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hapter 08: Oasis._}

Apparently, Sango didn't show up at all the night prior… which was strange, since he was certain that was one of her working nights. That or Inuyasha just didn't notice her there… or didn't tell him? Well, the latter possibility was the least likely so it was probably just something he hadn't thought of yet.

With a brand new toy in hand, he knocked on the door of his estranged—well, whatever Sango was to him. A one night stand many years ago that produced an heir he couldn't claim. He loved the idea of inheriting all the money of his family once his parents finally died… but he never realized that Sango might have the same hardship in her life.

Yeah, he was kind of an egotistical asshole sometimes.

The smile on Sango's face—the one he rarely saw, but the one he loved all the same—faded the moment her mahogany gaze landed on him. Begrudgingly, she grumbled, "what?"

"I saw this and thought of Koichi," he declared while he held out the toy.

"And?" she drew out.

"I came to give it to him," he explained.

She wanted to sigh but she didn't. Could she really be surprised that he took nothing to heart the last time they talked? There wasn't any way she was going to let him in but then she heard the squeal of her son from behind.


And… well, when Koichi did that she couldn't help but give in and reluctantly let Miroku in so that he could be the hero yet again with a new flashy toy. How… stupid could he be? Obviously, Koichi's joy wasn't related to the new toy but the fact that he got to see his father.

That, not surprisingly, was a fairly rare occurrence.

Each time he let his violet gaze venture away from his giddy son he could see a visibly upset Sango. But why? Was it what Inuyasha had told him? Why… had she never told him any of that?

If she had, he would have made him so guilty that he would have given her much more money when Koichi was born to take care of him. Maybe even do more than just his rare appearances. Not that she really wanted the money to start with…

So, as soon as their son was napping he cornered her in the kitchen while she was trying to get a new cup of tea. With surprise she glanced over him before saying, "I thought you were leaving since Koichi is sleeping."

"What's wrong? You seem upset?"

For a long while she just stared at him before she stated, "I need you to stop this."

"Stop what?"

With a series of blinks to try and make her teary eyes not give-way to tears she looked away.

"I never knew how much I hurt you," he whispered.

She parted her lips and looked away before shaking her head. She took a deep breath in before she returned her gaze to him—a tear dropped out of her eye. "Really?" she sarcastically protested, "no, why would you? I mean, I just love that you refuse to recognize our son as yours. I love it. It's great. Every girl's wish."

"Sango, you know I do—"

"Not legally," she snapped, "just privately, your best friend doesn't even know!"

He pressed his lips together before her violet eyes shifted down.

"Stop this," she ordered after she swallowed back the sobs that might just erupt. "You can't come by anymore."

"But you can't—"

"I can. He's my son, I recognize that."

"I never knew you were disowned, you never told me," he countered. The surprise in her eyes made him explain, "Inuyasha mentioned it to me. Not that he knows about us yet…"

"You never cared to ask before! Miroku, you have to make a choice. Do you want to be fully a part of our son's life or not at all? There will be no more in-between. When he gets older it will only hurt him to wonder why his father won't give him his last name, why his father is barely around, why he can't meet his father's side of the family… Don't do that to him, please, if you love him at all—"

"You know I do," he intervened.

"Then make a choice," she begged.

"Sango… Sango, I… we—"

"There is no we," she stated while she pushed him away to take a couple steps away. "The only 'we' is when we had sex one night over three years ago. That's all. Please leave." She requested before she walked out of the kitchen and into her room. If not for the fact that her son was sleeping, she would have slammed the door shut.

His parents often told him that he needed grow up. He could run the bar and lounge area but he could barely run his own affairs or stay out of the tabloids. Maybe… it was time to let go of his bachelor life.

Or… just give up pretending that there was anything deeper in him than a party boy.


When Kagome called me up to ask if I wanted to go to the movies with her I was hardly surprised. I didn't even dare to ask if it was a date or not since… apparently we were dating. I would have appreciated being part of that decision.

