Warnings: Sexual Scenes (sometimes twisted/kinky/fetish/weird/violent/domination/not lovey-dovey/or all of them above), Bisexuality, Prostitution, Lewd Language, Violent Inclinations, and Generally Morally Impaired/Questionable Situations, oh, yes, and Mild Drug Use.

Pretty much every reason a story could be M, hence why you need to be mature. Oh, and there is a romance (hence the genre) but not the traditional, tender 'romantic' sense. This is a twisted/kinky-love/obsession. If any makes you uncomfortable it would be best if you'd be gone.

POV: Third person generally, but will switch to Inuyasha's first person at times. Obvious breaks will occur so you won't be lost.

Now finally, on with the story…

{_.:.A Doll For All.:._}
hapter 01: Gravity._}


Fuck my life, my personal motto. If one damn thing goes right, another has to go wrong—horribly wrong. That's just how it is, I'm used to it but that doesn't mean it has stopped pissing me off like none other. Fuck, seriously. I had nothing to do with it, I tell ya'. You think I'm lying, right?

Why would a hanyou tell the truth? We're dirt. The scum of the earth, yeah, yeah, I get it. I've heard it before. Youkais and humans can coexist just fine but God fucking forbid they fornicate enough to produce a bastard. Which is surprisingly hard to do, I hear. Like it's a sign the two just aren't meant to mix, it's rare for the seed to take.

Oh, yeah, I know. Lucky me, right? That damn inu-youkai's sperm found a way to my mom's egg while they were screwing around and somehow it took and here I am.

Yeah, 'cause it's so goddamn great that happened.

Of course, the guy had to go and die before I was born, my mom had to endure endless ridicule for my existence and then wither away before my eyes from a variety of factors that I'd rather not talk about.

Hey, I was talking about something good happening, wasn't I?

Good shit happens to me every once and a while, I've got job that's pretty damn amazing. I've got a friend, another shocker, and if not for him I'd probably be dead—not that I think that'd be a terrible thing.

But the good, the first damn thing to go right for so long, was her. God, just thinking about her makes me… anyway, I should have known better. That bitch. I shouldn't have talked to her, shouldn't have bit her bait and let her reel me in.

Damn it all, I really can't keep getting arrested like this. This time, it's her fault, I swear. Not that I'm an honest man. I'm lair, a cheat, a bastard, a short-tempered moron, and so much more. Really, I'm a terrible person. You should avoid me, just like I should have her.

Fuck my life.


It was a frantic Friday night at the Imperial, voted year after year as the best luxury hotel in all of Japan, a five star premier experience for any ungodly rich person to spend a night. Foreigners flocked there, residence even hid there for their hush-hush affairs, business held meetings, conventions were hosted there, anything else anyone could imagine.

Even the world's oldest trait was practiced within its fine, luxurious, golden walls. Did the owners know? Of course they did, but it was only permitted in the saloon on the top floor—the foremost bar in all of Tokyo, the place that was always packed well into the morning by only Tokyo's so-called finest. There, the high-class whores were mixed in with the normal girls that got in because of their ever so pretty looks in hopes of finding themselves a sugar daddy, or better yet, a husband.

Could one tell the difference between the two? No. Truly, Inuyasha guessed wrong half the time. In the end, he figured it was all the same, since both were sex-for-pay, one just wanted full access to the bank account while the other only wanted a small dose of it.

Which was worse? Both? Neither?

Social critics weren't his thing, he was an outcast in that regard so he never bothered to judge. If someone wanted to pay for sex then good for them, if someone wanted to be paid for sex, then even better for them.

He was just there to serve the drinks to the big-wigs and watch the insanity unfold.

As always, it was filled with people in ever so expensive wardrobes buying sparkling sake or whatever else was the special of the night—which just meant it was a fraction less insanely expensive, but whatever floated their idiotic boats. Most of the time he was behind the massive bar, tending to the patron's with apparently endless pockets and he liked it that way. He was good at his job, he usually liked the others that stood back there with him and no one ever cared to pay heed to the bartender just the drinks they mixed.

