The centre of the room boasted a peculiar mechanism. Round in shape, it was covered in all sorts of switches, knobs and levers. These features made up the ship's controls console.

A great column towered up from it and to the celling, where enormous vine-like cables hung from. Metal grating covered the floor and rimmed the room's edges.

The hexagonal shapes with circles in the middle that dotted the walls, combined with the several sculptural spires that encircled the room were reminiscent of the sort of coral one would find in an ocean.

The system's mechanical core pumped up and down, forming a deep pulsating, rumbling sound that must have been the ship's engines, yet it was almost like the ship was breathing. Almost as if the ship was alive.

However, what was most astounding to Astrid was that she could've sworn she had just stepped into a small wooden blue box. Yes, this Time King from Gallibee or whoever he was had called the object a ship, but nothing could have prepared her for what truly lay inside.

Spinning on the spot, she looked back at the door. With her double check, she noted that yes it was regular sized, rectangular, wooden and held an item that could only be some sort of antique communications device.

Yes, she was standing in a police telephone box. Yes, it was a spaceship. And yes, it was most definitely bigger on the inside.

Her personal rescuer strolled over to the console. He leaned his tall thin body across it, appearing to be setting in co-ordinates of some kind.

"This is my TARDIS. That's T-A-R-D-I-S. Time And Relative Dimension In Space," he loudly announced. His fitted tux arched with his body and the undone black tie drooped from his neck, grazing a control panel. Co-ordinates set, The Doctor looked up with an intense and focussing gaze at Astrid. "What do you think so far?"

"I think-", began Astrid, slightly at a loss for words. "It's certainly impressive", she then sufficed, moving to join The Doctor at the console.

"Oh, my dear. You ain't seen nothing quite just as impressive yet!" exclaimed The Doctor with a wink. He then proceeded to pump a large handle up and down. "Astrid Peth, citizen of Sto, the woman, who looked at the stars and dreamt of travelling. You are about to experience your wildest dreams."

He then spun a lever round and into a downward position and the room jolted and shook so incredibly violently that Astrid gripped The Doctor's arm and let out a joyous scream of delight, while he in turn laughed excitedly.

Not that anyone was around to hear it, amongst the whistling of mountain wind. A crying, squealing whooshing sound began, then slowed down in pace. Eventually the noise faltered, perfectly in-time with the appearance of a blue, 1950's police box, which drifted through the air, just above the mountains.

The door opened with a creak and two figures stood in the doorway, a man and a woman. The Doctor had ferociously spiked hair, jutting out at all possible angles, purple shirt, black necktie, and a suit, which matched the wooden box in colour, topped by a long brown coat and wore a pair of red converse on his feet.

Astrid Peth was much shorter, but what she lacked in height, she undoubtedly made up with stunning beauty and sunny disposition. The young woman wore a fluffy white duffel coat that boasted an even fluffier collar and bottom trim, dark jeans, high heeled black boots and a pair of square lensed dark sunglasses.

The Doctor looked on affectionately as Astrid lifted up her shades a little and her eyes widened, taking in the extraordinary surroundings.

"It's breath-taking", she described.

"The Kiwis call these mountains The Remarkables", stated The Doctor.

"I can see why," replied, the still wide-eyed, Astrid.

Stretching before them stood rows and rows of rocky, snow-capped mountains. A brilliant blue sky stretched around them and down below, was the city of Queenstown with its clear, sparkling lake, which was lined with trees of green and rimmed with sand of white.

"This is Earth's New Zealand - told you it was beautiful."

"You told me right", nodded Astrid.

"I'll take us down lower," suggested The Doctor. Leaving his new companion standing in the doorway, he resumed his place at the controls.

The TARDIS was now twirling over the lake and Astrid was enjoying every bit of it, when all of a sudden, a group of screams could be heard. Astrid's head darted in the direction of which the noise came from. Expecting danger, she was pleasantly surprised to see a boat zooming across the lake's surface and watched as it rapidly changed directions splashing water up from the lake to great heights.

"Wow!" she cried in awe.

The Doctor explained that Queenstown is the adventure capital of New Zealand and that jet-boating was but one of the major attractions.

Astounded at this, Astrid took no time at all in convincing The Doctor to land the TARDIS within the city, so they could explore the rest of it.