4 – Shelter

11:15 am

Both of the dogs fell to the ground with a wet thud, blood was gushing out of both of their heads in torrents, spilling over the pavement and mixing with the rain water. Edd shoved the gun back into his pocket and began to walk back to the driver's seat.

Everyone was speechless as they watched him through the windows, "He… didn't even have to aim" said Jimmy in disbelief

"Rolf had no idea that Double-D Ed boy could do that" proclaimed Rolf in an impressed sort of tome.

"Double-D is the terminator!" Ed yelled excitedly as he threw his arms in the air, hitting Eddy in the back of the head as he did so.

Eddy scowled at Ed and turned around as Edd climbed behind the steering wheel, "Man, Sockhead, I didn't know ya had it in ya!" he said, laughing as he patted Edd on the shoulder.

Edd smiled a bit as he started the car, "You al act so surprised, my uncle is a S.T.A.R.S. officer after all. He's been teaching me for a few years now. As he finished he shifted the car into drive and sped off down the road.

It was a few minutes later that Jimmy spoke up, 'So, where are we going, Double-D?"

Edd looked into the rearview mirror, "Well I think we should head to the police department in Raccoon city. That's where my uncle is, we should be safe there, at least for a while."

Suddenly the radio mounted in the dashboard came to life, static at first then a female voice, "Hunnigan to bravo six. Bravo six, come in." There was a click that signaled she had let go of the output.

Edd glanced into the rearview mirror at everyone, "What number is this car?" he asked.

Everyone looked around, searching for anything with a number on it, Suddenly Johnny shouted, "Number twenty-six!"

Edd reached out for the receiver and clicked the button on the side. He brought it to his mouth, "Bravo six here, do you copy?"

It was a moment later when the voice of Hunnigan came back on, "Edd?" She practically shouted in surprise, "What are you doing driving a police car?"

He raised the receiver again, "Our convoy was attacked, both officers are dead and we have eleven survivors including myself."

"Why didn't you wait for help?" asked Hunnigan.

"I didn't feel that it was safe to stay there. The bus was trashed, one car was attacked and whatever attacked it was probably still around. We are making our way towards you at the police department." Edd replied.

There was a short pause before Hunnigan spoke again, "Be careful, the others and I will be waiting."

"10-4 See you soon" Said Edd as he placed the receiver back on the hook. He continued to speed down the road towards the city. It was still raining hard and the wipers swung back and forth across the glass wildly.

"Who was that?" asked Jamie from the back seat. Edd glanced at her; she had dark brown hair which was done in a ponytail that hung over her left shoulder. She also had a gash on her cheek and her sweater was torn on one side.

"That was officer Hunnigan. She's a dispatcher who works with my uncle at Raccoon City Police Department.

Kevin suddenly spoke from the passenger seat, "So how do you know how to drive like this anyways?"

Edd laughed a little, mostly to make Kevin angry, "I told you that my uncle taught me, that's not only guns ya know." He continued to face forward as he spoke, swerving down the road to avoid debris from the storm.

It was almost half an hour later when they reached the residential area of Raccoon City. The houses were abandoned, some with doors still hanging open, the residents in too much of a rush to lock them. Edd took turn after turn and drove deeper into the city.

They finally entered the city a few minutes later. They were speeding past buildings do fast that everyone was sure they would crash, but Edd knew what he was doing. He drove confidently and purposefully through the streets which were littered with fallen debris and other junk.

Suddenly Lindsay screamed from the back seat, "Look out!" She pointed a manicured nail out the windshield in front of Edd. There was a creature emerging from behind a car ahead of them. It was green and slouched over, its claws scraping across the ground as it walked.

Edd turned the wheel sharply to try to avoid it, but it was too late. The slick road sent the car spinning, finally slamming it into a pole. The van's front was smashed in and smoke was flowing out of the top, accompanied by a loud hissing noise. Shattered glass was everywhere and everyone had been thrown forward from the impact.

Edd searched franticly, spotting an open door at the entrance of an alleyway, "Run for that door!" He shouted, pointing it out to the others. Everyone jumped out and made a mad dash for the tiny entrance.

The thing saw them running and began its pursuit. It had the characteristics of an ape; it ran using its arms and had a flat triangular shaped head with small yellow eyes and a big mouth with many small sharp teeth. Its claws were the most menacing; they were at least eight inches in length and were sharp as knives. Those protruding weapons, however, did nothing to hamper the thing's movement and speed as it chased after the group.