Tonight? There was a convention—what type? He had no idea; he never cared to figure it out.

"Sorry," his violet eyed friend shrugged with a weak grin, "it's needed."

"Whatever," he grunted back. Every once in a blue moon he could be sensible, if not for Shimizu Miroku he wouldn't have such a good paying job at somewhere so prestigious. Generally, the 'hanyou' factor got him rejected for any job he interviewed for. Of course, it was illegal for them to discriminate against him for that so they'd just figure out some other creative reason.

Miroku was the first to generally not care in the least bit; they had met by chance purely. More like luck, the playboy heir to the Imperial Hotel had to do community service—as he called it; his parents said it was charity—to counter the terrible tales the tattling tabloids told about him. Legitimate sources would cite all his good work, the illicit ones would write about his countless imperfections.

It was a while back, when they were still juveniles—yes, even back then Miroku held the interest of even the dirtiest tabloids. Inuyasha was stuck in one of the many useless foster facilities, for some reason they clicked. Miroku didn't mind his off-setting attitude and Inuyasha couldn't have cared less about his perverse ways.

After one too many jobs slipped out of his clawed hands Miroku finally persuaded his father to hire Inuyasha, temporarily of course, if his friend could prove worthy then he could be permanent. Apparently, he turned out to be good enough.

"You look dashing in that," Miroku teased with a smirk and a pat on the shoulder. "Just behave, remember?"

"Right," Inuyasha gripped as his golden gaze shifted down his ridiculous outfit, a white long-sleeve dress shirt, a red bow-tie, and black pants. It was horrid… but he had to make a living somehow. With a tray full of drinks he weaved in and out of the crowd like all the other servers that night, getting certain clients special drinks and providing the rest with the complementary champagne.

Until, that was, a delicious devil walked into the room to catch his full attention—the world stilled for a moment, even gravity seemed to cease to exist. Beauty surrounded him on a daily basis, mostly the women, the men tended to be middle aged at best with streaks of silver and a full head of hair—at worse, they were wrinkled, round and as bald as could be.

There was just something, it was like everything lined up for him to see her as she walked into the room. The masses of business men parted so he had a clear view of the entrance, he thought he heard his name so he turned his head to the side so his amber beauts could search for the source and instantly they landed on her.

Absolutely alluring with long, straight strands of brunette held up in a loose bun. Her perfect face was framed by her even bangs that she pulled off remarkably well, her chocolate orbs shifted across the room as her rouge lips lifted lightly. What earned his breath to hitch was the way her red dress fit her figure so faultlessly, then her eyes collided with his.

That was the start of the end for him and he hadn't the faintest clue.

"Hey, kid," an overtly loud plump fellow beckoned. "Get me some scotch on the rocks."

It took too long for him to reply, his silver ears twitched when the man grumbled, "damn hanyous, they don't pay attention worth shit. Can't be blamed, they're just stupid by nature."

He bit back his first instinct of punching the man to swerve back to the bar, get that bastard's scotch—withholding the urge to spit in it—and return. He might have lost his will power and snickered something if the red devil wasn't standing right next to the bald bastard, laughing and looking ever so lovely while doing it. Gently, she brushed her hand against his upper shoulder and commented on how clever he was—for that he was absolutely flattered.

So she was someone looking for a rich hubbie, he should have figured as much.

"Good job, kid," baldy mocked as he took the drink and placed the payment in the pocket on his white shirt.

His brow twitched as he restrained himself before the group of men went back to their talk.

"Good boy," the devil taunted so quietly that the chuckling idiots couldn't hear. He almost thought that she didn't say anything at all. A sensual smirk lifted up her ruby lips as her orbs glanced over him a few times.

"What?" he muttered.

"Don't tell me that those cute ears of yours can't hear me," she whispered with a wink before her eyes shifted between him and the group to make sure they didn't notice.

"Cute?" He gripped.

"Adorable," she teased as she lifted the hand that she wasn't elegantly holding a glass of champagne to tweak it.

