AN: Ok, so I wrote this in hopes of making it a few chapters long... but now I can't decide what to do! The plan was to write one of those casual romance-y stories. What do you think? Or should I include a deeper plot? I can't decide :/
Ideas are more than welcome- they're greatly appreciated. (:
I love Dante x Trish :p

She walked into Devil May Cry and slung Sparda off her back. She hung it up with the other weapons smirked, watching how it glistened in the light. Trish raised her arms, giving herself a good stretch, and propped herself belly down on the sofa, flipping through a magazine, ever so seductively biting her finger as she did so. So far she'd gone out solo, kicked some demon ass, had a good work out, and even managed to get her nails done. Ah… it was a good day.

Her eyes flickered to the ceiling as she heard the noises coming from upstairs. She rolled her eyes. It looks like the famed Son of Sparda has charmed yet another woman into his bed. How many has it been already this week? Five? And it was only Tuesday. She resumed her reading of this month's Women's Weekly.

Half way through "10 ways to bring the spark back into the bedroom", Trish heard hurried footsteps down the stairs. Heh.. She thought. This is one article Dante definitely didn't need.

"Yeah babe, of course I'll call!"

From her perch on the sofa, she watched as a petite woman with a mess of brown curls locked lips with Dante ever so passionately. Her hands roamed freely over his chest and back.. she was hurried, desperate.. she was a mess.. and she couldn't get her hands off him! The corners of the demon's mouth curved into an almost wicked grin. This day just got even better. She cleared her throat.

The brunette jumped at the sound of an intruder's voice and spun around; horrified at the sight of the hauntingly beautiful blonde, seemingly very comfortable in the demon hunter's house. The way Trish watched them was almost feline; her every little movement was so sensual as her piercing blue eyes focused on them.

Dante caught the glint in her eyes; the streak of pure wickedness. 'oh fuck.. '

"Wh-who… who is this?" the brunette asked in a panic, her eyes darting from Trish to Dante.

Dante let out a small chuckle. "This is my partner. We work together," he said, stressing on the word through gritted teeth, shooting a stern look to his blonde companion.

"Mmm.."said Trish, rising smoothly from the sofa and making her way to Dante's back. She twirled her finger around a lock of his hair and licked her full, pink lips. "My man and I work very well together."

Her voice was breathy; sensual. Her eyes flickered dangerously at the stranger. "The question is… who are you?"

The brunette raised her hands to her mouth. "Oh..ohmy.. oh my GOD! I-I-"

Dante smacked his hand to his forehead as Trish rested her arm on his shoulder. The damned woman was hotter than hell, but she was going to pay for this.

"Babe.. babe oh come on, don't be like that.. you've got the wrong idea! Really! You remember what I told you right? How you were the-"

The brunette stormed off, leaving her mark on Dante's cheek.

Dante paused for a full ten seconds, his hands fixed on his hips; then shook his head and chuckled, facing his partner.

"You bitch."

She grinned and gave him a little bow.

"I'm gonna make you pay for that,"he said, still grinning.

Trish shrugged her shoulders, her silky blond hair bouncing slightly at the movement. "You had fun while it lasted," she said sweetly. "Besides, it's not like you were actually gonna call. "

Dante let out another chuckle, setting himself down on his favourite chair and propping his feet on his desk. "Hell whore." He thought for a moment then added: "She wasn't my type anyway."

Trish let out a small, melodious laugh. "So what did you do today?" She lowered her head slightly, pouting her lips the slightest bit, and raising one perfectly shaped eyebrow at him . "..Other than her."

"Hah." He chuckled deeply, running his fingers through his hair. "Nothing actually. I'm that good. She couldn't get enough of me. Who could?" He winked. "I'm hungry. What's for lunch babe?"