I've never dated anyone. I've just had girls that I had sex with and girls that I didn't. The workings of an actual relationship were beyond me but I'm pretty sure the same thing was true about Kagome. As far as I'm aware she's never dated anyone—at least, that's what Sango told me. That means she doesn't know how it should work either so if I fail then I'm alright.

Then again… I like to hang out with her and all, Souta's cool, too, but should I really wait around for it all to fail? I don't think I really care about her on that level. Besides, sex isn't on the table and what the fuck's the point of a relationship without sex?

So, I met her at the movie theater with every intention of ending it. Which is stupid, since I didn't even know it started—so why should I have to end it? I would have rather been back at the 'not-dating' part of the relationship.

Not shockingly, Kagome was already there when I showed up. The part that did give me pause was what she was wearing… a light pink dress. If it was on anyone else I wouldn't have thought much about it—it wasn't showy or anything, it covered her cleavage completely—but on Kagome? It stop above her knees. I've never seen her wear something that didn't stop at or below her knees.

For Kagome, that was showy.

A smile slipped up her lightly glossed lips when she saw me and my resolute to break up with her died. She was excited to see me and even put effort into her outfit because of our "date"… I couldn't break up with her yet. I'd do it after the movie.

But, I did have to ask something just to verify it. I could have misread the kiss and Sango could have been purposefully misleading me just to fuck with me—people were shitty like that.

"Are we dating?" I asked before even saying hello.

"Well… yeah, I was thinking we were, why?" she sheepishly asked as she fiddled her purse. "Do you not want to be?"

Her eyes seemed so worried and sad… even though she gave me an out right there I couldn't say no.

"Nah," I insisted with a shake of my head. "Just making sure."

"Nah… meaning you don't want to be dating or nah meaning you don't not want to be dating?"

"What?" I questioned with a bent brow.

"Do you or don't you want to date?" she rephrased with something akin to a pout on her face. Her hazels shimmered some, even. Oh… how she made it hard. I could take the outing right then.

And I should have but for whatever reason when I opened my mouth I said, "I just wanted to make sure, that's all."

"Great," she chimed, her sweet deposition instantly reappearing as she nodded towards the box office.

Fuck. I'm stuck with her now…

"Kagome?" caught both our attention. I could tell from the smell who it was before I looked over—Onigumo. That shitty lawyer that would have represented me if that dipshit Kouga continued to press charges against me. Luckily, he had to withdraw them.

When I stopped to think about it, that was all thanks to Kikyou. That whore does a lot of bitchy things but she did come through for me there.

"H-hi," Kagome stammered to say after she noticed him. Instantly her eyes diverted him as she forced a smile, "how… are you?"

"Fine, it's been a very long time. You're all grown up now."

"Yeah," she muttered back.

"Well," he glanced over me quickly. I figure he didn't recognize me or he probably would have mentioned something about that possible prison time charge. "Goodbye."

"Bye," she whispered before he left.

With a lifted brow I asked, "are you alright?"

She parted her lips to say something but didn't for a long time. Gradually her eyes met mine before she mumbled, "no, not really… I don't think I'm feeling up to a movie right now… I'm sorry."

"It's alright," I didn't want to see that stupid comedy anyway. I hate comedies with a burning passion.

"I think I'm just going to go… home," she said with a nod.

"I'll take you," I offered, which just got another nod. I don't think I would have felt too grand about leaving her to walk home alone when she looked so… I don't know what. She obviously wasn't happy and I'm not stupid enough to not make the connection between her sudden illness appearing after Onigumo.

I didn't pester her about it until after we got to back to hers since I hate public scenes of emotion.

"Kagome," I started slowly until she looked to me. "What's wrong?"

"I just don't feel well…"

"And you suddenly stopped feeling well after your uncle Onigumo showed up?"

For a while, she stared at me until her eyes fell to the floor. "You noticed that, huh?"

"Yeah," I replied.

Then it happened… the one thing I hated more than anything—she started to cry. I hate it when women cry. Fuck. I never know what to do.