"Hey," he grumbled but didn't bother to knock her finely manicured hand away. If it was anyone else he would have and probably added in a punch but she was too… alluring.

"Too cute," she cooed as she bit her bottom lip, "too bad you're just help."

"Oh, you," he could feel his blood boil but he couldn't help the instant attraction he felt, it was like a magnet to her fine figure that he fantasized about pounding into.

"Now, now," she whispered as if she knew exactly where his mind went, it probably wasn't hard to figure out with his golden globes stuck on her boastful breasts. She wiggled her finger in front of them to grab his attention. "Let's keep the eyes up here, shall we?"

Fuck, he usually didn't stare so blatantly, "can't help it, you know you want it when you wear such a tight dress."

"That's true," she assured with a playful pout, "but, boo, you couldn't afford my attention."

He cocked a brow at that; a terrific tinge flickered through him when he met her gaze again. There was just something that… was too damn hot yet she managed to make him want to kill her at the same time as fuck her.

"Babe," the plump scotch drink beckoned as he grabbed her hip to turn her towards him, "what's your name?"

That was probably the only thing that of interest he shared with the man that wear a large gold ring on his left hand, he caught her delicious chocolates glance to him instead of the fat-ass that held her, too slowly reply, "we'll get to that later."


On the same floor as the pompous bar was a room designated for private parties, more often than naught there were quite a few girls from shikon services there to entertain the high-society types. Giggles, chuckles, clinking glasses, the pouring liquid, and so much more filled the maroon room.

"You can do it!" The devilishly alluring woman assured as she knelt on the bench, her fingers gliding over the grand piano to create the music that flowed about the room.

"Good girl," her mahogany eyed friend praised as she clapped her hands together and laughed like the red haired, emerald eyed girl next to her.

All together they cheered on the newest addition to the service, a big brown eyed pretty girl, "right foot, left foot just the way we showed you!"

It was a tradition to break in the recruit by getting them absolutely wasted on fine alcohol and taunt her into dancing ever so ridiculously, their dear new friend was no different.

"Perfect," she laughed as she continued to pay, "isn't it, Sango-chan?"

"Bravo, Rin-chan!" Sango nodded, "but your posture is off!"

"Ah-oh-ah!" Their red-haired companion wagged her finger as she helped with that by straightening the girl's back, "posture is ever so important, oh!" She covered her mouth as the girl kept up her swaying dance to hold back an absurd amount of giggles.

"Ayame-chan," Sango whispered with a nod to get her friend to return to their side. "Oh, look it's…" but before another word could leave her lightly painted lips the newbie collapsed.

"Oh, dear, let's see if she is moving," ruby wearer requested with a cringe while they walked around the piano to squat down around the girl and check her consciousness.

"Uh!" Rin protested as she hit their hands away to crawl up in a ball.

"I think we've lost her!" She proclaimed with utter amusement as the others giggled hopelessly.

That was, until a familiar fan smacked each and every one of their heads. There went all their fun…

"What the hell?" The red-eyed youaki hissed, she could arguably be the fairest of them all but was far from the kindest, "get up, behave, act like you belong and go over and flirt with the men that are paying for it, now. You all have a pay cut to make up for get this one so intoxicated and absolutely useless for the night."

"Oh, Kagura-sama," she coaxed as she stood up to grab her golden clutch, "it's just harmless fun."

"I expect better from you," she gripped with a wave of her fan towards the plump man from before, "don't let this happen again."

"Stop hiring such stupid girls," she whispered back with a wink before going on her way.

"Sango, Ayame, get up, go," Kagura ordered.

"So bossy," Ayame complained as she straightened out her green halter top dress and went off on her way, with Sango by her side.

"Oh, some of us are getting mighty lucky, now aren't we?" She hummed as the man's fat fingers wandered down to grope her bum.

"Only as lucky as you let me," he chuckled back with a wicked grin, "what do you say you and me leave?"

