Ok, I recently discovered something SEVERAL READERS AND FANS OF MINEhave done to a certain budding writer on .

Yes, they wrote a story where there's a scene that was inspired by My "Uncle Phineas" picture.

Stop giving them heck about it!

Come on, guys! Copying a story I actually WROTE is different than taking a scene from something I never DID write! I just drew the picture and wrote a scene! But there is no story to go with it, and absolutely NO GOOD REASON YOU SHOULD BE PUSHING THAT PERSON AROUND!

Honestly, I read the comments some people left on her chapters, and it's downright DISGUSTING. No "friend" of mine would say those things to people.

Did you people read their blog? Now they're thinking of QUITTING on such a beautiful story! Whoever wrote that note to her saying that they were disgusted about the scene, bite your tongue! Seriously!

If you were a fan of mine, and I was an inspiration, then why are your attitudes on other sites so horrible?

Think before you type, kids. You might be killing a writer somewhere.

This note is to give that person PERMISSION to keep that scene in their story. If anyone else is inspired by some picture I drew that has no relation to any of the stories I wrote, and would like to write something, send me a note for my approval on DEVIANTART OR . It's not that difficult.

End of discussion.