what I call the prologue, which is kinda like a meeting between four people (which you will find out who are, if you don't know already). It also gives a few hints on what to expect in the story and why Seuss isn't what you know it as. This chapter may seem like it doesn't have anything to do with Seussical, but please trust me. We are getting there...

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Prologue: The Meeting

"He will see you soon, gentlemen," a woman told her latest arrivals, pointing them to a door.

After thanking the woman, a young man and his two assistances waited outside the door, the time passing ever so slowly. The entire hallway was dark, almost blending itself into the man's shadow-like appearance. Judging from his professional air throughout everything, it wouldn't be hard to guess the high level of class being dealt with. This sudden call from his boss had made the young rather curious, the matter at hand having to quite serious if he needed to see him in person.

He took out a note from his hand, which was the letter his boss had sent him, summoning him to his headquarters. Re-reading it again, it gave the young man no comfort. This can only mean more bad news; I can just feel it in my gut. When are things going to go back to the easy way they used to be? I'm becoming more serious by the minute…

With the young man sat his assistance, each about a third of his height. They both looked uncomfortable, as they tried to squirm out of the situation. Seeing their attempt to escape, the young man grabbed them by the neck, pulling them both up to eye view.

"Come on, guys. We'll only be a few minutes. After that, we'll have some fun. Okay?" The two rascals nodded, before sitting down side by side. He watched the two as they swung their small legs back and forth under the chair, their tiny feet far from the floor. The three looked like one crazy family, which made him laugh inside.

The happy sight came to a halt, as the door mysteriously creaked open. Became suddenly alert, the young man stood from his seat and stepped into the dark room, with shaky hands, he shut the door behind them, and walked through the room. There were dim blue lights everywhere, and he could see thousands of sketches and notes covering the walls like fancy wallpaper. Deep into the room, sat a large chair and desk, with three smaller chairs to the other side of it. As they sat down, almost immediately, an old voice spoke.

"Welcome, boys."

This was his boss.

"You wanted to see us?" the young man asked, his anxiety leaving his body for a few moments.

"Yes," he simply said, his voice sounding much more mature than the young man's did. "I know that this might not be the best time for any of you, but we have important things to discuss."

"So, any good news?" the young man enquired, half spitting out the inquiry. "Any luck on finding the location of the missing?"

The young man's question hung in the air for some time before it was answered. "We lost another one just last night. That accounts to eleven missing that we have managed to identify. This is getting increasingly difficult…" His boss sighed heavily. "But that's not why I called you here. We are here to talk about your last assignment."

A gulp escaped the young man's voice, as his boss delivered the verdict. "Your last choices were..." he began, trying to find the right word. "Let's just say, completely terrible. You need to try harder. I have given you way too many chances, you know that. You're so much better than this." Those last words came out like a plea, which made the young man feel even worse. "Where's the real you gone? If you have even lost your ability to evade the serious, then we're in serious trouble."

"I know…" the young man replied, crouching down in disgrace, knowing what his boss had said was indeed the truth. "It is just, that…" Sighing, he put his head in his hands. "I don't know! Every person I try; they just aren't up to the task at hand. The world just doesn't make Thinkers like they used to anymore."

He looked up worryingly, trying to find a sliver of hope that somehow his teacher would know what to do. "What are we going to do now? Without a new Thinker, we will…we…" Loosing hope, the words stopped, and he just sat in silence, his head low.

"Then maybe this is the one we need..."

Slowly, the young man's head lifted, as a mechanical hand appeared, carrying a photograph, which it soon placed into his hands. Curious, the three studied the picture, which was of a young girl, about three or so years old. There was nothing special about her; in fact, she looked quite dull and unexciting. Not the look of someone who was meant to be their world's saviour.

Raising an eyebrow, he shook his head. "Are you sure this is the one we are looking for? This citizen doesn't really look the part. And besides, isn't she a bit too young to have such a big responsibility?"

His boss chuckled. "That picture you have there is about twelve years old or so. I wasn't able to get a recent picture of her, for unknown reasons. But I will have to say, you have mistaken the classification."

"You mean…" The young man gasped. "This is a human? I thought that the Thinker came from this world."

"That fact remains, my dear boy," his boss explained. "Each of the chosen have a part in this puzzle. As with your question as if I am sure about my choosing; I have been sure since before she was born."

"…I can tell that you know more than you're letting on, old man."

"All in good time, my boy. No good comes to those who skip ahead of the story."

Before the young man could question, another mechanical hand zoomed over to him. "Go to her on the date marked on the first paper. It's about three months away, so you have plenty of time to prepare for your meeting. Just remember, this is reality you're dealing with. Make sure she gets the right information. "

For his two associates, a black bag was given to them. Inside it was a tiny glass bottle, holding inside it, a bubbling purple liquid. "If anything goes wrong, use this to get the three of you back here. No messing with it, you understand? This is serious stuff. If anyone else other drinks this, it could have serious consequences." They both nodded, and a hand patted them each on the head. "Now you can go. I hope you see you soon." As the two left, an accusing voice spoke.

"Why does everything have to be so smoke and mirrors with you?"

The young man was no longer in his seat, but standing arms crossed over the other side of the seemingly never ending room. "You told me you would never involve another world, especially not that world. How can you know that she won't just cause more trouble than we already have to deal with? Reality is no fun, and we don't need more 'No Fun' around here. Why can't I trust you anymore? Why do you leave me in the dark so much?"

"I admit, there are many things I have yet to tell you about this world," his boss defended. "I tell you what you need to know when the time is right, not when you need to know. As for involving other worlds, that world was involved whether you liked it or not. Not everything in reality is bad, and you know that for a fact. I wasn't so bad, was I?"

A sting of guilt overflowed the young man, knowing how mean he had been. His boss seemed to realise this, and died down his reproving tone. "We'll all just have to make the best of the situation. This human has the potential to be a great Thinker. All she needs is a little help to discover her true self and her destiny. I have a feeling you will like her and I know she will like you."

Moving back closer to his chair, he took a moment to gather himself. "I just have one last question. Please, even if I don't need to know, I want to know…what is there to come? Please, as a friend, can you tell me?"

"All right…" The room grew uncomfortable silent, the light around the room turning into a moving picture. "Even though I cannot tell the future, I can tell you this. This realm is darker than ever, I can feel it. Everything is different now, and even though that isn't necessarily a bad thing, the balance is being overturned. I used to be able to control all this… I used to able to control him, but now, I just don't have the power. We are at a dark stage, and the only way to get us out of this is to pull of the impossible. This world just needs someone to recreate it, to pull us into a new story."

"To put it simply, that girl is our much needed Overture."

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