"Sounds fabulous," she assured. Somehow, she wasn't surprised to discover that he was too cheap to purchase one of the expensive rooms within the Imperial or that he wanted to exit out into the alley instead of the front to head to a love hotel. Not even the request he gave her the moment they got into the secluded dark area caught her off guard.

"It'll cost you extra," she warned.

"It's alright," he grinned.

"Okay," she whispered once he leaned against the alleyway wall and let her talented fingers unzip his designer and specially tailored pants before she knelt down.

Too bad a spotlight landed on them right as she started the act.


He shouldn't have gotten so hot-headed over getting a glimpse of the divinely sexy girl leave the crowded saloon with that fat-ass, it was the first step to another blemish on his far from pristine record.

"Done," he sighed as he dropped the tray and tore off his bowtie, "don't say I've never done nothin' for you."

"Yeah, how kind of you," Miroku sarcastically muttered back, "it's just your job, you only get paid to do it, but it's a favor. Right."

"Shut the fuck up," he snapped.

"Well, we're in a particularly foul mood tonight, what is it this time?"

"Screw you," he grumbled before he stomped out of his friend's office. His job was to manage the Imperial's Lounge, it was one of the ways his father was testing to make sure he could handle taking over the hotel when the time came.

"Good night," Miroku waved without once glancing up from his XXX magazine; as soon as he heard the door slam he turned his head to let the center-fold fall out fully. "Well, well, hello Miss January."

He grumbled one too many curses under his breath that came out in a puff as he walked out of the hotel to rub his arms over his jacket and shiver some. Winter, he hated it.

Just his luck, he ran smack into a rather boastful blue-eyed bastard.

"Hey!" they both barked right away.

"Apologize," the buffoons that followed the pony-tail man, "you just ran into—!"

"Fuck off," Inuyasha retorted with a snarl.

"Who the hell do you think you are talking to?" The man with a bushy brown tail growled as he grabbed his collar.

"Don't touch me," he ordered as he knocked his hands away.

One thing led to the next before punches were exchanged, blood sped, and then a damned siren accompanied by flashing lights caught their attention before an officer tore them apart.

"Who started this?" he inquired harshly as his gaze flickered between the two.

"He did!" The other accused instantly, "he assaulted me I was just defending myself."

"Fuck that," Inuyasha growled.

"Names," the officer ordered.

"Itou Kouga," the other grinned.

"Goru Ginta," another muttered.

"Hauto Hakkaku."

"Inoue Inuyasha," he grumbled.

"Itou?" The officer repeated with a lifted brow, "like…?"

"The mayor?" Kouga assumed as he took out his wallet, "he's my dad."

"You want to charge this man?"


"What the fuck?" Inuyasha scowled but it was too late, his rights were being read and his hands cuffed behind his back. "This is bullshit!"

"I advise you to shut up," the officer countered as he pressed him against his cop car.

"We've got another," his partner declared as he walked out the alleyway with the red fox in cuffs, too.

She was pressed against the car right next to him; he couldn't help but grin as she glared at him. Was it wrong that he saw a very bright side in all this? Being shoved into the same car as the tantalizing female seemed almost worth getting arrested for the umpteenth time.

"I can explain," she gasped as she felt the other officer feel her up in an attempt to 'search her', "officer, forgive me please—"

"I advise you to shut up, too," he bickered as he pulled her away to open the door and shove her in, then Inuyasha.

"Hey," he greeted with a grin, "how's it going?"

"Oh, fabulous," she snickered.

"So when you said I couldn't afford your attention," he let his smirk widen, "you meant it literally. You're a—"

"Escort," she interrupted, "completely legal."

"Right, except for the part where you get paid for sex."

"Oh, shut up," she sighed as she looked out the window, "at least I'm not some barbarian getting into a brawl outside his place of employment."

"You're right, you are obviously not a 'his'," he rejoined.

"Oh, haha," she mocked with narrowed eyes upon his golden gaze.

"My name is Inuyasha," he offered up to win her faint attention before she turned her cheek to him once more.