So I just placed a hand on her shoulder farthest away from her and she leaned into me so I wrapped my arm around her. That was the first night I actually slept with any women. I've had sex with a lot, but never actually slept with them. I usually just had sex and then went but that night I stayed with her until she cried herself to sleep…

So what the hell did that mean?


The next day Kagome had to go to work quickly after waking up so he got no explanation as to why she couldn't stop crying for so long. His imagination was his only limit but he didn't bother to think about it too long. He had to go to work anyway.

That night a certain someone showed up to get his mind off of that completely. Kikyou. The sex goddess that he hated yet lusted all the same. Oh… if he only got the chance the things he'd do too her—fuck.


He had a girlfriend now so he couldn't. In less he cheated… but then Sango would find out so Kagome would find out. While he stilled might not mind terminating their dating arrangement he didn't want to do so through cheating. Then he'd be a complete ass.

The way her hips swayed made the red fabric of her dress cling to her perfect curves… well perfectly. But, for once, he forced himself not to let his eyes follow her endlessly around the room. Instead he focused on the rush that they got from a convention that was being held in the hotel.

Until, that was, she showed up to lean in front of him to show her breasts almost completely to him. Again, it took effort, but he demanded that his eyes meet his instead of staring down at her cleavage. That night was going to prove to be the most challenging experience he had faced in a long, long time.

"Hey, you," she greeted with her usual sly smile. "Long time no talk."

"Yeah," he answered while he glanced around to make sure no one was waiting for him to take their order.

"Am I boring you?" she inquired with a pout.

"A bit," he lied, just to keep things interesting.

"Oh, how sad," she muttered while she leaned in closer to lift her hand up to grab his shirt collar so she could pull him close enough that she could whisper into his ever so sensitive, fluffy, ears. "How about this to keep you interested. For just ten percent of what I usually go for I'll have mind-blowing sex with you. Even you could afford that."

Fucking fuckedy fuck… yeah, he could afford that and yes his loins burned for him to say yes but no. He couldn't. So he steadied himself and took a deep breath in before he said, "tempting but I'll have to say no. I have a date tonight with an actual girl. A nice girl."

Not really, he had no plans to see Kagome but he just wanted to see what her reaction was. An insincere frown greeted him while she pulled away and stood up straight. "That's a bad joke, right?"

"No," he drew out, "I'm dating someone. Seriously, too, so I'm done with the dance we do."

Slowly, sensually, she walked around the counter to be behind it with him. With a smile she grabbed his pants to tug him away while she whispered, "come with me."

If he had greater will power he wouldn't have let her lead him to a bedroom at the hotel... but he didn't get into the bed when she sat down upon it.

"I'm not paying you," he insisted.

"I'm not asking for any pay," she replied with a wicked smile before she stood up again and removed her arms from her dress to let it fall to the ground. There she stood… in front of him in nothing but see-thru lace black panties. Her breasts were bold and round, perky, just within reach. Oh… gods. How he hated being stuck in a relationship he had not agreed to.

"Fuck me?" she questioned in a whisper as she sat down and leaned back then crossed her legs.

Oh… gods.

He swallowed and shook his head, "nope. I'm dating someone."

"Then," she drew out with a smirk as she slid her fingers down the ridge in-between her boastful breasts to her flat stomach then under her panties before she gasped and leaned her head back. "Watch me?"

He couldn't even breath let alone make a peep as he watched her attentively. She rubbed herself, parting her legs fully to allow him perfect vision of her activities. Her gasps were like music to his ears, the way she rocked her hips to accompany her touch was magical… then her other hand cupped her breasts to rub her erecting nipples.

She was ever so loud while she rubbed herself into oblivion.

How could a man not get turned on while watching her work?

When she was free she paused for a while to catch her own breath before looking to him with a curve of her lips. She curled her wet finger at him and asked, "join me?"

More than anything, he wanted to join her.

"Forget about that other girl, sex pistol," she ordered, "it'll be the best sex you'll ever have."

Desperately, he wanted to forget all about Kagome and their apparent relationship to get what he had wanted for so long—one night with Kikyou.

One night filled with endless sex with the call girl Kikyou.

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