They were only feet from the doorway when it was on them. It lunged at Jamie, shoving a sword-like claw into her stomach. She let out a gurgled scream as she hit the ground and felt the appendage pierce her gut. Blood splattered everywhere; it spilled from her throat as she tried to scream and gushed out her stomach onto the ground.

The creature then withdrew the claw and continued after the rest of them. "Keep going, don't stop!" Edd yelled as he ran.

Suddenly it pounced on Sarah, it let out its remaining claws with a menacing schick and pulled back its arm, ready for the release. Sarah screamed and attempted to push it off of her, but it was no use, it was too strong for her.

Edd skidded to a stop and whipped out his gun in one fluid motion. Within a second he fired two rounds, one of which struck the creature in the chest, the other in the eye.

It let out a terrifying shriek as Sarah jumped out from under it and ran for the door. She was sobbing as she passed Edd who followed her, not looking back at the howling creature that was sure to continue after them any second.

Rolf was the first to reach the door and held it open as they all fled in. The last to enter was Edd who shut the door and bolted it.

They all collapsed onto the floor, panting and shaking both from fatigue and fear. Edd leaned back against the wall and slid onto the floor. He was still holding the gun and shoved it into his pocked as he regained his breath.

It was several moments before someone spoke, "What the hell was that thing?" Kevin said, his words coming out in short raspy spurts.

"I think it was infected," Said Lindsay as she slowly stood up and leaned against the wall. She was clutching her stomach and was still breathing hard.

"But I thought it only turned you into one of those… things" Sarah gasped. She was holding jimmy in her arms, trying to comfort him, "I didn't think it could do that to a person!"

Edd thought a moment, "That seems to be the only explanation," he said, "the virus has begun to mutate and it has shown in the creature outside." He stood and let out a heavy sigh, "Like it wasn't bad enough it turned people into mindless cannibals."

"Then, there may be more mutant creatures, yes?" asked Rolf tentatively.

"Well, logically speaking there must be." Edd replied.

Kevin, who had somehow gotten himself behind the desk, said, "Hey, where are we anyways?" They all looked around the dark room. It was only dimly lit by the light of a small widow above the door. There was little decor besides a metal desk, desk chair, and filing cabinet with a fake potted plant perched on top.

Everything was pushed aside haphazardly; obviously the occupant had fled in a hurry. The floor was also littered with papers, non that were legible having been damaged from the rain water that had entered through the previously open door.

Opposite the door that they had entered, there was another door which was slightly open, but it was dark beyond that and they were unable to see any further than a few inches.

"It looks like an office" said Jimmy, finally standing and crossing to the desk. He opened a drawer and, finding it empty, slid it shut again, "looks like the place was cleaned out in a hurry, whoever was here couldn't even be bothered to leave the place in some kind of order" he had a disapproving look on his face as he said this. Jimmy had always been a bit of a neat freak.

"Ooh! Ed has an idea!" shouted Ed, his face lighting up as he spoke, "maybe, if we look, there will be something that we can use as weapons, that way, those monsters won't get us!" He smiled as he finished, obviously pleased with himself.

"Great idea," said Nazz, "let's all see what we can find." With that they all began searching every nook and cranny of the tiny office space. Nazz found a machete hidden in the bottom of the cabinet, Sarah and Jimmy found a nail gun in a tool box that was hidden under the desk, Kevin found a small handgun that was hidden in the back of a drawer, Rolf found a sturdy looking pole in the corner and Eddy found a box that was half full of handgun ammo.

After they had gathered everything together, there were, in total, two handguns, a nail gun with a full strip of nails, a machete, ten handgun bullets, and a metal pole. "So there are five of us without weapons" said Kevin, slightly annoyed.

Then we should all partner up," said Johnny, "Anyone without a weapon should partner with someone who has one" After a bit of deliberation, Edd and Nazz got the handguns, Kevin got the nail gun, Rolf got the pole and Sarah got the machete.

Ed ended up partnering with Edd, Eddy with Rolf, Lindsay with Nazz, Jimmy with Sarah, and Johnny, by default, partnered with Kevin.

Once the teams had been settled, Edd addressed the group, "Okay, now we just need to find a way out of here. We still need to get to the police department" he cleared his throat, knowing what was to be done next, "we have to follow see where this door leads, it could be a way out."

"Alright, you go first since you have the gun" said Kevin, obviously nervous.

Edd said nothing but turned and peered around the door into the dark, "Do not split up. We need to stick together, whatever you do, don't separate" he said. Everyone nodded and, after a deep breath, he led the group through the door and into the darkness.