Okay, so, it might seem like it was all my bad getting back into a cell but if she hadn't gotten me all riled up then I wouldn't have been in such a foul mood and just might have thought twice before starting a fight. But how the hell was I supposed to know that? Fuck my life; it would be the mayor's kid that I get in a brawl with.

At least I can find solace in the fact that she's stuck in a cellar somewhere, too.

Just like that, she waltzed out in front of me—free.

"Hey!" I shouted. No one could make bail until tomorrow! That's why I was still stuck there.

"Hey," she smirked as she walked up to the bars, "how's it going? Enjoying yourself?"

"How the hell did you get out?" I snarled, but instead of saying a word she bit her bottom lip and leaned closer to the bars—her scent was divine, it drove me mad. "Let me guess, gave the officer a few blow jobs?"

"No, you see, Kagura-sama—"

"Your pimp?"

"My supervisor," she countered with a smile, "might have had sex with the chief of police, who just so happens to be a happily married man and just may have taken a few videos of the rumps in the sheet."

"So it's blackmail, that's so much better than fucking your way out," I gripped as I grasped the bars—we were so close.

"Well, I'm out here and you are in there," she whispered as she leaved just a bit closer to me until she pushed away and waved, "bye-bye."

"Wait!" I called out, "tell me your name!" I couldn't be hunted by a nameless devil forever.

"Why would I do that when I don't even know yours?" She pouted as he spun around to interlace her fingers behind her back.

"You know mine, I've told you a thousand times!" Maybe that was an overexertion but whatever, "it's Inuyasha!"

"Oh," she coaxed, "ops."

At a lazy pace she walked back up to me to wiggle her finger so I'd lean closer, which I did like the fool I was until she could whisper right into my ear, "Kikyou."

It caused a shiver to course threw me until she turned and walked away with a special sway in her step just for me—at least, I desperately hoped that was the case.


"Damn it, Inuyasha," Miroku sighed once they exited the police station, "again? You have to stop doing this. There is only so much money I can waste on bailing your sorry ass out of jail. Not to mention my family's influence can really only go so far."

"Keh," his silver tresses friend scoffed as he stuffed his hands deep into his jacket's pocket, "what took you so long? It's one. Besides, it's been a while."

"I was sleeping," he retorted. "And I had to bail you out just last month!"

To that he just shrugged and looked away.

"I can't make this one go away," Miroku stated once he grabbed his friend's shoulder and stopped in the crowded sidewalk, "you assaulted the mayor's kid. Look, there's the public library," he pointed across the street, "go there and check out a few books on legal stuff just in case your lawyer tries to screw you."

Because he was a hanyou, he could hear the implication laced in his voice but he was right so he sighed and nodded.

"I'll see you later," Miroku grumbled with a wave, "I won't bail you out again!"

"Whatever," Inuyasha muttered to himself as he walked across the street with a mass of other people. He supposed he should have been more grateful that Miroku was willing to pay time and time again to get him out of jail but… he couldn't get over the anger that sizzled inside of him over all that had happened.

A library, he shook his head as he entered it. He honestly couldn't remember the last time he had been in one, but he figured Miroku was right. Things didn't work well for him a great deal of the time and if he actually got convicted of assault…? There'd be jail time attached with his record. One, two, three, or four books seemed like a good enough amount. Damn, it was like having homework all over again. What bullshit.

Then all that faded away when he inhaled. The first time it was too shallow so he took a deeper breath to verify what he thought he smelled, the sweet, sexy, scent that sent shivers all over him. The very other of the one the scent belonged to made him stiffen so he followed the scent around the stalks of books to find the source. That couldn't be right…

His brow lifted in confusion as he looked up at the girl in a conservative skirt and cardigan light green sweater up on a ladder putting a few books away. She did have very fine legs, just like the sex pistol from the night before, and the way she stretched to reach the top shelf did emphasize her fine shape. He couldn't help but let his sun shaded stare shift up and down her provocative pose before she noticed his undying attention.

"Oh, can I help you with something, sir?" She inquired with a smile as she stepped down from the ladder.

No. That was wrong; her voice was nice and light, it sounded nothing like her voice. Not to mention that smile was cute, kind instead of laced with naughty implications of all that her mouth could do…


She stared at him dumbfounded for a moment before, "I'm sorry? Are you looking for a book?"

"You're Kikyou," he wearily asserted, the scents were so alike. If they wore the same perfume then it might be the exact same fragrance. No, it had to be her; two people couldn't smell the same so he recovered his cocky smirk. "Don't tell me you work at the library, too?"

She cocked her head to the side as she frowned some, "my name isn't Kikyou, sir."

He felt a terrible cringe from that, she was too polite. No one called him sir, let alone Kikyou... not that he knew her well.

"No…?" That was when he realized it; the hair was a different color. The girl before him had onyx tousles and eyes were a lighter shade of brown, too. "Do you know someone named Kikyou?"

"I know a few people named Kikyou… why?"

"So," he coaxed with some confusion, "you aren't an escort?"

Her eyes widened right away as she gasped, swiftly she turned her back to him and stomped off, "you think I'm a hooker?"

She sounded truly insulted, truly enraged, it shocked him. He followed her up to the check out desk, "no, an escort—"

"That's the same thing a prostitute," she whispered harshly as she glanced around to the other patrons, "please leave, those types of services are not available here. It's a public library for Heaven's sake."

"Ops, you just look like one I know," he shrugged as he placed a stack of books down, "it's not that I hire them. It's just the bar that I tend has a lot of 'em and I saw that Kikyou girl get arrested last night."

"That's what happens to prostitutes, high-end ones or not," she retorted as she began typing in the computer, "do you have a library card?"


"Great," she grumbled, that meant she had to spend more time with the rude man. "Name?"

"Inoue Inuyasha," he answered, "what's your name?"

"I'm not telling you," she squealed, not after being so insulted as to be called a hooker.

Of course she wouldn't, why would a pretty girl tell a nasty hanyou her name? He sighed before he gave her the rest of his information.

"Inuyasha, huh?" She dryly remarked after handing him the laminated card, "how creative for an inu-hanyou."

"Shut up," he grunted.

She just shook her head as she began to scan each of the books, each time she finished one she gave him a quick funny look. Again? He could just hit the girl, yeah he was a hanyou, she needed to get over it already. He hated those looks, he got them enough and if she did it one more time he'd lose it.

"What's with the interest in legal books?" She inquired with a baffled stare as she pushed the stack to him.

Was that it…? What she thought was so odd? No, that would be just wishful thinking. "Keh, why should I tell you?"

She rolled her eyes as she typed something into the computer, "you owe me, you know? For calling me a hooker."

"Whatever," he scoffed to grumpily look away only to feel her tweak one of his ears. He froze for a moment, stun etched into his face, before his eyes shifted back to her wonder filled face and then down to her very well developed breasts that was easily visible from the way she leaned over the desk to grab his ears.

"Oh! How cute!" She giddily declared as she clapped her hands together, "they really feel like puppy ears."

"You," he growled, "I don't let people do that! I'm not some circus animal!"

"And I'm not a prostitute," she rejoined as she folded her arms in front of her chest, "it's only fair. Now, these are due in four days."

"Bullshit, I can't read all these in four days. I have a life and besides, it's supposed to be for a week."

"But you are rude so the system made a mistake," she pouted, "so come back and renew them on Wednesday if you like or else be fined."

"Bitch," he muttered, "you just want to see me again."

"As if, come back in the morning, I don't work then," she smiled sweetly with her acidic tone.

"'Cause you're out late doing your other job?" he teased only to spark a fierce glare.

"Pervert!" She shouted as she grabbed a book to throw at his head. Luckily, he dodged that to leave with a chuckle. "Learn some manners!"

That girl had some spunk, he couldn't help but smirk at that as he walked down the stairs and started off home.

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Oh, yes, and this chapter was based off of Dresden Doll's Gravity.